Meet the Figure Skaters and Artists Backstage at CRYSTAL Cirque du Soleil

Meet the Figure Skaters and Artists Backstage at CRYSTAL Cirque du Soleil

It’s like a real stage. It’s not an ice rink
anymore; it’s a stage. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s getting real! I can’t wait to see how
everything comes together. I see they have lights
installed and everything. Well, I’m just looking
at that ramp, up there, and I’m hoping they’re not
going to make me go down it. We have all our ramps, so now we’re
going to start working extra hard. These ramps are… they’re big,
but they’re gonna be awesome. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. Welcome to block 2 and week 8! As you’ve seen coming into the building, the set is here. Yes! Also, all other technical aspects
are up in the air as well, so lighting, video,
sound as well. Just one note: We’re going six
days a week, starting this week. All right? So longer hours, longer weeks. We’re going through a lot together.
It’s a process. We’re really pushing
along with the numbers, and we’ve made a lot of progress. So, even though we’re
on the ice a lot, I feel like every minute on
the ice is very well spent. Yeah, we’re all hanging in
there, and we’re all together. So morale is really high up and. You know, we got a good group
here, so it makes things easier. The thing that’s really blowing me away is how the whole cast
has gelled so quickly, and I see a lot of friendships developing
and just this great camaraderie. And it’s a really cool mix of
the skaters and the acrobats, and everybody being
really kind of blown away by what they all bring with
their individual talents. I did like anything to
get the flip around. And how he does it is like, he would leave and have his body
straight in the air and then, have is, always look front and have his
feet come around for the back flip. On the ramps, I always
look back to see, like, the spot where I’m landing to, which, is normal for us, but for them it’s like,
ah, shitty back flip. I’m like, thanks man! Right from the beginning, the
acrobats started to learn to skate, and the skaters started to
learn some acrobatic moves. And from that moment, everybody
realized how difficult each other’s strengths were, and had
an amazing respect for one another. So, it’s been wonderful
to see that happen. My big challenge
is to skate, now. I need to do juggling on the ice, and we are, like, twenty people? So, it’s a big challenge.
But it’s cool! Yeah. Yeah. My specialties are freestyle skating, breakdancing and ice acrobatics. It’s easy to do what you know, but the hardest part is adapting to
everything that is going on around you. All those new factors,
the circus performers. That’s a real challenge. Been skating professionally,
now, for almost six years. There’s a number that I do with
some of the other girls that’s very, like, modern and artistic,
that I, like, I’m obsessed with, so. It’s like my little chance
to show what I can do. I’m an expert aggressive inline skater. I try lots of things I’m used
to doing on the street, but on the ice, it’s
not the same at all. And you wouldn’t think
it would scare me, but I can see that the ice is
just as hard as the pavement. So we were doing spins
and catching a baton, and it was going really well. But then the baton
was a little lower. In the middle of the
spin, I didn’t catch it. I didn’t land on my feet
– I landed on one knee. But I thought after three
or four days, I’d be fine. It feels so great. It’ll feel good because
you’ll… you want to. Yeah, yeah yeah. Exactly. The doctor said it was the
PCL ligaments in the back, which are 40% torn. And it will take four to six
months to be 100% again. But at least I can
do the whole show. I just have to make sure
I don’t fall on it again. So, yeah, I can’t fall. There is this kid from
Mongolia named Ochir who will do an impressively
high chair balancing act. I start when I was nine years old. Contortion and hand stand. On top, I just hear my
breath, also heartbeat. I feel all of it. Like all the way through you
have to feel the chairs’ legs, you know, like, with
your part of your body. If you don’t feel, the chairs
gonna quick you out. I’m still not feeling yet, so I’m really working hard on it. Today, we’re going to present
the show in its entirety, and we’re very, very excited. And we’re going to present
it to Guy Laliberté. It’s kind of cool being able
to perform for Guy Laliberté. He’s kind of a legend. So, it’s… well… you can feel
the excitement in the arena. And it’s the first time we’ve
really done everything full-out, with costumes this week,
so it’s exciting, it’s good. Skate away.
Skate away from them all. Find the one inside.
Find the one inside. Find the one inside. I’m like Prince Charming. So Noby is looking for
someone to dance with, and she looks left and
right but sees no one. Then I come down from overhead. We are trying to convey
emotion in this number, but I find that the two disciplines
work really well together. What’s great is that everything is
brand new, everything is surprising, but we don’t want to do
it just for the novelty. We’re also striving
for excellence. Because we don’t want to excuse ourselves,
like, “Yeah, but we were on ice!” We want the people to feel it, but that doesn’t diminish the
acrobatic aspect, and that’s harder. There’s a lot of great things.
In phase on the skating world. It’s just something we’ve not
presented very much, so. Take this advantage. It’s the first time we
work with this discipline, and show how differently
you treat it. That’s what people will expect. Seeing all these people getting together and learning from each other and discovering new ways of
expressing themselves artistically. For me, this is what
I find very exciting, and that’s why I say
I love the journey.

42 thoughts on “Meet the Figure Skaters and Artists Backstage at CRYSTAL Cirque du Soleil

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  3. My son and I just saw the show and it was so inspiring, moving and entertaining. Thank you so much for all that you do to open up humanities eyes to what is possible.

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  5. I saw this fabulous show this past Sunday in Baltimore. It was my friend's first time to see a Cirque Show. He was so impressed. I, of course, knew it would be amazing. However, I am always surprised how I am so often moved to tears at the end of a show. Yes it was a touching story or theme. But I have the feeling it is really seeing such creative efforts executed by such talented young artists.

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  12. I’m currently 17 and I just wanted to let you guys at cirque du soleils know that as soon as I turn 18 I’m auditioning!!

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