Men In Heels, Gender’s Fluidity + Jaden Smith

Men In Heels, Gender’s Fluidity + Jaden Smith

[ INTRO MUSIC] This video is part of a series for Everyday
Feminism, a website dedicated to helping you stand up to and break down everyday oppression Oh gender Such a complex and complicated subject. When each of us are born into this world,
before we can even form words, we’re given a gender. If you’re born into the socially constructed
idea of “male”, then the idea is that you’re going to grow up and become a “man”. And for most people this makes sense. And those people are what we like to call,
cis. and these people are cisgender because they
identify with the gender that they were assigned at birth. Gender in society is viewed as a binary and
while many cis people may never have an issue with that, some people do. See, having this idea of “male” or “female”
and “man” or “woman” is extremely limiting to a lot of people who find themselves lying
outside of the gender binary. In fact, these lines aren’t even as black
and white scientifically. If we were to make the mistake of saying that
sex and gender were the same things and that gender is something that can be determined
by the formation of chromosomes, there would be over 30 available genders. But sex and gender aren’t the same thing. An easy way to break it down is to say that
sex is biological, while gender is mental and of course social. A central part of the social implications
of gender is gender expression. And one of the most obvious ways we express
gender is through fashion. Jaden Smith has recently been criticized in
the media because of his fashion choices. He can often be found wearing what society
has deemed as “women’s clothing”. He occasionally likes his dresses and his
skirts and personally, I think he pulls it off. However, there are certainly people who don’t
seem to agree with me. One of the comments on a hollywoodlife article
reads: I am sorry Jayden, the girl clothes or “clothes”
look ridiculous…but each his own. Maybe its a faze you are going threw. Although
it seem like you are traveling the route of wearing wigs, lipstick, make up, have a boyfriend/husband,
get a sex change, and changing your name from Jayden to Jaydena. It is nothing wrong with
having your own style however sexless clothes would not be a dress that women wear or a
jockey strap that men wore. it would be shirts either men or women could wear, pants regardless
of sex, please get the point but as I said….to each his own. I think that this comment perfectly summarizes
how society shames men who present in a typically “feminine” way. But femininity and masculinity as we understand
them today are socially constructed. In fact, men throughout history exhibited
qualities that we would look at today as “feminine”. In ancient Egypt, it was customary for men
to adorn their eyes with black Kohl liner. This was done for many reasons. Sometimes
religious and sometimes as a sign of rank. On the subject of rank, Roman Emperors wore
tunics, as did most men in Ancient Rome. This includes gladiators who are still to
this day a representation of hyper masculinity. High Heeled shoes were created for men and
worn as early as the 10th century. Their initial design was for the purpose of
horse riding- an activity that women were forbidden from. High heels kept the riders feet steady while
in stirrups. It wasn’t until the 17th century when European
women started wearing high heels after the trend was started by the Parisian Calvary. At one point in time it was seen as masculine
to wear dresses, makeup and heels And that’s because all of these things are
objects that we project meaning and ideas onto. In today’s culture, Jaden Smith wearing a
dress is shocking and there are articles written about it every single time he does it. Like the comment I read earlier, a lot of
people in the media speculate about his gender identity because he likes to wear dresses
and skirts. Gender expression and gender identity are
not the same thing. Just because someone presents in a way that
you might see as masculine, does not mean that their gender is also masculine. Gender identity is how you feel about your
gender where as gender expression is how you express your gender. Gender Identity and sexuality are also not
the same. And while I shouldn’t have to say this, men
wearing makeup or so-called “feminine” clothing are not always attracted to men. There are numerousl readily available examples
of men in the media who have had extensive relationships with women almost as long as
they’ve had an extensive relationship with makeup. Like gender,we shouldn’t assume Jaden’s sexuality. As far as we know Jaden smith very much enjoys
being a boy who loves girls. He just likes to wear dresses. There are a lot of people in LGBT media referring
to him as “gender queer”. “Gender Queer” is an identity that, to my
knowledge, Jaden Smith has never claimed. You can be a man who very much enjoys being
a man, but also enjoys wearing makeup or dresses Jaden wearing a dress doesn’t change his gender,
unless he wants it to. When I wear my boyfriends shirt, that doesn’t
mean that suddenly I identify as male. His shirts just happen to be comfortable. At the end of the day, we should all recognize
that gender is not written in stone. Gender is fluid, and our ideas about gender are also
fluid. In my opinion, the gender binary is only dangerous
when the people who fall outside of it are told that they have to pick a side or simply
accept the gender they were assigned at birth before they had a voice. Jaden’s dresses aren’t “girl’s dresses”, they’re
Jaden’s dresses. Kat Blaque for Everyday Feminism, signing
out. If you like this video, -support me on patreon
to get access to exclusive vlogs. The confederate flag.. Now before we get into the history of the
Confederate Flag, let’s establish what the Confederacy was. In November 1860, Republican candidate Abraham
Lincoln was elected as the 16 th President of America.

