Meet Buckbeak | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban

Meet Buckbeak | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban

[singsong] Isn’t he beautiful? Say hello to Buckbeak. Hagrid. Exactly what is that? That Ron, is a Hippogriff. First thing you want to know about Hippogriff’s is that they’re very proud creatures. Very easily offended. You do not want to insult a Hippogriff. It may just be the last thing you ever do. Now. Who’d like to come and say hello? Well done Harry. Well done. Come on now. Now, you have to let him make the first move. It’s only polite. So, step up. Give him a nice bow. Then you wait and see if he bows back. If he does, you can go and touch him. If not, well, we’ll get to that later. Make your bow. Nice and low. Back off, Harry. Back off. [twig snaps] Keep still. Keep still. Oh! Well done, Harry. Well done. Here, you big brute. Right. I think you can go and pat him now. Go on. Don’t be shy. Nice and slow now. Nice and slow. Not so fast, Harry. Slow down, Harry. Nice and slow. Now let him come to you. Slow now. Slowly. Yes! Well done! Oh, well done, Harry! Well done! I think he may let you ride him now. What? Come on. Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hagrid! Don’t pull out any of his feathers because he won’t thank you for that. Whoa! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! [whistles] Well done, Harry! And well done, Buckbeak!

100 thoughts on “Meet Buckbeak | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban

  1. 1:12 back off harry back off! ("Snap!") 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  2. Does no one realise that they wrote the name wrong? They said Harry Potter and the prisoner of the Azkaban…THE AZKABAN..hmmm

  3. Why is it unicorns that are trending these days? It should be hippogriffs as long as I'm around! Dragons as well. 😂

  4. 2:24 When your friend told the strongest boy in school that you are gonna fight him

    This happened to me and it was not pretty ;-;

  5. cool scene is like the harry potter fly from Buckbeak even the music named [After the Fall] from the mass effect 3 trailer game goes great with the climate that there are beautiful views.

  6. Usually people who rush towards you are vampires! (or stand over your shoulder!) That's why one would spaz out! The honor thing … ain't really … it's more so compliments. … Love language. I melt over compliments!

  7. "It was nothing like riding a broomstick and Harry knew which one he preferred."

    Not part of this translation apparently.

  8. ''Hagrid what exactly is that?''
    if youd've opened your books (stroke them first) to page 49 like Prof Hagrid said you'd know.

  9. I reused this scene for my song, "Riding on a Hippogriff's Back" which is a parody of "Yellow Submarine" Performed by: The Beatles. 👍🏻if you agree!

  10. I always thought this soundtrack was familiar…and to my knowledge, it's John Williams! This makes me love the movie even more.

  11. On the literal surface the CGI looks so fake but the movements and timely animal-like expressions look incredibly real. Mo-cap suit on a horse or not…


  12. The Harry potter movies mixed practical with CGI a lot. Kind of like Jurassic Park. Also a lot of the effects are stylized and quirky making it have a lot of personality and charm that are often times more impactful than realism.

  13. 1:14 the girl in the middle of Ron and hermione I’ve seen her in real life she was a student at my school

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