Meeting the New Horse!

– [Group] Good morning! ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and you’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – I’m so excited to vlog with these boys. They are always so excited
to say good morning with me. I hope you guys don’t mind it,
because I feel like it can be kind of boring, but I think it’s cute. They’re like, can we start the blog? And they’ll like, come cuddle up with me, and we like, say it together. It is such a nice day today,
we’re actually starting the vlog where we kind of
ended the vlog yesterday. Because it’s just been so nice out. And I noticed yesterday I
had filmed a shot of the top of our chicken coop,
which yes, still has Santa and his reindeer on top (giggles). And it’s even like
blown up and everything. We just haven’t had time to take it down. It’s kind of a process. You gotta get ladder,
you gotta climb up there, you gotta unhook it, it’s an ordeal. But we need to do it. It’s kind of silly that
it’s still up there. But yeah, we– – We have to get a helicopter! – [Missy] What? – We had to get a helicopter. – [Missy] Oh yeah, we probably
have to get a helicopter to get it down, huh. – Yeah. – Probably like fly up there, it’s gonna be really complicated. Anyways, it’s so nice,
I’m probably gonna head up the barn a little bit later. We’re just hanging out right now. We’re gonna play with the
boys, we’ve got some work to get done. Bryan’s in his office right now working. Yeah, we just got a busy day today. Okay, guys, I had to have
Bryan take a quick little break while working because my dad
has just showed me something crazy.
– Okay. – You’re going to freak out.
– I want to see, where? – It’s over here, hang on. Okay, so, you see how we
have these plants right here? – [Bryan] Uh-huh. – [Missy] Like, all
this, these blue flowers, and all this green shrubbery it goes all the way up there, right? – [Bryan] Yeah. – [Missy] Look at this. Smell that.
– Smell it? – [Missy] Yeah.
– Okay. – [Missy] What is that? – It smells so good. – You know what it is? – No!
– It’s Rosemary! – Oh my God!
– This is all Rosemary bushes! We had no idea! – Holy hell, seriously?
– We have a ton of Rosemary! – Um, I would have been cutting
this and cooking with this! – [Missy] I know! – I smell it, and I’m like oh, steak! – I know! I pulled out the crushed
Rosemary just so I could smell it to see if it smells the same,
and obviously this smells way better, but it smells the same! It’s Rosemary!
– That’s crazy. – We have our own herb garden! We had no idea. We’ve lived here for
almost two years, now. I just thought it was some bush. – Smell it, guys.
– Smell it. Alright, where are we headed, boys! – To the horse place!
– Yeah! To go see Nacho, and
they’ve got their boots on! And we’re actually taking Pay and Liv. They were over for a
little bit just hanging out and playing, and so now
we’re gonna take them out to go maybe give Nacho a little ride. But yeah, actually just
got back from seeing him because he had a little
farrier appointment, which is someone who comes
in and cleans their hooves and trims them and stuff
and so it was really fun to kind of be there and see them
do that and just kind of learn about their hooves and stuff. And so, he is looking awesome,
I’m so glad he got a trim. He definitely needed it,
and now they look really, really cool, so yeah,
I’m just really excited. He doesn’t need shoes or anything for now. At least, we’ll see how he
does once I start getting him on trails more often, but he
was just awesome during it! He did not move. He was stiff as a board,
and just did so great. So I’m just so proud of him. I’m just so proud of myself
for getting such a good horse! But anyways, let’s go ride. Alright, we just got Nacho
out, and we’re taking some pictures, and I think we’re gonna put them on him bareback. Have you ever sat on a horse bareback? Do you wanna try it? He’s really sweet. He’s really nice. And Finn’s over here
poking him with a stick. You can pet him. Alright, we did it! Ollie, look here baby! Oh my gosh, you guys look so cute! Alright, let’s give him a
good brush, Liv and Payton. – I can’t get at the top. – [Missy] Are you enjoying it, though? It’s pretty fun, huh? Get him all clean. You can even brush his tail over here. – It’s so tangley. – [Missy] Yeah, it’s actually not tangley! But, it’s very course. His hair is very course. It’s not like your hair, huh? – [Man] Be careful around the– – [Missy] Good job, guys! You guys are being so cute! You’re gonna get those
tangles out aren’t you! – Yeah.
