Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Why don’t you show everybody how that door opens. Go ahead. Do that again. You got it, you got it. What’s going on folks. Jon episode three from Trinidad, Cuba. And today we’re going to check out the beach for the first time. Vamos a la playa. And we just negioated a taxi for 7 for 3 people. I’ve just found out that we are in a russian taxi. that is 37 years old. Wow. And the Russian car has overtaken the American car. We rented 3 beach chairs and the umbrella for 7 CUC About 7 dollars. I am walking along the beach right now. At playa maria aguilar. And I was at another beach called playa ancon. A couple of days ago. This one feels so much less touristy. So much more private. There’s a little restaurant attached. I think this is going to be a great afternoon. I’ve never felt so isolated from the outside world until I traveled to Cuba. I check the internet maybe once a day for 15 minutes. I have to pay for it. It reminds me of the days when I was kid and I’d have to log onto aol. Using the internet is an activity here. It’s not something you’re always connected to. And I think you’ve really got to think about. If you can handle these kinds of frustrations. Being in Cuba. Can you survive without having the internet around 24/7. The customer service here is not very good either. They lack a lot of supplies. Not an easy place to travel. But I think the people here totally make it worth it. They have so much patience. They’re so optimistic. I’m going to quote my Spanish teacher Juani. She said “No hay unas problemas. Solamente soluciones.” Their aren’t problems only solutions. This might be the best located restaurant in all of Cuba as far as I’m concerned . Right next to this gorgeous beach. I’m starving right now, let’s check out what they’ve got inside. I think this fish was alive like two hours ago. One thing I defiintley recommend you do if you do visit Cuba is bring some gifts or small artifacts for wherever you’re from. I was actually talking to this older guy before. He was super nice so i’m about to give him this postcard of the flatiron building in New York City. I’ve brought a bunch of postcards with me. I’ve given them to some of the people i’ve stayed with already. I really do recommend that you do the same. If you come to Cuba because They’re very cut off from the outside world here. And if you can give them a piece of where you’re from. They’ll appreciate it a lot. Gearing up for what should be a pretty incredible sunset. Beautiful isn’t it. Amazing. Well i’ve certainly seen worse sunsets in my life. I don’t even know the name of this beach. I’ve heard two different names. Playa Grille. Because it’s next to a bar and grill. And then there was another name from before which Iforgot. You can figure out where it is based on the restaurant if you hit the rewind button a little bit. Awesome beach, definitley the best beach experience I’ve had in Cuba. This shows me why their are so many resorts on this island. This is video number 3 in the Cuba series. So definitley like it, share it, subscribe for more adventures coming up. Be a part of where you go.Thanks for watchign.

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  1. This is episode 3 in the Cuba Vlog series. Be sure to subscribe ( and hit the bell icon to get notified of new vlogs!

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  2. What a nice beach! I don't think i'd be able to be without internet for a long time. A week or so is fine, but more than that I'd start going crazy.

  3. I use to watch videos from my country and if they are in english much better because i's a good way to practice. Thanks for posting!!

  4. Heading there for ten days in late February. Plan on spending 3-4 days in Trinidad. Would you recommend staying in Trinidad or at LaBoca. also, most websites say plan on $100 per day budget – did you find that true?

  5. I'm heading to Cuba tomorrow and will be in Trinidad next week. So glad I found your video today as we planned to go to Playa Ancon but this seems like a much better choice. I've heard sand fleas and mosquitoes have been an issue at Playa Ancon early in the morning and come late afternoon. Since you stayed for the sunset did you have any problems at Playa Maria Aguilar?

  6. It's so good you are making an effort to speak Spanish. Makes the entire experience all that much more AUTHENTIC, does it not. I have been to Trinidad in 1983 and 2012 and I wish to return. Found the only 4LEAF CLOVER I have ever seen in my life in Trinidad when I was 18 !

  7. How does it feel to travel solo?? I have never done that before. I was planning a trip with my boyfriend to Cuba but his work won't let him take time off. I still want to go by myself but I'm a little scared! Is there lots to do or will I feel lonely? Hoping that it will be a safe place for a woman travelling alone… Thank you!

  8. So enjoying your Cuba series and learning a lot!  How did you travel from Havana to Trinidad and if I only have four night (5 days) in Cuba is it worth the trek?

  9. When I went to Cuba people were asking me for other items items which I give away and latter I find out that was illegal to do so.

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