Mechanical Buckin’ Bull Showdown!!🤠🐂

Mechanical Buckin’ Bull Showdown!!🤠🐂

Oh! I got it! Oh! oh my face is gonna smack it howdy partners, my name is j-fred, this is bobby, this is brian And today, we’re gonna be riding some bulls! Bryan- We’re gonna ride that bull so good! Joey- Ride that bull, Bryan! -Bryan hurts his groin jumping too hard- Joey- We got a variety of different rounds for you today, Bobby’s gonna be making sushi, I’m gonna be shooting things, it’s gonna be fun! So, stay tuned! Everyone starts to repeat I’ll ride that bull….but Joey says he’ll stay on for half an hour! Joey- BUCK THAT BOY OFF OF THAT BULL!! The first one (round) is seeing who can be on the longest! I got my money onnn…. (Joey and Bobby) ME! My name’s Buck (?). I like to ride them bulls and I like to just (Joey – You’ll all see me ride that bull!) screw around! Ya’ll see that buddy jerk turkey soup (flashback to Bryan saying something similar). They got it at Waldrugs for 45 cents, come cop it for a nickel. I apologize for the short shorts but that’s helping me get a little more grip. Bobby- In 3 Bryan- Wait! Bobby- 2 Joey- Not that kinda show Bryan -Bryan yells- Yoo! Bobby- 1, Go! Byan- Oh, easy! Joey- Buck that boy right off that thing! I’m ridin’ that bull Ma! Watch me Ma! Oh shhh! hey boy I only got already taken you
watch me ride this thing I’ll be on here kill me for a total half an hour he’s a city
folk cuz he’s a city slicker Wow – give me that moves let me fourteen seconds
Wow no jerking I made that bottom rodeo clown for 30
seconds it’s just like boom first difficulty
yeah ready buddy this is the easiest mode oh he’s getting love didn’t hike the
search your attempt oh yeah victory translator is for me realize he won wait I got 42nd boy Brian Orser your toes
eight seconds yeah we tied you tied tiebreaker Paul let me just show them
what what Cowboys can ride ready right on that ball right now Nicodemus on the boat was not even
moving come on yeah do try one more time boy oh I got
it Oh all my face is gonna smack it all
Bobby you done son you are no hands I didn’t know heads Oh you record 24 seconds now I won don’t
walk around like that you got second place boy alright alright no go Bobby oh
sorry oh that’s tiring good inside of my thighs Oh baby go he’s done he didn’t hide your shorts
dude my mistake you didn’t hang sorts round one goes to Jade my thighs
Oh Joey you’re a city folk because you’re the skyscraper man you have to
write an office memo right and office memo you have to write not on a suit
again oh yeah we’ll get to that okay cool yeah
my business cowboy it’s what I do where you go I left the farm and I got a
laughing business Japheth challenge is he has to where’s your southern accent
son I don’t know weird Oh God well we’re over here we got memo he got
rides his arm my he gon spin yeah he’d be on spin and then we gonna find him
y’all gon act you understand right how am I gonna be able to see it but Joey’s
gonna go around with you I’m Joey you got 22 mistakes if you make any more
than 20 mistakes people are not gonna understand what you say I can tell you
this right now I ain’t staying too long on this baby it’s play-doh would go oh no henceforth for it Bobby will be
referred to as oh no I got this I’m gonna be a professional in no time oh mama any argument within the team edge
space will now be resolved with a dance battle oh I’m done okay great here we go
all right Jeffrey you wrote all daily business shall not be conclude I should
have did really seven eight five four five oh three – conclude without one
game of exploding kitten hang his fourth bit of the race will be driver addressed
I think I did pretty good middle of the race now you know what I’m
crew a lot going back to my roots ginger yeah Jim’s gonna make me some sushi
in order to make authentic truce you have to wear these bricks handles what
are those sucks those are my girlfriend sounds like you
got a pretty weird relationship dude these are my Nike flat bricks my sushi
construction all right Bobby’s challenge is to make a
roll of sushi why is Bobby making sushi who’s a random pick okay yeah by chance
you it’s like let’s do be impossible you gotta hike this all right it doesn’t
help my oh gosh probably shouldn’t carry these but Oh Susie what oh okay that ice
put that ice down is that how they normally do it just grab a handful no
Salamone you need some rubber pants no no no one at 10:30 all over that base my challenge is to shoot all three
balloons out and there’s a nice little surprise they’ll reach one of their
heads maybe a little dinosaur egg if you shoot us you lose all right we
got a little rubber paintball gun right here it is not real it is a real fake
gun a rubber paintball gun rubber paint balls rubber paintball so it’ll still
hurt quite a bit if I shoot them this is dangerous there fella
well your lives all right since that didn’t work Brian’s got to go at least
20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds for a pass oh that’s fast don’t you failed
yours I won the first round all right let’s all agree that I won oh and I get
the trophy I won which means I get the trophy and they get the punishment they
get punished with this since it didn’t work out oh it’s colored is this like
cheeto dust oh the cheeto man
this says teammate champion you suck even though you just won Bobby made this
which means he knew he wasn’t gonna win cuz he wrote you suck on it what videos
am i shouting out guys make sure you go check out chair flip challenge that’s
where he flipped a bunch of chairs and drank Cup on that’s where we played cup
pong giant style make sure you subscribe and check out our merchandise

100 thoughts on “Mechanical Buckin’ Bull Showdown!!🤠🐂

  1. Me, a Country Side Gal: Cringes the main reason you boys are falling off the bull is because your backs aren’t straight. You boys are leaning forward and that’s why you boys are falling forwards. If you kept your back straight and leaned the opposite way the bull was going you’d last longer.

  2. “Why was Bobby chosen to do the sushi”
    Me—Because he’s the only guy was Flippin Japanese in that place and the guy who knows how to make sushi

  3. ain’t nun of y’all ridin right I mean y’all ain’t even up on ur rope like ur supposed to be I ride bulls y’all wouldn’t last

  4. to some people like me this is offensive cause i am a Texan and i actually ride bulls and yall are making fun of how we talk

  5. Are yall makin fun of us southern folk? Ain't that a bit disrespectful that bull be as slow as they come. I adore team edge though.

  6. I rodeo and know people in the bullriding and this was so off from what you're supposed to do but it was funny😂

  7. I did this at a summer sizzler at school, and I stayed on until they told me to come off the ride cause they said all the other kids wouldn't get a turn

  8. my whole family and i preform in rodeos and nobody talks like that i have mixed emotions I'm offended but its hilarious at the same time

  9. My horse bucks all the time since he came from slaughterhouse and is genuinely afraid but it is never as funny as this

  10. Lol this video is hilarious. Im a competitive bull rider, and seeing y'all struggle with the mechanical bull gave me a good laugh

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