Man Named Baby, But Denies Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please, be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case of
Lockridge v. Tidwell.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Lockridge, you’ve
dragged the defendant,
Mr. Tidwell, to court, because he has
refused to acknowledge your 10-month-old son,
King.You are 100% sure
he’s the father,
and claim today’s results
will prove your case. Mr. Tidwell. You say you were never
in a serious relationship
with Miss Lockridge, and you were stunned
when she told you
she was pregnant. The timing
leads you
to suspect that Baby King’s father
must be another man. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Miss Lockridge,
tell me about Mr. Tidwell’s
with your son. Your Honor, Mr. Tidwell does not
have a relationship
with my son. The only time
he’s actually
seen my son is when I’ve made it
a convenience for him,
and brought him to him. That means, traveling
four hours on a bus. Driving two hours
in the car
to drive to him. He hasn’t helped
with diapers. He barely helped
with any clothes. And it hurts.
It’s frustrating. He named my son “King.” And how am I supposed
to raise a King
and he’s not there? You named him “King,”
Mr. Tidwell? TIDWELL:
Yes, Your Honor. But you don’t have
a relationship with him? No. Because, Your Honor, I think she more
wants me to be the dad, than she really believes
I’m the dad. She’s obsessed with me… (LOCKRIDGE LAUGHS) And she’s done a lot
of different things… Obsessed with you? TIDWELL:
To make me feel like
I’m not the father. She’s left town.
She’s left me with
the baby for weeks. LOCKRIDGE:
It was not a week.
It was five days. She hasn’t
with me. And I paged you. She has other
men around… JUDGE LAKE:
But you named the child. She gave me
the right to do that. She talked to me.
I wasn’t there at the birth.She only called me
when she had the baby.
That’s a lie.
So, take me back to
this relationship.
I want to understand all this. TIDWELL:
There was no relationship,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Just, what?
Casual sex? Yes. We were on and off
for six years. We were together for… I, my understanding,
how he led me to believe, I was single,
or I was with him, in a committed relationship
for at least a year. That’s a lie. I was… My side,
my personal opinion, we were together
for a year. That’s you. That’s you. We’ve been
messing around… Okay.
Well, anyways,
we were to… We’ve been messing
around for six years. I did leave for
a two-year period, because I had to get
my life back on track. TIDWELL:
You had another kid. Anyways…
Who could be yours. TIDWELL:
That’s not mine. Anyways, we were…
It was casual sex
after the first year. That first year,
I was dedicated. Diehard man-fan,
remember that? TIDWELL: No. Yeah, a diehard man-fan.
I was smooth his. Nobody else’s,
until I realized he was nothing
for me. He was not
my future. And I kept thinking,
“Yeah, I do love him. “I see potential in him.
I see what he could be.” But the fact that
he doesn’t wanna step up to be the good man
that he could be… That’s your loss.
But now I got a son,
he needs his father. HARRINGTON:
And I hope he finds him. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Tidwell. You said,
she’s done
some things that make you feel like
you weren’t the only person
she was sleeping with at the time King
was conceived. Tell the court. She has another guy that
she was sleeping with. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) During the time that
you were having sex
with Miss Lockridge, were you aware
of anyone else she was involved
with sexually? Not personally.
But, um… There was
nobody else. We weren’t even… I’m not gonna drive… I’m not gonna ride
the bus four hours… We were not in
a serious relationship. Take three buses
to come sleep with you, if I got that in
my backyard though. No relationship
like that. It was just sex. Really? Have you seen me though? And so,
how did you find out
she was pregnant? She came over
to my house.
We hung out. The next day,
I see a piece of
paper on my bed. I grab it.
I looked at it. It was a note with
an ultrasound in it. JUDGE LAKE:
What did the note say? TIDWELL:I’m not sure of
the exact words of the note
but it said that she didn’t
know how to tell me this,
and she’s sorry
she didn’t tell… She had to
tell me like that. So, I called her.
She didn’t answer the phone. She ended up
leaving me a text message, saying that
she was sorry, and that she didn’t
know how to tell me
that she was pregnant. All right,
so that’s one week after
you had sex with her. She left you a note? TIDWELL: Yes. LOCKRIDGE: That’s a lie. So, now… And you had
the ultrasound picture? She did, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So,
on the ultrasound picture, did it tell you
how many months
the ultrasound was? TIDWELL: Uh, no.
