Meet The SmartPakers: Jessica

Meet The SmartPakers: Jessica

JESSICA: My name is Jessica but
everyone here calls me Jno. I’m the Senior Director
of SmartSupplements, and I’ve been at SmartPak for 10 years.
I don’t really come from a horsey family, but my
grandfather did buy me my first pony when I was about a year and
a half old. His name was Dexter
and he completely started my lifelong love of horses.
I’ve owned only several different horses throughout my
life and I had recently what I call my horse epiphany.
Owning these big fancy show horses that maybe were a little
bit too much horse for me wasn’t necessarily fun at
the end of the day. And I ended up buying a 14.3
hand old type Morgan. His name is Sawyer.
He’s absolutely the one for me. Sawyer just turned five years
old and I got to start him myself along with the help of my
trainer which was a really
rewarding experience. I couldn’t be happier.
Even though I primarily consider myself an English rider,
one of my favorite memories actually involves the riding
I get to do in Wyoming. Every summer I get out
to Wyoming where I ride in Grand Teton National Park at
a family ranch. It’s amazing. I feel like a real cowgirl
when I’m there. I get to ride
in the Snake River, up in the mountains,
and it’s just a total blast to get to spend that type
of time on the back of a horse. One of my funniest SmartPak
memories actually happened recently.
My team pulled a pretty good April Fools joke on me.
Let’s just say I was so relieved when I realized
that they were joking that I actually started crying
in the middle of the office and I think that’s on camera, too.
One of the things I’m most excited about here at SmartPak
is that we’re getting involved in doing even more clinical
research on our SmartSupplements.
We have one study that was conducted
by Louisiana State University on SmartGut Ultra, our gastric
health formula. But we’ve got more research on
the horizon and I just couldn’t be more proud or excited
about that.

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  1. My parents and I spent a week traveling out to wyoming last summer. I went on a day long ride with my uncle's friend's Daughter as she went out to gather in some cattle. IT was the BEST day I've ever spent.  The feeling on a real ranch horse beneath you, and the miles  and miles of Bighorn Mt. views and the rolling hills so unlike Wisconsin, was breathtaking.  after that 5 hour ride, I went on 4 more trail rides.   I just became the owner of a 19 year old TWH mare named Virginia, or Ginny as we call her now. She's arthritic and won't be a show or speed horse but the chance to hit the trails as soon as we start working her will be the joy of my life.  

  2. Did anyone else think of Heartland when she said Dexter? Like the race horse Amy's dad had "Lightning Dexter" 😂

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