Meet Jay and Chyenne Smith: Raising Livestock in Idaho

Meet Jay and Chyenne Smith: Raising Livestock in Idaho

27 thoughts on “Meet Jay and Chyenne Smith: Raising Livestock in Idaho

  1. Lovely story of hard and smart work in a beautiful setting. I can relate to some of this as I grew up on a farm (in the 1950s) where we also had a small herd of cattle. Hard work, but so rewarding.

  2. I'm very impressed and proud of you all! Did the same thing when I was a kid in Colorado in the yampa valley!! God Bless You always

  3. Thank God for technical support for today's generation! We had none back in our day!! I understand very well the risks of the rivers as helping grandfather catch wild mustangs. We always had to cross the sun river in Montana catch and come back with the hurd.. was always a chore but grew up strong and ready for anything in life! Only we never got to see an aircraft and go somewhere warm!! Life has changed so much since then! God Bless You all

  4. people with dogs & guns out with their cattle seemed to be the solution with wolves. the columbus method of raising cattle was never a good idea anyway.

  5. I noticed you have a Hydra Bed, made by my sister and brother in law. No longer owners but a great product. They started with nothing and built a highly successful small family business. Just shows one does not need a college or business degree but tenacity and common sense to build anything.

  6. Hello from Pennsylvania ! I've made 9 hunting trips to the Salmon River Country and explored many of the drainages but Carmen Creek is one of my favorites ! On my very first trip in 1991 before the wolves were reintroduced, two friends and I harvested 3 nice bull elk in Carmen Creek all in the same day without horses or a guide ! I remember thinking I was in a sportsman's paradise ! But by 2004-2005 the wolves had decimated the elk and deer herds to the point were we would hunt every day for a week without even seeing one single elk ! I love the town of Salmon and wish I had been born and raised there ! I'm too old and wore out to hunt the rugged mountain sides of Carmen Creek but if I ever hit the lottery bigtime I'll be looking for a second home somewhere in the Salmon River Country ! I'm jealous of the people that call that area home ! Lol

  7. locally everybody in these parts has turned their spread into a "Dude" ranch and try running snowmobiles in the winter, and tourists in the summer. This gives the wildlife little rest and stresses them out making hunting an issue with CWD and other stresses on Deer and Elk populations. Ski bunny's and Utv's have become a problem as if ranching doesn't have enough things to look for. Then we have the "overlanders", jeeps in a convoy cutting the lock on the high gate thinking they can cut across the two high meadows for their entertainment. The tree huggers have been brutal on ranchers and now it seems the exact behavior they promote is having a devastating effect on wildlife.

  8. It’s very important the cooperation of family and friends and the dedication that the Smiths have and it’s nice that they have lots of friends

  9. Very educational and enlightening . This way of life is something to be preserved and valued for it's contribution to the provision of very nutritional food and also for preserving the ecology of the country

  10. Very cool life style, I wish I could of lived it ! You should as I’m sure you do feel very fortunate!

  11. Why in today's modern world still 2 months old young bulls must be castrated without anaesthesia, if these are slaughtered in the same year 7 months later nevertheless.

    Why still beef cattle calves burn calves, if there are microchips to register the calves.

    Old traditions don't seem to be dying out in America, because nobody thinks about the welfare of the calves, or he will also burn his daughters with a hot iron, probably not.

    Just stupid what happens when you let the Angus mother cow herd with her calves run unattended in the middle of the wolf area, but then scream for shooting down the wolves, when wolves kill the calves…

  12. Cows and wolves want to live and be free with their families just like us. Find kindness and go Vegan.

  13. Awesome video. Excellent commendatory. God bless you guys. I really taught that branding had ended but I've learned that it's still being done. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Hey chick, don't they exterminate cows by punching a pneumatic spike into their brains? Yum-yum, think about where this disgusting shit comes from AmeriKa.

  15. loved every second of it thank you so much for making this series beautiful ranch and what a beautiful family perfect life πŸ™‚

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