Mini-Motorcycle?! | DOPE or NOPE?

Mini-Motorcycle?! | DOPE or NOPE?

Go! [ree]Oh, he missed! False start, false start! He was just doing this so he could just test it out a little bit. Get a feel for it. *super awesome music* What’s going on guys welcome to another Dope or Nope. where I look at a product and I decide Whether it’s dope or nope , and actually you guys help me decide too because at the end of this video There’s going to be a little poll. So I’ll let you know what to do then so you can decide whether its dope or nope now. So today’s product is something that you’ve been waiting for and I know you have because in a past video I said this, It’s like four hundred dollars guys please and we will buy this and ride it around for your enjoyment and honestly my enjoyment I want to review it I asked you to like that video to show interest if I should get this product and make a dope or nope and you guys SMASHED! that like button literally two hundred and seventeen thousand likes that means today We’re taking a look at this dope product or actually I don’t know. It’s dope yet. I’m not biased Today’s product is the extreme. Oh, this is actually different was at Walmart right it was a Walmart But it was too much about having Walmart’s a pain in the butt okay, so it’s almost identical okay oh slightly different color Extreme powers us electric power mini pocket bike ebike motorcycle 36 bolt right on blue look at this thing See it looks like it looks like a little toy It looks like something that you would just put on your shelf doesn’t it no like the way. I don’t know it Just looks very strange. I don’t know I don’t know you know ideal for driveway and parking lot for kid Driveway you have enough maneuverability to ride around on a driveway with this Was a hiccup look at all the different styles dude These must be popular products have been making 80 different styles my question is why the heck did you buy blue? It’s your colour, it’s your Team Edge color. It’s my Team Edge color but it’s not my favourite color! B: SORRY! Black is Cuz I’m dead inside :l 74 pounds is it really that heavy? OH MAMA CITA! MAMA CITA! Oh my gosh guys, bro. There’s a dirtbike version. oh, no, you know What’s up guys? You know what’s happening? You know what’s coming right? Now dude. It’s another like to buy Is the like to buy all right. Dude look how expensive that one is! Ah! Ah? That’s some pennies guys that’s depending who wants to see me. Go off some dirt jumps with this puppy Jumps, I know dude get some dirt. It’s like the most abundant thing on the planet no planet made of dirt You can’t find me some dirt other than thirst Yeah, hundred Thirty thousand likes because I have to really know you guys want to see this okay? I have to really know you want to see it Okay, hundred Thirty thousand likes will buy this will make a video okay, but anyways let’s stay focused Let’s stay focused guys add to cart can I get a standing ovation? I’m about to show you something really dope check it out Alright Brian bring it out Bring it in baby. Look at this It’s a video camera right here wait Let me show let me do this the top camera you guys think it’d do that. Which smells like a regular horse. I’m your knight Brian’s realistically my office here is it vegas like a driveway don’t tell her you try writing as Soon as you said that You know I have to try for science for size if you want to suit up first you got you the status Let’s do that, bro Here’s your man It actually comes with a key. Oh it comes with a key dude right here. There’s a key Do that actually? Turn it on I have expected to like hear like an engine sound but I forgot it’s electric There is a gas third one wrong another Like to Buy? I think so we’ll do it in a future video, but We’re having a little army a vehicle What we have to test to see is this one even works is that this one’s a nope then maybe we don’t want to do Our guard. Do maybe we do You don’t know guys. We don’t know everything open to go. I’m going to turn the key right now and turn the key oh You see that right here these lights turn on Max min, and you know that’s just battery power So this is a battery power indicator these are bump brakes and rear brakes wow. That’s just Did that to the drinking that is a disc brake? I’m the press is on the other side on the back You have another disc brake right here. Hey I? Didn’t carry this we almost there It’s no joke real quick what I’m going to do right here on our roads is right now on start off slow Wow looks a lot like the change of your lane, Crayon vibe you think oh My gosh, this is so awkward It got some kick to do it powerful. So you can’t really see oh No way my eyebrows right way, dude. It doesn’t turn it you leave bro. You leave oh You just built this that don’t free yeah. There’s no way you’re writing this thing on a driveway Oh, I guess the real thing to do now right test it in some bigger space Maybe invest in can also Well first, I’m going to do is doing maneuverability test your ability test that awkward to thing I’m going to take it through and see how well I can maneuver this thing and then I’m going to bring some crew mates out from High Five studios here what are we going to see see who is who can who can complete the racetrack fastest who can who can be the Fastest on the mini bike who we bringing out