[Music] what the a beginning stronger we have a 13 hour fly right now we’re headed to LAX so we can go to Japan we didn’t think things through and we brought way too much stuff what we have like three cases full of you race clothes and we don’t know what to do it went over the weight limit too much jackets on jackets on deck yes we’re good we’re good we’re good [Music] [Music] [Music] Jarell and edwin wanna try some japanese ramen so we’re gonna go find a ramen shop the best the tastiest the juiciest ramen ever do you guys ready for a juicy bite oh I thought I was better at this the whole way Steger shirt oh go yeah it’s not like a porn get out of here why packs [Music] I’m nothing in the photo [Music] future you 15 making me do a drill they don’t want to do that I just completely made them do it because I thought it’d be funny and put them in an awkward position everyone just stares because it is like really quiet out here compared to most places so whistles loud and obnoxious so they just stares that’s so funny the truth with you man stop forcing me to do this youtubers be like oh thank you I made it myself you niggas be yapping but under their breath man they talk today right and they talk today [Music] [Music] [Applause] I don’t know if you can hear me right now because look this place is super crowded but we’re in Shibuya right now and this is where we’re doing the mortar event so many people so blessed to be able to have this opportunity this is power records ooh this is legendary mortar skates shot we just draw all the clothes ha ha ha [Music] October 14th 8:00 p.m. I’ll put all the info on screen come down we have a bunch of clothes we have the erased us clothes and the Tokyo collab with Mordor we have everything ready I don’t know how many of you are from Japan so I’m a little nervous what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hang the clothes up there so you can see it but we’re gonna escape this ledge and manual paddle yeah let’s see how many of you come so excited we’re gonna be capturing at all I’d love to meet anyone who comes out here so I’d be much appreciated last time I came to Japan I spent like at least 20 to 30 bucks on these machines all that whole entire month I kept coming back and trying to win something we might be able to actually win something this time all right let’s do this [Music] take number two last time I came to Japan it was the most difficult thing just getting around I did not know how to speak Japanese couldn’t understand it whatsoever ordering food talking to people asking for directions that’s you know it’s the other way so me and drawl I’ve been studying using these audio tapes what that one is saying is miss llamada where are you going he said bitch where you going not exactly but yeah that’s pretty much what he said I I guess but yeah I’m going to Tokyo he said he was about date that’s awesome Swami good that’s not what he said I’m pretty sure that’s what he said we’ve been studying I did an 8 nigga did he not say to do it one more time play it hey play go hey play go nigga I’m out there Sasa Swami what hi yes I like it yes cool police box Oh tits nigga talking about the feds the train station is over there well ship you trying to get from mingle with the Long Beach you don’t have to trap to the blue line dude there is no blue line it is called Shinjuku Station Shinjuku you’re now in the hood anymore what’s the man you could take me out the hood but you can’t take this weight out of me what are you doing girl hello my wife who around all right have you stopped at the best place in the world okay you don’t name the place of the everything I give up the subs out here have the best meals it’s like real food out here see the trainer gyoza my favorite thing all right take gilze gyoza enjoys up goiz boy you it’s hard yeah I said goes– are the first time dude so how do you say it yo yo yo so we’re gonna get this eventually oh my gosh whatever let’s just move no one more one more time go it makes me very angry can you see this thing I don’t know but look bombs dude oh good dude there you go so good if you’re ever in Japan come to savvy using gyoza tell them that I sent you here [Music] they dress I just spent the days heating with Yuto again and it’s crazy to see the progress he’s made since last time the last video I made with them was called one of the best skaters in Japan in this video I’m gonna title one of the most famous skaters in Japan because this dude has been killing it he actually got in the Street League recently and like held his own against pros like the top pro skaters in the world he’s on his way there he’s am four blind are you am complying yeah he’s killing in the streets winning contests and he’s only going up from here so I wanna do like a little interview so I’m just gonna ask him a few questions he doesn’t speak too well of English so I’m gonna have like some subtitles under yes can understand what he’s saying next in rookie he’s not even pro he’s a MIT’s Utah whore ago made from Japan he’s looking like he’s a pro how old are you 18 haha he’s 18 damn he’s accomplished as much an 18 that’s respect how long have you been staying for 12 a year since he was four I noticed a lot of parents out here are really supportive about their kids skating or your parents like really supportive about it they like you skating my father in skater oh no way that’s sick see I’ve seen like little kids out here and their pairs are just watching them skate like a lot of parents at skate parks they’ll just leave their kid and do whatever like daycare you know it’s like sick to see one a dad or like mom is just super supportive and they watch over their kid and they like push them to get better and if you start young it does help a lot you to start when he was bored like your dad you said stated so do you think that’s like a reason you were able to get as good as you are today yeah I’m telling you dude like these Japan kids are just so insane I’ll show you guys some clips their skill level is just so high at such a young age because they’re not just riding around at the skate park their parents are making sure they’re like progressing learning new tricks every day what are your sponsors my sponsor is Brighton skateboards Nike SB to shove under very event a truck Nick star will be Ambani grand hey Margaret thousand sponsors 5,000 is like seven like what do you want to do present Matt with your stayed in ninety puck anytime anyone drops the video part for Nike it’s a big deal and he’s doing one right now that’s in said how is it standing Tokyo compared to skating in LA – fine we’re area yeah Japan parks I’m not saying they suck but there’s no Street Plaza type skate parks it’s crazy how he got this good here in Tokyo because honestly there’s not that many stairs here right no stairs there’s no rails like he went from skating small a in Tokyo he’s just jumping down Hollywood 16 not just proof if you practice like the core elements of skating just like the basics it’s like the same if you go big but you gotta have stuff dialed I wanted you guys to know a little bit more about Utah obviously I didn’t know much because I know he was 18 but I am gonna be here for two months so that means I’m gonna be out here skating in Tokyo every day and yuto’s not going back to the states until next year right yeah I want to make more videos with them comment down below or Yuto if you guys want to see me make more videos with Yuto because obviously this dude is extremely good at skating so it’d be tight to make more videos with them comment down below but yeah I think I’m gonna wrap up the video here you guys are new to this channel make sure to subscribe Yuto what’s your Instagram you hit the hardy ball man I’ll place it on screen right there oh yeah make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I’ll see you guys for the next video like I’m covering here that’s how I in my videos so if you’re new subscribe when I cover it it’s right there click on my face [Music]