(giggling) (kids chattering) – [Missy] Good job. So I am on top of Nacho
right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever vlogged on him
before, and I don’t know if I’ve vlogged ever on a horse. So, it’s a little bit difficult,
can’t really steer him right now (giggling), because
he doesn’t really neck rein, he does still some of the English reining. So, I can’t just lay it
over, be like go this way! He’s not really doing it. But yeah, I’m gonna go get my
helmet on, and get the girl’s helmet’s on and take
him for a little ride. We got Payton on, say hi! Are you ready to give Nacho a ride? – Mmm-hmm! (Western music) – Alright, let’s get her on behind. You can hold on to me. There you go, that good? (Western music) He like, grabs those reins,
and he’s like let’s go! Okay, you ready? – Yeah! – [Missy] Okay, let’s go! – Just meeting up with
Missy and all the kids down at the ranch, and Missy
just put Nacho in a really good canter, babe. That was cool. Nacho did so good! You did so good, dude! Yeah, he’s an amazing horse. Missy, right now, is braiding his tail? – Yeah, I watched these
you tube videos last night, and I was like I’m gonna do it! – [Bryan] That’s awesome. That looks cool! – That looks pretty good, huh? – [Bryan] So wait, are you
gonna do that all the way down, or like? – So like, right now, this
is his tail bone ends here, so I’ll probably do most of
the tail bone, and then braid it just a normal braid after that. – All the kids had an
amazing time hanging out with the horse today. (Western music) Hey Ollie, what are we doing? – We feeding the chickens! – [Bryan] Yeah, they have chickens too! Isn’t that cool? – Yeah! – [Bryan] You wanna see
the chickens, Payton? – I want to feed the chickens, too! – [Bryan] Cool, what you got in there? – Chicken food. – [Bryan] Nice. Awe, you guys are such
good helpers (giggling). They’re so cute. That is heavy, Ollie! You are doing good, buddy! Ollie, I would throw it buddy! Yeah, let’s just throw
it for them (giggling) There you go! Finn, you got some too? Good job! Missy just finished her braid. – I really like this
part, but I didn’t know, I thought I was suppose to
end it, but it looks good. I just need a rubber band. – [Bryan] Alright, the kids
are cleaning up the block mats here in the barn. – Watch this! – [Bryan] Whoa, okay, well
let’s push it off the mat! Push all the dirt off
the mat, no dirt allowed! Whoa, there you go, yeah! Just like that, Payton! All the kids are such
good helpers on the ranch. Good job, kiddos. Getting your hands dirty huh, Liv? – Yeah, and hair. – And hair. We are now home, and we
all just ate dinner, huh? – [Everyone] Yeah. – And we all did so good,
we all ate all our dinner. I made an amazing shrimp
fettuccine alfredo that was so good! The boys had so much fun
hanging out with Nacho, huh? Was that cool? – Yeah. – And playing with Pay and Liv huh? – Yeah. – The girls had so much fun. – Yeah, it was so cute. – Payton, you was at our house. – I know, they were, huh! – And they brought me a surprise. – They did? Oh, do you want to show
them what they brought you? Go get it! He’s gonna show ’em. Did you find them? – Yep. – [Bryan] Alright. Do you know what they are? Shake them! They’re snow globes! – Yeah! – [Missy] Isn’t that cool? – There’s stockings in them. – [Bryan] Oh really? – This one doesn’t dump
down, but there is stockings. – [Bryan] Yeah, they have cool glitter. – This mine. – Finn, you can have mine. – (chuckling) You’re so nice, buddy. – Yeah, that is so cool. – [Bryan] Yeah, that is so neat of them. Look at this one. That is so cool. – Also, if you guys have
not been paying attention, I’ve been struggling a
lot with Nacho’s name, and I’ve been kind of asking
for suggestions lately, and I came up with two that I really like. So I’m gonna go ahead
and tell you I like them, and then we’re gonna put
a little poll up here, and you can vote which one
you think is the best option. So actually did a poll on
Instagram asking if I should keep it or change it, and– – I think Nacho, Lavender. – And so, I’ll actually
it was pretty close. It was like, 50/50. So a lot of people want me to change it, and a lot of people want
me to not change it. So I think what I’m gonna
do is keep his name, but I’m gonna add a second
name slash nickname. So my two options are: Nacho
Macho, I really liked Macho because it’s very similar
to Nacho, and I’ll probably just call him Macho, but he is
definitely like a protective horse, I think he’s gonna
end up being the horse that keeps me safe, and teaches me, and he’s just gonna be like my little man, I don’t know, that’s
what I think he is, so, I’ve got Macho as an option. And I just love how it
sounds exactly like Nacho, so he wouldn’t even feel like I was calling his name different. But then the other one is Philip. And I rally like either
Nacho Philip, or just Philip because I’ve always loved
Beauty and the Beast, as you guys know, I’ve
been obsessed with it, and Belle and Maurice’s
horse was named Philip. And, I just think it’s a
really, really pretty name. Yeah, I’m thinking Nacho
Philip, also as an option. – So vote! – Let me know, you can vote up
there, or you can leave it– – Or comment down below if you don’t think she should name it. – Yeah, so let me know
down below, also yeah like, which one you think, if I
should not change it at all. But anyways, Bryan’s petting his cat now. – Our new kitties are doing great. – Awe, look at that. THey’re just so easy. – I know.
– Really low maintenance. – [Bryan] Really easy to take care of. – But anyways, I hope you
guys enjoyed today’s video. Make sure you give it a
big thumbs up if you did, if you had so much fun! And we’ll see you guys tomorrow, bye! (upbeat happy music)

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