100 thoughts on “Men In Heels, Gender’s Fluidity + Jaden Smith

  1. I do theatre stuff and live in liberal land, so it's not SUCH an issue. One of my friends who identifies as male and is heterosexual also happens to enjoy wearing makeup and skirts. We're both in drama club, but in crew, so we don't need to wear makeup. However, when I decided to wear some, he asked if he could use some, and in all honesty, ninety percent of the people who commented on it were complimenting his eyeliner. I'm lucky to live in such an accepting place, and it sucks that there are places where this isn't the case.

  2. yassssssssssss. Your videos are always so excellent! I think language also has a LOT to do with why issues of gender are so often difficult for people to grasp. Because WORDS THEMSELVES ARE GENDERED (through societal use of course). I mean, Romantic languages actually have masculine and feminine WORDS, and – although English doesn't – that idea I believe has immeasurable influence. It's amazing how just the words we use influence how we think. Like, when you say "dress" I just imagine a "feminine thing", so much so that I would say Jaden isn't 'wearing a dress; he's just wearing an item of clothing that looks like a dress.' (This is my own coping mechanism; of course it's logically inconsistent but it helps me make sense of it. I have no problem whatsoever with whatever anyone wants to wear and my own gender expression tends to be more 'masculine' than 'feminine'.)

    I think having and using gender-neutral words will help A LOT in understanding gender fluidity and different forms of gender expression. I know it's already being done in some countries and it makes me happy!

  3. I'm a cis gender straight female that also identifies as genderfluid. I love my femininity but I also enjoy playing up my masculinity in how I dress, express, and carry myself. Gender identity and self expression are so interesting to me. I was really masculine growing up and always wondered if I would become a lesbian because of that and was confused as to why I was straight if I was so masculine. Turns out I love being a girl, I love men, and I my gender expression is fluid.

  4. Thank you for clearing this up. I've always wanted to express myself with things that would be considered feminine but I've always identified as male. I just thought that I was confused. But I'm glad to know that my gender identity doesn't have to be identified by my gender expression.

  5. To add to your video. Did you know that pink was seen as a masculine color and blue was seen as a feminine color until Hitler decided to dress gay men in pink. Before this male babies would be wrapped in pink and girls would be wrapped in blue. Until Hitler decided to change that did pink actually become a feminine color.

  6. First off Egyptians were black dont confuse them with the white films that portray them in disrespect/false ways, second the greeks were homosexual. Most of Europe in the middle ages were bisexual and androgynous, what ever whites were doing it has nothing to do with Africa, black men, and black masculinity from past to present.
    Anyways most women are attracted to cisgender men who identity as male, do not get mad when black men become rebellious and do not want to do anything that is generally male specific. Dont ask him to take care of the children, work, or have a car because they will expect you to do it. Women are going to regret effeminizing men, specially black men. Since you are a black woman, I sure you are aware of the failure and lack men leadership, which results to limited resources and avenues for black child to go. While black women are telling black boys to be girls, white men are staying in their binary lanes. Are you seeing who is winning here…Black boys need to be Black men.

  7. personally i never understood the purpose of dresses and skirts in terms of functionality. either their breezy, or just easier to make than pants? idk. but yeah, clothing is only as inherently masculine of feminine as society and people think they are. but if a (cis/hetero) man especially wants to present in a way outside of his traditional gender representation, then he should be aware that the stigma is there and that there is a chance to draw negative attention from people who are less open minded about such things.

  8. While I like the gist of what you are saying and feel you are on the right track there are something that you seem to not completely understand or mix. Women and Man= Gender. Female and Male= Sex. These are the correct terms. You are right in saying that gender and sex are two different things. How you define gender is also correct. Gender is a human construct. That being said you are both wrong and unclear when it comes to sex. You do not say completely what sex is and based on what you say through the the video your idea of what sex is, is incorrect. While we can all agree sex is biological you do not clarify that it is biological in the sense of reproduction. Sex is something one can never change. You can change the superficial parts for the act of sexual intercourse but not when it comes to reproduction and it is the reproducing of offspring that defines something's sex .Thus while I understand that you are a women you are not female. The gov't gets this wrong & ppl r misinformed.

  9. So is gender an innate feeling core to your personality that people intuit about themselves that no one else can decide? Or, is it whether or not your wear dresses and make up? I'm quite surprised that more Transgender peoe aren't really upset with how vapid and shallow they're being portrayed by the people supposedly trying to advocate for them.

