Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch [PRESENT DAY 2018]

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch [PRESENT DAY 2018]

Alright! Here it is guys the Neverland
Ranch, Michael Jackson’s estate. Okay so we got the gates, guess some people have
done a little graffiti. Oh wow! All kinds of stuff there! You know, a couple months
ago we took you on a road trip around North county of San Luis Obispo County
and we took to like the James Dean Memorial. So we really enjoy these… Yeah!
Odd and eclectic places. You know people can say what they will but he was an
amazing artist for his time! Definitely the King of Pop in his era…. Alot of people have come here. Wow! and just written little notes to Michael here on
the walls… Huh! Totally, totally interesting. Yeah! this is
still definitely a working property. Those are brand-new machines,
there’s a guard shack and then over here got some more stuff. I guess we’re not
the only ones who’ve come here honey! I wonder what the rest of the property
looks like….. I don’t know!…. I do have an idea….. I know you do!……
Well it’s only fitting if I’m gonna send the drone up and we’re here at the
Neverland Ranch then moon walk back to the car…. It’s a little hard to do on the asphalt…Yeah especially with my shoes… Now
you need to get the right shoes and you’re missing a glove!……..Hahaha! I can’t believe you just did that. Did you get it?…. Got it! I’m baaaad…. You know
it!….. So… Where the hell is Oprah’s house?

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  1. seeing this place like this made my heart break into pieces 😭😭😭 if only i was born billionaire i would buy that place and bring it back to what it was before michael died . i will make it the happiest place again for children 😢😢😢 thats what michael wants 😭😭😭

  2. the lesson from this is :
    Matthew 6:19-21
    “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

  3. That would be awesome if he was allowed to go in there and check historic rooms like that video with mike dancing in his studio and at the theatre

  4. STILL the 👑 KING forever !!🌎 even ask my favorite artists Lil Wayne or the artists he discover like Drake and people that knows music

  5. The man was treated horribly by accusers and by the press. he was so out of touch with reality that he made himself vulnerable by even being around kids and having sleepovers and ect… We all love kids if you're normal. And I still Chase my childhood by collecting Evel Knievel stuff and kiss things and Batman toys. Things that I couldn't have when I was a kid and now I can. Michael wanted to change his face to run from what he was which was a beautiful person inside and out. One of the most talented men ever to perform on stage. and in my heart I don't believe he ever molested a single child. It's shameful how the world treated this man.

  6. Wow..I have to go there now just to read some of the writings on the wall(Yes pun intended). I loved MJ and know in my heart that he is in heaven as he was a good, caring, loving man who would die before he hurt a child. He should be remembered for his selfless acts of kindness, his contributions to this world, the sick, the animals, the environment and the underprivileged . Not what some people think he did. Remembered for his music, his songs, his dancing and his talents. The man was brilliant a genius when it came to entertaining. RIP MJ you are still loved and looked up to by many.

  7. We have consumed and tortured those we have loved. From Micheal to Monroe. Our consumption of these gifted and talented artists, I believe makes us all a tad culpable I MO

  8. Без Майкла он просто опустел, серый, заброшенный, нет души. Жаль, что он так рано ушел, с ним ушло детство, эпоха Неверленда

  9. I feel so sad seeing neverland empty on the video,no happy children, and no happy Michael jackson. RIP KING OF POP

  10. They say if you go to Neverland Ranch at midnight during a full moon you'd see Michael Jackson's corpse and a bunch of others dancing to Thriller.

  11. Uncultured people writing on property’s gates, walls, outdoor lamps believing they get to “ rub” something from Neverland. Idiots!

  12. This place was a heaven on the earth when Michael Jackson owned the Neverland ranch..
    My opinion is that Michael's kids should own Neverland because this ranch has a strong emotional attachment Michael Jackson's mind and soul..

  13. You fans all need to watch the new documentary…. MJ was a tragic nightmare. I didn't want to believe it but whoa. Mind blower.

  14. wow, what a complete shame. …. They destroyed this mans image & reputation resulting in failing health & ultimately we lost him. – I admit back when he was on tv pleading with the public to believe his innocence,I just disregarded it for the most part, such a simple thing, yet almost 2 decades later I feel guilty for being unsure of his innocense – just didnt understand hardly any of it. Lately Ive researched so very much footage of Micheal from early 80s till now, and have an entirely different perspective of him & who he was & what he was about. The King of Pop was a label, he was more than that to millions of people.

  15. This is so sad! Knowing how many beautiful children was destroyed in this place brakes my heart! Michael if you see this: may you NOT Rest In Peace ☮️!

  16. Being a “great artist” (matter of opinion) does not give you the right to abuse others. It’s still happening with current artists

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaX7ayE_bcs – Right you are, and only William Wagener, independent TV host called the verdict correctly 4 months before the Jury agreed with Wm Wagener, MJ – – – > > > 100% innocent ..!!! ! Of 131 journalists covering the MJ Trial… ONLY William called it correct. And he was the only JOURNALIST who was NOT paid to be there for 5 full months. That is Dedication to the Truth. Thanks to William Wagener… from all those who love truth.

  18. They should open it as a museum and allow tours thru the property. Maybe even put the rides back and open it as a theme park again.

  19. How did you get in?!
    I’ll be flying over it in June! So excited, even when I know there is not much left

  20. Very beautiful but its extremely sad because Michael was no longer there. Greedy money hungry jealous monsters people sabotaged Michael for fake allegations. Long Live King of Pop. Angel of Music of All Ages. May your purest beautiful soul sorround the Earth. I'm your new fan. I can say your voice, your music, your legacy will always be remember, respected, influence people throughout generations. 😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯😘🙏#MJJ #oneandonly #brilliant #hiStory #incomparable #legend #invincible

  21. Wasn't that the real Neverland but they put a big
    Mansion on the island so they could destroy Neverland 😡

  22. Looking at the place from the satellite imagery on Google Maps, it looks dead. When Michael died, this place died with him. There's no soul or life in the land anymore.

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