No, ma’am. So, Miss Lockridge,
you leave the ultrasound
picture and the note. You agree to that? Oh, I totally did. Because he invited
his brother over. His brother was there. That’s the sole purpose
why I did not tell him
I was pregnant. I couldn’t tell you when
your brother was there. You know my brother. My brother was there… ‘Cause I know how you react. This is how you react. I not fixing
to have this reaction
in front of your brother, when I find out that
I’m finally pregnant… I finally get
something from you. The only thing from you. See what I’m saying?
She’s obsessed with me. No, I’m not.
I’ve got plenty of them. She wants
something from me. TIDWELL: She wants me
to be her baby’s dad
more than she’s sure. Why that reaction
Miss Lockridge? You believe he’s just
not telling the truth? ‘Cause I know for a fact
that he’s his father. He was the only one
I was sleeping… She just said,
Your Honor, “I finally got
something from him.” I was happy
that I was pregnant. So I’m not gonna
ruin that happiness by telling you
in front of your brother
that I’m pregnant with you, when I don’t know how
you were gonna react. ‘Cause every time
I bring anything to you, you react all negative
and I get sideways. When we conceived my child,
I told him, “I just had
my period a week ago.” That’s a lie,
Your Honor. He said, “Shut up.”
And we kept going at it… HARRINGTON: Oh, wow! TIDWELL: That’s a lie,
Your Honor. Why would you say
something like that? Okay, so in light of that
romantic conversation… LOCKRIDGE:
I know, right! HARRINGTON: Wow! You thought
that he wanted, or didn’t mind
if he got you pregnant? I mean, he just got
another girl pregnant,
four months prior. And I asked him,
“What you’re gonna
do about it?” He said, “If it’s mine,
then I’m gonna
take care of it.” So next time I come over,
heck, yeah, I’m excited. So, you hear he got
another girl pregnant… LOCKRIDGE: Yep. And then it made you
excited to be pregnant? No, when I found out
I was pregnant, I was excited because
I was going to have his baby. Because you just…
You loved him? I love him. I have a lot of love for him.
But am I in love with him?
She’s obsessed with me,
Your Honor. I’m not obsessed with you.
If I was obsessed with you,
there wouldn’t be nobody else. (HARRINGTON EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: Oh, okay. Got that. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So let’s go forward
to the pregnancy. During that time
is he participating at all? Not at all.
Not at all. He didn’t care about… I had texted him
when I was at every
doctor’s appointment. All my weight gains,
the weight changes. I even sent him
voice recordings
of the heartbeat. All that, like…
The works. When I had my son,
I was in labor for 36 hours
completely by myself, to the point where
the nurse that was with me, she had to call the doctor
and tell the… Ask the doctor
if she could stay with me,
’cause I was by myself. Your Honor, I didn’t know
about the pregnancy… Yes, you did! Or about her having the baby
till she was at the hospital
having the baby. LOCKRIDGE:
That’s a lie!
I texted him,“I’m on my way
to the hospital.
“I’m fixing to have
this baby tonight.”
TIDWELL:I had a job.I worked every day.
I can’t just take off
a day from… The day before she’s
telling me something. And then again,
I’m not for sure who she has up there
trying to be the dad. LOCKRIDGE:
I need a father for
my child, not a dad. You’re the dad,
you’re the sperm donor. I need my son
to have a father. All right, I’d like
to hear from your mother,
Mr. Tidwell. Miss Harrington,
will you please stand? Thank you. JUDGE LAKE:
Step up to the podium. You are
Mr. Tidwell’s mother? HARRINGTON: Yes. What do you believe, ma’am? Do you believe
this is your grandson? She is
very obsessed
with my son. LOCKRIDGE: I’m not obsessed.
I was in love with him. All she talks about
is how much she wants
to be with him, and how she’s got
a prayer closet
at home for him. One day, he’s gonna
be her husband. Well you know,
this is just obsession really. But he has admitted, Mom, to being intimate
with Miss Lockridge. Yeah. Yes. So why is it so far-fetched
that he could be King’s
biological father? Because there was
such a long span of time
in between. I don’t know anything
about this young lady really. Other than
being King’s mother. That’s ’cause your son
kept me a secret, ’cause I’m actually
somebody he could be with, but he’s afraid
of commitment. Miss Lockridge,
this is difficult, because it’s obvious
you do really wanna be
with Mr. Tidwell. You did at some time. No. Not anymore.
“Did.” At… You know,
some time ago. And he seems
to have made it clear that he does not want
to be in a relationship. LOCKRIDGE:
Well, if he made it so clear
then stop calling me back. Stop texting me. Stop inviting me over.