  10. I have no problem with hpw Jayden dresses. However, I have to admit I don't care for how people like Young Thug dresses (or acts) but that's more due to him being wretched. I wouldn't approve of his behavior even if he was female.

  11. I don't know how I feel about it. I want to accept men wearing dresses yet I still have a visceral reaction to it. Also, Jayden should be able to wear whatever he wants and I mean no disrespect but those dresses he's shown wearing look ridiculous

  12. I'm a man and I love wearing sparkly nail polish. So I think Jadan should do what he wants to do. I also have a diamond engagement ring.

  13. Once upon a time it was seen as outrageous for women to wear trousers….I feel we should be able to wear whatever we feel comfortable and confident in. I go uni in Scotland….so men in kilts (basically skirts) are common place.

  14. I don't believe in gender at all honestly. i am a "man" but… that doesnt' mean i have to be "manly" just like women don't have to be womenly. so i don't understand how transgender is possible because i don't believe gender exists.

  15. I think that this is so important. I am a nonbinary individual who just happens to present stereotypically femme (with some stereotypically "masculine" qualities.). It's got nothing to so with my gender identity, it's just how I like to look. Even on days that I dress more stereotypically masculine, I like to have a bit of makeup on or maybe even heels. Because of this, people are constantly trying to invalidate my gender because I'm "not androgynous enough". But what people don't understand is that, even if I was dmab, I believe that I would present the same way.

  16. Louis xiv – hurrah! but they still had pretty strict ideas about gendered fashion then. Louis xiv brother the Duke of orleans got a lot of flack for wearing too much make up, too high heels and too much perfume, like a woman.

  17. The other day I was helping my little cousin to wash her hair (she's seven) and as I said how pretty her hair was and how long it was she just replied "Curse it's long, I'm a girl!". Then I said not every girl had to have long hair and that boys could have hair just the way they wanted, even long. She told me that, in such case, he would have "girl's hair". I was so hurted by this, bacause it means we have a long way to go

  18. my straight cis boyfriend enjoys wearing pink dresses. he has even bought some for himself. i'm so proud of him expressing his interests, However, it is very sad to never see him wear these dresses in public. I can tell that my freedom as a woman to express my femininity hurts him, because he wants to look pretty while out grocery shopping too. We actually went to a party together and we both wore pretty dresses. As I was overlooked, all of his friends laughed at him as they thought it was a joke and he was doing it for laughs. I found it very offensive to not only him but to women as well. people think that because I am a feminist I don't worry about men's issues, as you can see by this comment, I do and men's and woman's issues are linked

  19. so cross dressing is now call gender fluidity?
    the fact he's pushing this "gender fluidity" aka cross dressing indicates some hidden agenda. possibly coming out as homosexual

  20. when babies are born, doctors dont just go "oh well this nonbinary nonconforming lump of mass will be assigned as a girl! or a boy!" there is a finite biology of sex, you arent assigned gender at birth. Gender roles in this world have gotten us to where we are in this world. You have long purple hair and you where dresses, do you hate non conforming nonbinary people by doing so? no.

  21. Thank you so much for this video, there have been multiple occasions where I wanted to explain to others why its ok for people to wear whatever clothing they want and this explains it perfectly. Bless you and keep it up <3

  22. I have a question that could really help me in finding out my gender identity. I am biological male, and I see myself as a male, who is interested in woman's fashion, accessories, and makeup. I plan on wearing makeup in the future , and occasionally wearing heels or other fashion items that females usually wear. Does that mean i'm gender fluid, or does that just mean I just like feminine things?

  23. I always have the issue of explaining how gender expression and gender Identity aren't the same thing to family members who tell me I am confused for being a transman who enjoys wearing make up and dresses. I am constantly questioned and sometimes invalidated by these same family members who claim to be "supportive"
    when I try to explain these things and am told promptly by the same family members that they don't understand it still and don't care, I feel as if the whole "supportive" thing is just an act and it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

  24. NOBODY is assigned a Gender you twat!
    the determination of someone's gender is based on their fucking genitals you ape
    yes there are people who are born in the wrong body but that does not make a fucking difference you liberal feminazi twat
    there are ONLY two genders  male and female(people who do sex changes belong to the gender that they changed to and are not a third gender)

  25. I TOTALLY GET IT NOW KAT. As a cis boy, I identify as bisexual but totally fucking love makeup and wearing flowery, glittery pink stuff. Bows, skirts, even leggings and crop tops. I go a lot of shit for it by my family and friends but I can explain this topic to them now. The part where you gave examples of styles in the past was so helpful and reasonable! Thanks again, Kat.

