Most Amazing PLACES TO SWIM In The World!

Most Amazing PLACES TO SWIM In The World!

One of the most relaxing activities one can
do is go for a swim! And more often than not, every city and village
have their own favourite swimming spots. Sometimes in a river, sometimes in a canal,
but one thing that is for certain is that these are usually the best places in town. We have compiled the list of the best places
to swim in the world! 23. Ik Kil. If you ever fancy a dip in a place that looks
straight out of a fantasy movie set, the Ik Kil in mexico is the spot for you. It is also one of the most secluded spots
in the world, and there is a perfectly circular pit with waterfalls and awesome greenery surrounding
it! The water is actually 85 metres from the surface,
and you have to go through some rough steps to get to it, but it is definitely worth the
effort! 22. Maldives. This small country is basically a group of
1192 islands! And even though only 192 of them are inhabited,
there is no dearth of awesome swimming spots in the country! The water around Maldives is one of the clearest
in the world and there is a vast reef wildlife there as well which makes it a great place
for snorkelling, scuba diving and of course swimming! 21. Krka Natural Park. As soon as you take a step into the Krka Natural
park in Croatia, you will probably think that it is man made! There are many small waterfalls here which
look as if they have been put there intentionally, but all of the beauty at the park is natural! The gush of the water over the waterfall is
an enticing sight and the pool at the bottom is a wonderful place for a swim! 20. Crater lake. If you don’t mind a little physical activity
before a dip, the crater lake is an extremely good option to try out. Entering this lake requires a steep 1 mile
trek and what you get after that is a large circular pool which is actually breath taking. The visibility here has been measured to 43.3
metres, and is among the deepest in the world! 19. Menorca. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and
pine tree covered hills. You would really have to extremely choosy
to not fall in love with Menorca is Spain. Even the weather here is inviting as it is
warm throughout the year and the bays of Macarella and Macareletta are the best places to visit
here for a dip in the water! 18. Manly Beach. The best thing about this place is the view
that are on offer just to reach it! The Mnaly beach in Sydney, Australia is accessible
by a ferry which directly passes the Opera House and offers a great view of the majestic
Sydney harbour bridge! And when you do reach the Manly beach, there
are soft sands, amazing water and scenic sunsets awaiting you. Going for a swim here is an absolute pleasure
although it is also known for surfing as well! Not to mention just lazing around on the beach
with that beer in hand! 17. Chena Hot Springs. Located in Alaska where temperatures are usually
freezing, any hot spring would obviously be a very welcome relief. And the Chena hot springs are just that while
being extremely scenic at the same time. The water is also known for its healing power
and to add to the awesomeness, the Aurora is visible here for 200 nights in the year! 16. Blue Lagoon. There is probably nothing more relaxing in
the world than sitting in a warm pool in chilly weather! And the blue lagoon in Iceland offers just
that with the added benefit of healing skin ailments as the water contains sulphur and
silica as well! The temperatures in the water remain at a
very enticing 98-102 degrees, making it a perfect spot to just chill with your loved
ones! 15. To Sua Trench. If exotic is the way you do things then this
will be right up your alley! Located in Samoa, the To Sua Trench is basically
a big hole in the ground with water. Which makes it one of the most unique places
to swim in the world. You actually have to go down a 30 metre ladder
to reach the water from the surface, unless you prefer to dive of course! 14. Devil’s Pool. If you ever got a chance to go swimming in
one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, could you say no? Devil’s pool is a part of Victoria Falls
in Zimbabwe and if you love adventure, then it is definitely the place for you. While the waters are usually very rough for
swimming, between September and December it is safe enough for swimming. And, just inches from the waterfall’s drop
off is the devil’s armchair, where you can actually position yourself so as to not fall
off the waterfall and get one of the greatest views ever! Not to mention the photos! 13. Dead Sea. The dead sea in Jordan is an amazing place
to swim for even those who do now know how to! The density of the water is so much that everyone
floats here naturally and you can even sit on the surface! The shore is also 1,385 feet below the sea
level, which makes it one of the lowest points on Earth! But you might want to hurry though as the
