Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson

Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson

– What’s up, Elite THENX
athletes, this is Chris. We’re out here in LA so you know I had to pop up on the homie. – My G, what’s the deal it’s Boo Johnson. – We’re at Boo Johnson’s place and I’m gonna drop in on his morning routine. We’re gonna see how you
get them six pack abs, bro. I see you flexing on
the gram, let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Boo, what’s the morning routine that you got for us today? – So this is gonna be a HIIT workout, we gonna be burning fat on this session. Each exercise is gonna be 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off. Alright you guys, come on. Let’s get it. – [Chris] Yo, you ready? – Yep.
– [Chris] Let’s do it brother. – [Boo] First move, see the in and outs. – [Chris] Let’s go for it. (intense music) See you got that full range of motion Boo. You’re doing that perfect, man. – I’ve been practicing. – You got the endurance
from all that skating. – Lower body strength. – Does it help a lot when you skate? – It does dude, to be honest man, this is why I like doing
this in the morning. Getting the day going, you feel me? You mind if it takes a little bit? I gotta take some time off. Sometimes I don’t finish
that for the full 45 seconds. But yeah, next move. High plank to low plank. – [Chris] Let’s do it. (intense music) – Damn Boo, so If I do
your morning routine, am I going to turn into a pro skater too? – It might just happen. (laughing) Dreams do come true. – Hell yeah bro. – But at the moment I’m
trying to get like you. (laughing) – [Chris] What’s the next move? – [Boo] Um, plank knee to elbow. – [Chris] Let’s do it, I’m
trying to keep up with you man. Ready? Lets go for it. Damn, so all the skaters
watching right now, pay close attention. If you’re trying to skate right, you’ve got to start your morning right. – You’ve got to skate right,
you’ve got to get it right. – What? That’s mountain jewel right there. (intense music) – [Chris] Woo. I’m definitely
feeling the burn right now. Oh shoot. – Urgh, damn. – Still going, still going,
You’re killing it man. You got any ollies in
this routine right here? – Ah nah, maybe in the next session. – Do you skate like that though? – Nah, not really dude. I just really get out there and have fun. – Whoa, that’s so dope. – [Boo] Alright, we’ve got Russian twists. – [Chris] Let’s do it! (intense music) – Your endurance is crazy man. You’ve been doing this for a minute, huh? – This is actually like three months in. – Oh really? That’s crazy. What were you doing before this? – Uh shit, riding my bike on
the beach path to be honest. – No way, that’s it? – And skateboarding. I feel like skateboarding is
already like full on exercise. – Hell yeah, mad true man, so true. I feel like anyone that’s
skating and working out, they’re gonna get that
extra aesthetic-ness and endurance just from skating alone. Because when you’re
skating you’re doing it for like hours and like jumping around. – Dude, you never know how long you’ll be in the streets for. – [Chris] Exactly. What’s the next move? – [Boo] Um, we got leg raises. – [Chris] Lets do it. (upbeat music) – So this is how you get
that Boo Johnson six-pack? I’ve seen you flexing on the gram bro. – I’m not going to lie
where I got it from. Daily routines man. – What? That’s amazing, bro. That’s crazy bro, you’re probably an inspiration for a lot of people out there, man I’m trying to get shredded like you! – Stop it. Ya’ll know this guy. – Woo. Speaking of the gram man, you’re always so positive bro, every single day. You got like ten original
positive quotes a day bro. – Ahh yeah, I know. – You guys want some positivity
then follow this man. What’s the next move? – [Boo] We got chair sit ups actually. – [Chris] Oh shoot. Lets do it. (intense music) Ah, this is the last one? – [Boo] Last one. – [Chris] This is the
burnout, this’ll be killer. Oh yeah. – You’ve gotta really work that. – Yeah, this is crazy
putting this at the end. Switch arms. Damn. Alright bro, so I tried
to keep up with you man. – Nah man, I tried to keep up with you. – How much is the whole routine? – One of three. – That’s crazy, so we’ve
got three more rounds to go. So you normally do a
routine like this everyday? – Yeah, at least three
times a week to be honest. – Do you do any mobility
or stretching after that? – Yeah I do a lot of stretching. I usually have the foam roller on deck. I like mixing working
out and yoga, you know? You’ve gotta feel it. You get stiff if you’re trying to skate. – Facts, especially if you lift
weights and stuff like that, you can build that lactic acid, and you can feel that stiffness, especially if you’re trying to make gains. I see you on the gram bro, you’re always on the bike too man, that’s some mad cardio right? – Yeah cardio is so necessary. With skating you never know how long it’s going to take you to land a trick, so I’ve gotta be prepared
