Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

We’re gonna go up there Ok, let’s do this! Hahahaha Oh my God, I’m so nervous But I look cool ! Yeah Yea, haha Wish me luck ! Give me a sign ! Now ? Ohh wowowow ! I thought it’s gonna be scary It is ! Maraaa !! Hi, everybody ! Woah Ooh wawawait Now ? Not yet ? Wohoho that’s scary ! Oh, asdkfjheousfl

28 thoughts on “Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

  1. punyaa auraa apaa sii .. ngefans abiss deh 😍 love everything about nada hihihi. your personality very awesome ✨

  2. i looooooooooooooooved your outfits sooo much looks really comfortable i wish you do outfits video, plus you are mu favorite youtuber i love youuuuuuuuuu

  3. Hi Indah.i paraglided too .we had same pilot Darwin.i enjoyed watching ur experience cause u captured it well on video.i now live in gensan

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