Dead sea may in fact disappear in some time! 12. Jenny lake. Located in the Grand Teton national park in
Wyoming, the jenny lake is a massive one, measuring over 1191 acres and is 423 feet
deep! It is also extremely old and was created by
glaciers about 12000 years ago! The lake is perfect for swimming with a view
of the peaks of the Treton range and there are also other activities like hiking and
boating that you can undertake here! 11. Panari Island. Part of the Yaeyama island in japan, the beaches
in the Panari islands are absolutely breath taking. The water is very blue and the area is full
of marine life as well. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself
swimming with the fish here! Also, the marine life and coral life are on
par with the Barrier reef which makes it a great place to scuba dive as well! 10. Lake Tahoe. The largest alpine lake in North America and
the 27th largest lake in the world. Those are the distinctions that Lake Tahoe
in Nevada holds and that obviously makes it one of the greatest places to go for a swim! The water is clear here and there is a great
view of the mountains to be had from the water! 9. Matira Beach. Imagine water being so inviting, that hotels
here actually have the option of diving into the water straight from the rooms. Located in bora bora in French Polynesia,
the matira beach is exceptionally beautiful and it is hard to stay away from the water. Although the area does have sharks and sting
rays, so being a little careful doesn’t hurt! Unless you are scuba diving looking for them
of course. 8. Hanauma Beach. This lovely beach in the Hawaii islands has
very clear waters because there are no rivers or streams flowing out form it. Plus, there are beaches where there are miles
of white coral sand to give the waters a surreal feel! Not to mention there are tree covered hills
as well so that pretty much makes the view simply amazing! 7. Culebra island. Located in Puerto Rico, the beaches in the
Culebra island are well protected which results in a very thriving marine life! Hundreds of species of tropical fish can be
found here and it is simply an awesome experience to swim with them! 6. Sardinia – Located on the western coast
of Italy along the Mediterranean, Sardinia has not been discovered by many tourists as
yet. That makes for a great spot to swim as there
is not much congestion and the beaches offer a stunning view of the mountains. The water is turquoise here and that pretty
much makes any swimmer want to go out and have a great time here in the midst of granite
rock formations! 5. Havasu Falls. This is actually a surprise as it is located
in the Arizona desert and it is actually an oasis to escape the hot weather of the desert. But getting to it is not easy as you either
have to take a helicopter ride or a 10 mile hike with pack mules. But once you do get there, it is an absolutely
refreshing sight with the waterfall and the red hills! 4. Heaven Lake. Considering that it is the highest crater
lake in the world at an altitude of 7182 feet, the lake has a pretty apt name! it is surrounded
by beautiful rock formations and the water itself is pretty pleasing to the eye. And going for a swim here is an experience
to cherish for a lifetime as you are on top of the world, quite literally! 3. Sliding Rock. Considering that one of the greatest draws
of water parks are the slides, there is no surprise really that the sliding rock in North
Carolina is a very popular spot for tourists. There is a natural 60 feet slide over very
smooth rock which ends in an icy cold mountain swimming hole. The thrill you get here has actually no words
to describe it! 2. Playa Flamenco Beach. If you like a side of adventure with your
swim, the Playa Flamenco beach should really interest you. Located 20 miles off the Puerto Rico mainland,
this gem of a place as once a pirate hide-out! So when laying down on the beach, a bottle
of rum would definitely not go amiss! The white beaches and pristine waters are
very inviting and the best part is that it is not really a very popular tourist destination
as yet and you can enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the area as well! 1. Pupu Springs. The last name of this list is actually an
anomaly because swimming is actually banned here! Located in New Zealand, the reason is that
the local Maori people consider it sacred but that does not take away the fact that
the waters in the lake are very inviting for a swim! The water in the Pupu Springs is supposed
to be the clearest spring water in the world and it is easy to spot the plants inside the
water from the surface! Not to mention the beautiful tree lined slopes
that make it an exquisite view! Do you want to go for a swim after the video? We do! And if you have ever had the experience of
going for a swim in any of these location do let us know how it was in the comments
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