for going back and forth. – I see on the gram that you were in Hawaii a couple days ago, or something like that. – I was. Yeah I was up
there with Weedmaps, for the outdoor shootout,
for the surf contest. It was sick. All the boys hit the street,
just hit a couple parks. – [Chris] Damn, crazy right. Hawaii is on my bucket list bro. That’s crazy, so where
did you grow up anyway? – I grew up in a little town in Tehachapi, most of my life I grew
up in Long Beach though. So you know that’s where
I got my character from. – [Chris] Yeah, Cali vibes. I was thinking that, cause like I said man, this guys is like one of the most positive people I’ve ever
seen on the gram bro, you have like crazy positive
shit like all the time. – [Boo] Thank you, I appreciate that. – I follow you like mainly, not just for that, but like that’s the main
show I love about you man. – [Boo] Thank you, I try to
give that inspiration off. You know, this world’s crazy, there’s a lot of mad shit going out there, so I just try to push love and positivity, and try motivate people just like you bro. – [Chris] So how did you – [Boo] I’ve seen one
video of you skating. – [Chris] What? I’m honored bro. – Dude, honestly skating
just came, you know? I grew up in a big family, and we all were like
the Rocket Power kids, skateboarding, bicycling. I think skateboarding just stuck to me, it was something that I felt free doing. I didn’t have a coach
telling me what to do. What I was able to learn on the board was between me and the board you know? No one else was going to top me. – Bro that’s what I
love about skateboarding is like it teaches you to become a person that just kinda figures it out. There’s no real instructions
to become a pro, man. Yo, I thought I was gonna become pro when I was like twelve years old. – Yeah. – That’s crazy! (laughing) – Yeah I thought so too but years later, you know, dreams do come true. Things just happen, you know? Things fall into place,
laws of attraction, all of that stuff. – Hell yeah. So speaking to that, what’s it like being a pro skater bro? – I think it’s made me into
the person that I am now. – [Chris] That’s crazy. – You know to travel, and be able to see how this world works in different cultures
and different countries, and it grew me up quick man. It was like the biggest
blessing I could ever have. I think traveling is probably the biggest thing that someone could do on this world. To be able like travel
and see how others live, it opens your mind so much
and really grounds you because there’s a lot going on out there. You come back to places like this, and you’re like ‘man I’m so appreciative’. – Bro, facts. I say that same thing when
I come back to Miami bro. – A lot of people don’t
cherish the little things, and I think that’s what
traveling will do to you. – It’s the little things that follow you for the rest of your life bro. So you’re on this workout tip now, what’s your diet like? – My thing in the
morning is rainbow juice. I wake up, go get a shot of ginger, a shot of wheatgrass, and I usually get two cold pressed juices. And that holds me off until
lunch, sometimes dinner. Then I have a nice dinner plate, you know. – [Chris] So what’s on that plate? – That plate’s usually chicken, broccoli, maybe some mashed potatoes, but chicken and broccoli, that’s what I like. – Yeah me too bro. Would you say that you’re on a surplus? Or a deficit? And do you count calories at all, or no? – To be honest I don’t count my calories. – You’re skating bro. – You know I’m just like
burning so much bullshit, I don’t even know, I’m just like, it comes in and it comes out. But I definitely like, this year, I’ve been like really trying. – Bro that’s why it’s
important to have you on here, because I try to bring
skateboarding onto my vlog because I really do
believe that skateboarding is like literally one of the best cardios. It’s also one of the best
high intensity training, like there’s so much benefits
that come from skateboarding. It helps with your critical thinking. – It’s very mental, you know I’m stoked that you noticed that because that’s like one thing
that skateboarding does. – Well there you go, Boo Johnson’s morning routine right here, we’re going to finish up this routine. Check out the homie on Instagram, check out his YouTube channel if you wanna follow up more with his diet, workout routine, and skating routine, your whole life bro, because that shit is crazy vibes man. Imma be checking that out. – All love, peace and love bro. – Hell yeah. We’re going to wrap up
this workout routine, and then after if you’re down bro lets go skate. – [Boo] Yeah lets go. – [Chris] It would be an honor bro. – [Boo] Yeah, a dope
partner to skate with. – [Chris] Hell yeah. So if you guys wanna
check out our skate sesh, I’ll be posting it over
on my vlog channel. We’ll catch you guys over there. Boo, you got any last words?
Some last words to live by? – Um, at the end of the day, all you guys just have fun worldwide. (upbeat music)

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