66 thoughts on “Moore rides away after voting: ‘You get in my way, you’ll get run over’

  1. BOOM! Roy Moore voters are ADVANCING & coming to the polls by the hundreds.. [5-to-1] to crooked jones… Keep it up Alabama! KEEP VOTING FOR ROY MOORE!!!

  2. I hate these anti American chichenshit reporters. Row needs to take the left wing madonna snowflakes to court and put them under oath where thay can be throad in jail when there caught lying .

  3. To the horse those people looked like they had weapons aimed at him. Riders are blunt when they are mounted, so they tend to be blunt if they ride much. Wanna get run down, crowd a mounted horse. They can panic and hurt, even kill people. But Moore doesn't look like he ever had one formal riding lesson in his life which makes the possibility even higher.

  4. Dislike the guy immensely, but I did like his statement at the beginning at the video.  His horse was about 1/2 second from throwing him lol

  5. Okay, so now that the election is over… People, don't crowd a horse. While in general Sassy (the horse) looked pretty well behaved, you never know and if the rider is not the most proficient, there is always some small risk. Horses are flight animals and their natural reaction is to run. Can't really imagine what Sassy was thinking with all the people aiming cameras and everything else at her, but, I can understand a horse, particularly if she is not used to crowds of non-horse people around her, being nervous.
    And sorry folks, no matter what your politics, Moore does not appear to know how to handle a horse. Riding is a little like ballroom dancing. You give your partner a cue and then move with them to make it easy for them to follow the cue. The way he jerks the horse around just makes a mess of it. It creates resistance and fear on the part of the horse. My take is she is trying to please the rider, and getting nervous because she doesn't know what he wants.
    I suppose "you'll get run over" is a politician's way of saying "I don't know what I am doing".

  6. You cannot make this shit up. Get run over by Roy's horse is equal to Grandpa getting runned over by a reindeer. Hillbillies. God love'em.

  7. Poor horse. It's clear he doesn't know how to ride it, and now he's been banned from another mall…the Washington Mall!
    Bye for good, bitch!

  8. LOL, judge Moore maybe you should not have told people to vote their "conscience", and maybe you would have won…great advice…..also don't threaten to run over people… That's not very Christian like. hehehe.

  9. I laughed so hard when I first saw him ride in on his horse. What a little twerp he is. He and his wife probably took a quick lesson in horse back riding before he rode off to the poles. I also doubt they've worn hats like that before. LMAO!! Thanks for the laugh

  10. Now that he lost maybe PBR is hiring ex politicians turned pedophiles for the rodeo snort

    Bye bye cowboy. Take your horse, your ten gallon hat and fuck off all the way to Venus for all I care

  11. If you were feeling kind you would say ignorant, incompetent who should never get on a horse more truthfully a cruel animal abuser who should not be allowed near a horse is more accurate.

  12. The bit is too low in the horses mouth, then the moron rips the pintos face off without knowledge or care. Right there he's not eligible for being elected the chief dog shit shoveling guy. All we needed was Hollywood to insert some fake horse whinny noises like they always do. I think Alabama needs a wall around it for all the shitferbrains that actually voted for this asshole. When people ride like this I want to beat the fuck out of them.

  13. This douchebag feels more confident between the legs of a fourteen year old girl, than on the back of a horse….what a freakshow.

  14. I'm 14 and even I can correct that man on his riding skills. First off, his reins are way too long and that will cause the horse to go way too fast. Second, the horse is obviously spooked and he still continues riding. If a horse is spooked, you need to say 'woah' because it kind of tells the horse to slow down and just wait until the horse is calm. That's just sad that I'm not even an adult and I can correct this guy.

  15. I've seen several news items which feature Moore attempting to show off by riding, and the man shouldn't be permitted anywhere near a horse. Outside of the fact that he simply can't ride worth a damn and looks ridiculous, he jerks those poor animals' mouths around viciously with what appear to be severe bits. Believe me, any horse he rides is in mouth pain – so in addition to making a fool of himself with his extremely poor riding, he's actually abusing his horses. It's impossible to respect a man who treats animals so badly. And in public, no less, as though it's something he's proud of….! (I make these statements based upon many, many years of professional experience with horse training and showing and instructing horsemanship classes, and they are not in any manner politically motivated).

  16. within minutes there was a hashtag #Free Sassy. I don't know how serious it was, but some people were upset, saying he was not riding her correctly, was causing her pain with the bit. To me she looked awfully small to have been carrying a man that size such a distance. Wonder how Sassy is.

  17. Bad form. Harsh (and I'm talkin HARSH) bit with a ton of torque and pressure. He literally turns the horse by tearing his arm directly to the back of the saddle. His arms are flying everywhere, tearing that horses head around with in INCREDIBLY painful bit. His riding lacks such skills he's sliding everywhere in his saddle and flailing his arms. The horse has no clear direction, just correction by immense pressure. The horse was in so much pain, poor thing.

  18. Obviously spent more time being a predator of young girls in shopping malls than he did riding horses. Idiot then, now an unemployed idiot! LOSER.

  19. This dude doesn't know how to ride AT ALL. He shouldn't even be AROUND horses bruh. 1:25! HE"S LITERALLY RIPPING THE HORSES;S FACE OFF!!! WHAT AN IDIOT, I HOPE THIS GUY GETS BUCKED OFF AND BREAKS A BONE

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