  1. Cool, that you have done some like little researsh or anyway interwiev for other states (or country or lands, my english is poor too but respect for thing large/big) like Japan skating too. You would take a mission to take some trips around the world like Russia and Latin america and China. And compare those example United States, Kanadian, European or Australian style or how they goes with skate. Also at the same time you would be like journalist moment or two and solve if there are some difference at basics in minds of skaters around the world. Because when I look YouTube seems like almost everybody wants sponsors or so, but there in Finland we have also good skater, but really wery few talk about sponsors. I thinked earlier, that it was that when I was young the situation was that, but seem that everybody are as humle still than earlier. Skater try to get job there anyway and one local team have those own trademark, and sell example deck and beanies. But most interrested for me is what skating look like and what is the spirit around different corners the world and because my own location in North Europe, how those things are there in Finland, or next to us Sweden or Russia or nordic countries Norway or Denmark. I have heard Denmark have take skater and skate tourism in count with architecture too and they really earn that some good guy go and view and show what those have get ready.

    Yes, thanks for video, I have seen this Horigome earlier some sls competitions and youtube, but have to check again. Keep going.

  2. I love the work you're doing. I would love to come to Japan with you to skate. I don't need to be on the camera or anything i just wanna fucking go and skate w yall. I will pay my expenses

  3. I'm so jealous of skating in Japan. They encourage that kind of thing. In the US you're looked down on a lot. Really says something.

  4. I know that audios I used them too it's called learn japanese CD's something like that you can find it on youtube

  5. Bruhhh I'd be livng the life if I was getting free clothes from Blind AND Nike SB, I'd be set with just Blind for life

  6. Man I was like falling in love with your vids but then your stickers @ 4:25ish lol きょくじつき? seriously
    It's like you're promoting your brand with Hakenkreuz. You gta erase what needs to be erased.

  7. 尋常じゃないくらい上手いな

  8. I love Japanese skate culture And I fully enjoyed this clip.
    But One thing is so wrong and should be deleted on this clip! which is a Japanese version Hakenkreuz sticker (The Rising Sun Flag, on 4:26. In a nutshell, it was used in WW2 for exactly same reason as a Hakenkreuz!

    On behalf of All Korean Luis Mora and sk8 fans,

  9. Brooo i cant wait for 2020 Olympics you got yuto, diskea, and sora they gonna kill for japan 🇯🇵 🔥

  10. I knew Luis was a real one way back in 2015 he just confirmed it with the “your name” merch and referencing 😇

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