Meet the SmartPakers: Bjorn

Meet the SmartPakers: Bjorn

BJORN: My name’s Bjorn.
I’m the Manager of New Media at SmartPak, and I’ve been
here for three years. It was a little bit daunting
when I started that it was a company of riders
and I definitely was not one. I’d been around horses when I
was like super little and thought that they were just
giant dogs. So I was not prepared
for the world that I was walking into. The
thing that I find is like a common thread
with everybody is like an enthusiast audience.
So I relate to that part of it a lot. But yeah there are
definitely like I didn’t know what dressage was or I would not
have been able to tell you what the difference between English
and Western was. I have one pet right now.
His name is Sprocket. He’s a black lab, rat terrier.
I got him when he was six weeks old.
So he was like, he fit in my hand. And from that point
until this morning, he has not peed or pooped
in the house once. He’s a small gentleman,
which is why I got a tattoo of him in a Victorian
gentleman’s outfit to commemorate his four years
of cleanliness and dignity. Since working at SmartPak,
I’ve ridden a horse a few times now. So first time
I rode was at Valinor Farm here in Plymouth. And
that was at Sara’s barn — our Creative Director
on her horse, Diem, and he was a very
well-behaved horse. So that was great. I rode
for about 20 minutes in a bright white helmet that was roughly
eight times the size of my head. I also have a drawing
of what it felt like to be on the horse. I think I wrote
to blog about the whole thing. The second time I rode a horse
was at the SmartPak horse show. I won an award. I was the only
person in the lead line group, but I got a ribbon and a trophy
so that’s still a win.

6 thoughts on “Meet the SmartPakers: Bjorn

  1. ugh i want to work here so bad….i have two arabs and am an endurance rider and been searching for a job that would handle my physical disability..ah guys keep up your amazing work!

  2. I got a trophy in an English W/T class on a big black jumper mare named Storm.  I was the only participant….and I got first and a trophy. And I myself have also eaten Horse treats.    I tell you what, horses are some of the best Therapists out there and you don't even have to be very educated about horses. just know they are strong.  Just sitting nearby the pasture is some of the best times I have ever had. 

  3. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your horse testimony! My favorite "pet" was an Appaloosa Gelding named Pepper! I loved that horse. He was a gentle giant (he was 16.2 hands)! Pepper was an anybody could ride horse! He and I had a special bond! We were a team, two hearts becoming one team, based on trust and love!

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