MANJUSHREE TRAIL- HIking around Kathmandu Valley ( Kakani-Dhulikhel Section)

MANJUSHREE TRAIL- HIking around Kathmandu Valley ( Kakani-Dhulikhel Section)

100 thoughts on “MANJUSHREE TRAIL- HIking around Kathmandu Valley ( Kakani-Dhulikhel Section)

  1. Once again, if you're seeing this video in 360p, please be patient. This is youtube's issue. Please check back after a couple of minutes. We've uploaded the video in Full HD. Thank you for the love and support guys. Enjoying our weekly video uploads?
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  2. Dai english ma ne interpretation garnu paryoo or-else at least caption hunu paryo bedishi lai ne helpful banaw na lai…🙂

  3. घुमन्ते team south ललितपुर तिर गएर नि यस्तै video बनाउनु पर्यो 👍️


  5. तपाइँहरुको कामलाई जति तारिफ गरे पनि कम हुने 🙏🙏

  6. this is a kind of vlog that a nepalese youth like myself truly deserves. very informative video. thank for team ghumante. need more of these or maybe even show some short trek for begineers

  7. Hometown Nagarkot ko ekdammai yaad aaira thyo ali kati vayani herna paaiyo
    thank you so much ghumantey

  8. Nepal is beautiful Country so don't travel for other country. first travel our country then other 😊😎
    #jay Nepal 🇳🇵

  9. Ghumante is the best travel vlogger of Nepal…They help in attracting internal as well as international tourist…keep up this work guys

  10. You guys r amazing… u make hike more than fun. Once again thanks for superb n tempting video….. keep enjoying n let enjoy through ur biref trail vids to others. I truely enjoy ur videos. Cheers.

  11. A kind request, can you pls adjust the volume of the music vs the commentary, cos the voice is relatively low whereas the music suddenly becomes very high the next minute, so have to keep adjusting the tv volume. In addition, adding subtitles could also help non nepalese viewers. Apart from that, you guys are very dedicated in wat you are doing, so, keep up the gud work, and ofcourse Thank you for doing this, so we can comfortably sit at home and watch our dear and beautiful Nepal…. 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵Cheers👍

  12. from next time can you also add estimated average expenses . Would be a lot helpful . Great video though 👏👏

  13. Guy's tapai harulai mero yeuta sujhap salla ya idea, yedi milxa vane tapai harule aba banaune videos haruma back ground music hamro aafnai desko geet sangeet lok vaka haru ko tone bivinna baaja haruko dhun rakhera banauda ajha dherai ramro mitho suninthiyo hola mero yehi kamana tapai haru sabai jana ghumante team lai.

  14. Khim bro ko background voice chai atti babbaal ani ghumante team ko kam chai dammmi dammi xa guys keep going on lagxa ma afai nepal ghumiraxu

  15. I appreciate you guys cleaning up whenever you can. Video is good as well. Hopefully some day I can do this with my girls.
    Keep up the good work.

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  17. Ghumante Team , FIRST OF ALL , great job, your videos are so inspirable and so spectacular, keep it up, I Always keen to watch your great adventurous task , From {London}

  18. Dear Ghumante , all your videos are wonderful and awesome. All the best. And can you tell me which camera do you use ?

  19. Starting is pure of bagmati😙
    1.Daamnaharu😂, 2.'daalmot chuera power 24 hour '😂
    #coolNepalnothotNepal #visitnepal2020

  20. you guys missed the best part between nagarkot to dhulikhel. You should have gone through anaikot view tower-kasivanjyang. There is waterfall inbetween aswell.

  21. 32 min paxi bhannu bhako kura haru ekdam sahi lagyo daju hope bujney xan sambandit nikaye ma bhayeka bekti haru ley

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  23. no matter how many international travel vlogs i watch, at the end i feel like GHUMANTE is best !!! LOVE YOU GUYS KEEP UP SUCH TRAVEL AND VIDEOS

  24. 7.5 km tira ko baato ma juka kattiko taasiyo ta?? 😀 😀 ani sisno ni!! & u guys simply missed the trail from nagi to Nagarkot via Sundarijal!!!

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