17 thoughts on “Michelle Kwan 關穎珊 (USA) – 1997 Skate America, Ladies’ Free Skate

  1. Maybe, if she didn't have any injuries. But still she performed better than other figure skaters. Other figure skaters have consistency problems.

  2. What I really liked about Michelle Kwan was the way she conducted herself. Very positive, and honest at the same time…and her skating was ethereal. I wish more people were like her.

  3. I love this. Michelle and I are the same age. I was in high school when I watched Michelle skate this program. So many memories.

  4. The criticism that I have is that I wished she would done another type of 3/3 instead of the 3toe/3toe. I think she would have more credit I believe and she could have put the 3toe at the end if she didn't make it.

  5. It's kinda' annoying that the commentators keep talking & showing clips while they're announcing her scores. They need to stop as soon as they're announced.

  6. I think something was hard in her family – pressure or something. Tara, Kristi had super happy supportive families and such joy. Anyway hope all these yrs later, and even divorced, I hope she is so happy ..

  7. Her solid foundation created a lot of opportunities for other American skaters … to even surpass her each Olympics. Behind each gold Olympic during those years … was Michael Kwan.

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