Misty Progressions On Skis

Misty Progressions On Skis

This tutorial will get you comfortable
with the Misty axis by breaking down the Barrel Roll into the Misty
Progression. Begin by doing a side roll on flat ground. Start with your chest
down, keeping your vision on the ground. Rock off one foot and roll sideways so
your back is parallel with your starting position, keeping your legs up while on
your back. Use the momentum of dropping your leg sideways to roll onto your feet,
being sure you land facing the same way you started. Hop on the tramp and warm up
with some basic backdrops. When you’re ready,
begin by facing sideways keeping your eyes on the center cross, piking your
chest forward. Jump sideways while raising your feet into that backdrop
position. Using the momentum of the roll and the rebound off the tramp, drop your
legs in the natural direction of the roll to bring your chest back to the
starting position. Keep practicing this until you’re confident enough to have a
go with the Tramp Skis strapped in. It is important to get a feel for how the
swing weight of the skis pulls through the axis. A Misty 540 is essentially an
off-axis forward rotating 540 spin. To achieve a Misty progression, start
first with Misty Rolls on the ground. Start by piking your chest forward,
looking at the center. As you roll, look under the shoulder towards your spin
direction. Add a 90 degree spin into that side roll axis and a 90 spin off your
back, landing the opposite way you started. This is not a flip. If your butt
goes over your head like a front roll at any point, it isn’t a Misty Roll. Repeat
this step on the tramp beginning with your feet wide, just in front of the
center cross. Set first, then drop your shoulder almost like throwing a downward
punch while you pike your hips up. Jump forward while spinning 90 degrees
landing perpendicular to the trampoline to achieve a Misty drop to your back.
Landing past perpendicular means the progression was set too flippy. Landing
under perpendicular likely means it was under set. Rebound off your back drop by
dropping your legs and carrying your vision over your shoulder to spin 90
out, landing the opposite way you started to achieve a Misty roll out. Practice the
Misty drop to Misty Rollouts for a full Misty progression until they are very
natural and rolling out easily to 540. It is important to strap on the Tramp Skis
to get a more realistic feel of how the swing weight through the axis has
changed. Off your backdrop make sure you flex the nose of your skis upward so you
don’t catch the tips of your skis on the tramp. Practice the progressions both
ways to improve your confidence with this particular axis. This tutorial was
filmed at Whistler Bounce. I’m Kallisa Lolos from Ski Addiction, helping you ski

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  1. Probably to the easiest way to learn this trick I've ever seen! Sad thing is you gotta pay for these simple tips anywhere else!

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