Stop letting me come over. Mr. Tidwell, I mean,
you know this woman
is making this effort. You know
she’s coming all this way. You know you’re sleeping
with her without protection. I mean, if you say
she’s obsessed with you,
you feedin’ the obsession. I’m not leading her on,
Your Honor, to think… There’s no
relationship at all. You lying sack of… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Tidwell,
if you believe someone
is obsessed with you, you believe somebody,
or you know someone, wants to be with you
so desperately… I was not desperate. And you still let them…
No, it was desperate. But this is my point. You’re not
the first woman,
nor the last, that was desperately
in love with someone. There’s nothing wrong.
We’ve all loved. And sometimes,
the person loves us back,
and sometimes they don’t. Your Honor,
I don’t understand how a mother
could actually
leave her child with people that
she doesn’t really
even know very well for two weeks. It wasn’t two weeks.
It was Thursday to Tuesday. And get on a plane
and go to Nevada. Saying she had
a modelling job. No explanation. Just…
All of a sudden just jumps up
and leaves this baby with us. We took care
of the baby
at that time. TIDWELL: And she said
she was in Nevada. I call her, I’m like,
“When are you coming back?” Like, I have stuff to do, too.
I have… You know what I mean? And all of a sudden, boom.
She was there to pick him up
with some guy. (ALL ARGUING) LOCKRIDGE:
You threatened
to take my son. I was in Nevada
doing a photo-shoot. Why did you leave him
with me for two weeks
and I don’t hear from you? Hanging out with my cousin,
’cause she was fixing to have
her baby. I was helping her
get her house nested. HARRINGTON:
In Nevada? Yes, in Nevada.
I was doing a photo shoot. Getting paid at
a modelling job? I can give you
the proof of the photos. Getting paid at
a modelling job? You said you were
getting paid to model? Sure do. Okay, so the bottom line
is you call them and say,
“Can you keep King?” I said, do you want to
spend time with your son because I’m fixing to go
take a modelling shoot
in Nevada… No. And hangout
with my cousin. She just dropped
the baby off. She came just to visit
and brought him to visit… No, I didn’t! While she was visiting
she decided to leave. Yes. LOCKRIDGE:
Okay, Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE:
During the visit? Not called… Yes. She just up
and left. LOCKRIDGE:
No, I didn’t. We didn’t see her
for two weeks. That’s a bold-faced lie!
I don’t care what you say,
bro. On my mama, bro.
I told him… Oh, wow! Wow. I asked him, specifically,
“Do you wanna watch your son?” That’s a lie,
Your Honor. “Do you wanna spend
some time with your son?” No. “If not,
I can take him.” JUDGE LAKE: I believe
in Miss Lockridge’s mind, she was leaving her child
with his father. But she left
for two weeks. No.
It was Thursday to Tuesday. When I called her to ask her
when she’s coming back, she said she’ll be back
when she gets back. All of a sudden, I said, “Well, then,
I’m just gonna keep him, “and just figure out
if he’s mine or not.” She came within an hour.
She was there with a man. No, I did not. And picked the boy up.
Came in. Snatched him up.
Left. And I didn’t hear
from her for a week. Within an hour
she was there
with a man? Yes.
A guy in the car. And I’m like,
“Where are you going?
Who you’re with? “Oh, don’t worry about it.”
And she just snatched him up. Left most of his stuff,
bottles, and just left. LOCKRIDGE:
That’s a bold-faced lie… JUDGE LAKE: So, wait. So, when
she appeared
with a man, you thought, maybe,
that man was the father? I didn’t see the man.
I seen him in the car. I don’t know who he is. JUDGE LAKE: Right. There’s too much lies. That’s way
too many lies… Did you appear
in an hour with a man
that picked King up? LOCKRIDGE: No. Yep, a white car. No, I was…
Yeah, it was actually
a gray car… HARRINGTON: Okay. First off. And it wasn’t no hour.
It was, like, six hours later. Oh, no, it wasn’t. I took the first flight
out of Nevada. I called
the photo shoot people, and told them,
“Look, my baby daddy is
trying to steal my son. “I can’t do the rest
of the photo shoot.” That’s a lie,
Your Honor. “Can we do it in
a couple of months?”