  26. Great video, you give a great explanation and make great points.
    However, idk if it a filter or just your camera, but everything (save for the pictures inserted in post), but it looks really fuzzy and kinda hurts my eyes. Does anyone else have this problem?

  27. Gender is a biological fact, it is not fluid and is not forced on people as mysandrist women like you insist. You are deliberately confusing science with psychology. Unless you are born with both sets of genitalia you are one or the other biologically. What you decide to live as is entirely up to you.
    Makeup and clever photography does not make Bruce Jenner a woman. Jaden Smith is doing nothing new or even outrageous but he sells newspapers and magazines on the back of his famous dad, hence the column inches he gets.
    Pete Burns of Dead or Alive and Phil Oakey of The Human league were well known for wearing woman's clothes. My take is that if a man buys women's clothes, he's paid for them, they are his clothes. (Eddie Izzard). The New York Dolls wore clothes that were probably originally designed and made for women.

  28. This shit is fucking dumb! Gender fluidity is the dumbest fucking shit I have ever heard of. Stop trying to make this bullshit normal. So people who don't cross dress are the weirdos?

  29. Wait, so does gender-neutral/non-binary/etcs people feel like they shouldn't have a penis one day then feel like they should have a penis the next? Do gender-neutral people feel like they should not have any sexual organ in-between their legs?? If you consider gender-expression as being just socially constructed thats fine because that makes total sense, but how can you really identify yourself as a non-male or a non-female or both or even none of the above when you don't feel like you don't belong in your own body? How can you feel that way when you believe that feeling that way is just a social construct? Transgendered people feel like they aren't in their bodies, so it makes complete sense, but if you're gender-neutral, does that mean you feel terrible about having a penis OR a vagina or any sexual organ or biological identifiers at all? How would you even know what a person of no gender feels like ???

  30. Eloquently said. I know that I've heard this before, in other terms, but this was sweet and short, and to the point. I always find myself saying too much when trying to explain Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Biological sex…etc.

  31. Oh thank you, again, for a fabulous breakdown of a complex subject! <3 Thank you for expressing the distinctions between gender expression and gender identity, as well as the distinctions between sexuality and gender identity. The only thing I wish you could have talked about – but maybe you've talked about this in another video? – is the gendered bathrooms issue that's blowing up in the U.S. right now. I would love to see you break that down, so people understand that there is literally no connection, not one single connection, between gender nonconformity and pedophilia. I'm so tired of the bigotry! But thank you for this awesome video.

  32. gender is biological and sex is mental, and as for Cis just call it normal because that's what it is

  33. Holy fuckin tits. What HAPPEND TOO MEN WITH BALLS. all you weirdos are destroying what's right in the world.

  34. hello, i hope yo take the time to read this. I just had my first son. his name is onyx, I worry for when he gets older. I don't feel its right to box him in all boy clothing, so of course I've bought afew girl clothes as well. I plan on buying girl clothes from time to time, and when he gets old enough to speak and tell me what he wants to wear, just in case, these things will already be available. I'm worried that his father, my ex, will not be supportive of onyxes personal choices as he gets older and will put him down. onyx doesn't see his father very often, and because I recently accepted my sexually really was, instead of trying to fit into societal norms, onyx will not be raised with much of a respectable male figure in his life, and may have some internal conflict. I know I'm jumping to conclusions, he's only three months old, and children can be raised heathly and happily with same sex parents, I'm worried because the only male factor he has in his life is a close minded, hyper masculine man who attacks things he doesn't understand. what affects do you feel this situation would cause him, if any? do you have any advice? thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope you have a great day.

  35. Ok are you fucking stupid there's only 2 genders, it's fucking science, your gender is what you were born as not how you feel

  36. If you assert that gender is entirely social with no biological component to gender expression, you have little insight to add to the discussion. Gender expression is not limited to clothing styles.

  37. I disagree. The gender binary would still be harmful even if people outside of it were accepted because it creates assumptions about what men and women are like, giving people reasons on which to base gender sterotypes and sexism.

  38. There is the fashion blogger Jeroy Balmores who has photos of himself wearing fashionable clothes one might associate as "feminine" including high heels.

  39. yass this video helps so much and yas manson as a n example, you make complicated things seem so simple

  40. I don't care if Jaden wears skirts and dresses but I honestly don't think he looks good in the ones he chooses. The fit is always off and the mixed patterns need work.

  41. My only issue with Jaden's dresses is that they are unflattering. Too boxy for his slight frame he looks like he is being swallowed up. I like the black and white outfit he had on with his girlfriend. It was structured and fit his frame perfectly. And I love Jaden's "gender bending". He comes across as so authentic with it. Not like a costume, or a statement just he got up and a dress was what he wanted to wear that day. Basically my dream for everybody. "Gender" being purely personal.

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