cantering gunner tanner and gunner and the bolts from wreck Mystery Channel check it out link up there, but before that. I’ll set this out baby, ramit helmet helmet Oh, yeah, helmet duh what the heck dude dude. You look so awesome Dude, you look so far the other I said used to stop Brian don’t make fun of me. It’s hurtful Huh? whoa Okay, okay This thing goes fast But it hurts my no-no spot. Full speed ahead It’s relatively maneuverable. I don’t think you can move over this inside of a Driveway oh geez because you can’t really go slow However brakes work great speed pretty fast probably as fast as I want to go on a bike But now set up a course and bring Gunner around here This is Gunner. He’s from that mystery channel we talking ’bout called REKT. It check it out right there now, Bryan, walk us through the course this is the course we’re going to be racing this Little Pocket, Bike ooh Is it gas or is it electric? M : Its electric. B : We’re a green, we’re a green company man. M: Yeah dude, what the heck. G: My bad! I think I’d be burning fossil fuels like a troglodyte. I do. If you start. That’s your starting gate You must make it through here. You loop You dig your weave. Oh, no, you come all the way around you have to come back. Have you been fighting a cold? You know I’m like a smoker. Yeah Okay, gunner. I’m Gonna. Go first gets it Wanna go. Oh really What the heck ah I’m doing a pebble wise head here without landing, I’m buy-in here ah Leave bro. Leave I can do it. It’s too risky wait. Where do I put a loop back over here? You guys won’t know until the very end helmet up. I have hip issues So hip issue. Oh yeah, that’s right. I can’t even I’m gonna have to write it like this Okay, that’s why you’re going to lose right? Yeah. He’s already making excuses go oh There you go there you go. Oh my God. Yeah, I’ve got some punch for sure dude ah so he’s taking a ride. Oh Now I got it. Oh my gosh me oh Loose on this thing. Oh this came with this game lose so hold on little intermission to fix it Alright, you gonna talk two times brian yeah? I already did so I already put the hard thing it We’re getting down here. Wait here. No dude. Does it matter? Doesn’t matter you want to be advertised me No We’re not and you’re already falling apart like you’re mess, bro Gunner after you rode this yeah how to feel for it and everything for her family Yeah, have you heard from bo how much you think I pay for it okay? Um I think 400 oh Yeah, is that please dixie? Oh hey today? Yeah, did knowing all that how operated how it hurt you jobber. No, I would say No, yeah, I would say dope because I really like motorized things I’m like going really fast even though this isn’t really that fast, but I like motorcycles do by the look of it It seems like you’ve never ridden one Okay Relax okay, it’s been a while This is tanner from wrecked as well So the idea here is whoever makes it on this course the fastest wind go through here around that last one Interweave go back around interweave, and then come back to here you ready I guess Yeah, you need a helmet dawg. Do your gunners got a small head well, you’re wearing a hat, bro Oh, wait what I what is this all right? Oh, dad. There is your way this is safe. Look at my knees They’re already outside of the entire. I have to put my hands like underneath big day Look brother your pegs are right here. You’re right. Oh Alright now go False start he was just doing this so he could test it out a little bit. I’m not feel for it go Oh my God, bro this guy’s booking it Slows down to a crawl You run your suit on the grass over here dude way, oh Big turn your bet yeah, dig it in oh? I miss it where I made it I mean you miss it you miss a column which is your heads are sloppy turn. Come on. Come on. Come back come back home Come on, baby. Come back home you Got a break you know, I’d never walk through the grave. Yeah. Oh, dude. That is a hip killer. That’s where children danny. I’m at How much do you think is worth? I’m gonna guess $4.99 usD 365 steal so is it Dope or no after you run it and everything Anybody’s Gonna be like an hour long here Let me start off with this so let me tell you how it was born and then we’ll go into it no I think if you’re over 63 before there’s no way this would go probably my like I’m six-three, but like my joint still hurt, and I wrote this like a few minutes ago So maybe that’s not also drink soda at every meal, but has something to do with government job or no, it’s dope in last place with the time of 42 plus seconds, maybe more Beano and really crossed the finish line Gunnar I Really? Gonna you got last place a little motocross racer came and lasted both. I’m worried because I feel like It wasn’t even close to ladies jump. Oh my old In first place the time with 28 seconds in second place with 35 seconds stop America. No, I won’t go No, way, are you? Through this I think those big turn matty did well y’all be here. Thank you Joe can I said dope I say don’t? Good guys before we before we do the final go for no new guys decide click that info card right there You can vote right now is a dope or is it no see this thumbnail right there that is a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy so click it let’s find out if youtube is right, we’ll see you over there High-five

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