They said, “Yeah.” So, anyways,
back to what I was saying… (ARGUING) I came back on
my immediate flight. I even had
a roundtrip ticket. I had to pay extra to get
that immediate flight back, because he was threatening
to keep my son. Your Honor, I would like
to submit a picture. So, here’s
the first picture. That is my son, King. And here is
the second picture. That is Mr. Tidwell. Thank you, Ron. The thing that
catches me up, is he looks like
his side of the family. He looks like
an Ethiopian baby. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yes, he does to me.From day one…JUDGE LAKE:This is King.LOCKRIDGE:That’s King.JUDGE LAKE:And the next pho
is Mr. Tidwell as a baby.
Look at the ear marks,
the ear tags.
There’s nobody else. Miss Harrington? Yes, Your Honor. Do you see
a resemblance? No. LOCKRIDGE: Okay, is that
why when you first met him you told me that if you
didn’t recognize my son
you’d slap him? I didn’t tell you that. Or were you just
drinking too much? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: All right, guys. Let’s get back to
the subject at hand. You don’t see a resemblance,
obviously, Mr. Tidwell. Nor you, Miss Harrington.
And Miss Lockridge, you do. It’s a beautiful
little baby. BOTH: Yes. This little boy
deserves to know
who his father is. BOTH: That he does. He does. TIDWELL:
I deserve to know, too. JUDGE LAKE: And, yes.
And if you are his father
you do deserve to know. He also deserves…
Can I submit one more thing? Absolutely. The birth certificate. There’s no dad’s name on it. That’s all I want today. And if my son’s name
is King Tidwell, he needs the man that
named him King Tidwell,
to be in his life. JUDGE LAKE:
You didn’t just pick
the name King,
you gave him
his last name, too?
he’s gonna deny my son.
Denying is not the problem,
Your Honor. It’s the actions of… From your actions. The way she’s been acting.
The things she does. And the men… JUDGE LAKE:
So, wait a minute. What I want
to understand quickly,
you named the child? I gave her the name
that I wanted my son to have. Because at that moment
you thought… And she put
it on there. Exactly.
Yes, Your Honor. At that moment you thought
the baby was yours? Yes. Then later on, you started
to believe he was not? Yes. Because of what you heard? No, what I’ve seen. Her actions. And what you’ve seen. Okay, the only way
we’re going to get down
to the bottom of this, is to get the results. LOCKRIDGE: Smooth. (APPLAUSE) Ron? Yes, ma’am. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. “In the case of
Lockridge v. Tidwell,
“when it comes
to 10-month-old
King Tidwell, “it has been determined
by this court…” JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Tidwell. You are not his father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Are you kidding me? That’s messed up man. HARRINGTON:
I’m sorry, baby. (GASPS) I’m sorry. (GASPS) I’m sorry. From the bottom
of my broken heart,
Wallace Tidwell, I’m sorry. And to
your whole family,
I apologize. I have no idea who
his dad is at this point. We knew that.
We know that. I’m sorry,
but I didn’t sleep… That’s okay. (GASPS) HARRINGTON:
Oh, Jesus! Oh! Ron, get her. (LOCKRIDGE GASPING) Ah, boy. RON: All right. I knew it. I knew it. (CRYING) All right. You want five minutes?
Okay. JUDGE LAKE: Juliana.
Calm down, baby. It’s okay. We’re all here.
We’re all here. Juliana,
I’m here with you. I don’t know who it is!
I don’t know who it is! I’m not gonna
leave you, okay? Let it out. (CRYING) HARRINGTON: Calm down. (CRYING CONTINUES) RON: Okay.
All right, let it out. JUDGE LAKE:
Just sit down, honey.
It’s okay. It’s okay. LOCKRIDGE:
I want my baby!
I want my baby! Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE:
Um, we handle very serious
issues in this court room.
And I think what
we all witnessed today
is she truly believed that, Mr. Tidwell,
you were her child’s father. The truth, sometimes,
it breaks us down. And we need
a minute to process it. HARRINGTON:
Mmm-hmm. And she needs a minute. Yes. She’s with
Dr. Jeff Gardere, and he’s gonna take
good care of her. HARRINGTON:
I’m not gonna
shun her out. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. We love this baby. JUDGE LAKE:
I really appreciate it, Mom. Are you okay, sir?
Are you all right? Not really. What are you feeling
in this moment? I don’t… I’m sorry, baby. We have resources
and counseling for you. We want you
to take advantage of it, and we want to help
you get through it. But I’m happy that
you know the truth. I am. Thank you. HARRINGTON:
Thank you, Your Honor. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS) (APPLAUSE)

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