“Most Underrated Skating Skill” – Derek Popke

“Most Underrated Skating Skill” – Derek Popke

(light rock music) – Hi I’m Derek Popke,
skating and skills coach Vancouver Hockey School. Most underrated tip for
skating for young skaters is mastering the outside edge. It’s one of the hardest edges to use, but it’s the edge that
leads into crossovers, leads into backwards transition, leads into tight turns. Outside edge is the edge
you want to focus on as a young player. It takes repetition and practice. Here are some drills to get you going. So first one, reverse C cuts. Just finding your outside
edge, middle of the blade. So we’re here, making
nice C cuts, pushing out. (light rock music) Second drill to master
the outside edge, T stops. So we’re here, make a nice
letter t with the skates. Pushing, t with the skate, pushing, t with the skate. Progression, moving into one
foot, outside edge stops. So we’re here, outside edge, crossing over bringing it back, outside
edge, crossing over. (light rock music) The importance of the outside edge is it’s the first thing
you do in a tight turn. So I’m here, punch some
into my glide turn. (light rock music) Mastering the outside
edge, take your time, it takes repetition, don’t give up and it’ll improve your game.

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  1. Coach Jeremy any tips or videos on mastering the T stop? My outside edge control is getting better but this is something I can't seem to get the hang of.

  2. This is so freaking cool. I started doing this on my own without realizing it when I was trying to stop better. I would start turning with my inside skate (outside edge) first instead of both skates at the same time. After I got used to that, I could do a much better staggered hockey stop with both feed really wide. I am now trying to get a better feel for my outside edge by using this first drill. I asked other players what I was doing, and they had no idea. Now I know other people do it too.

  3. Hey Jeremy, I love your videos, and this question is a little off topic, but I was wondering if you know anyway how to turn a lefty stick to a righty stick,everyone in my family is a lefty,but me,and since I'm the youngest there are a lot of lefty sticks going to waste,anyways great video!

  4. Brilliant video. Completely agree. Outside edge control is underrated. I train with figure skaters at times to refresh my skating ability. Excellent video.

  5. Love this video, Jeremy! I'm a new skater and I've noticed a MASSIVE improvement in my skating by focusing on outside edges. Thanks, man.

    The edit is looking super slick too!

  6. Two things:

    1) I tried some of these tips last night and they worked so much, it really helped understand the feel of being on my outside edges.

    2) What's the name of the song used? Shaman isn't bringing anything up.

  7. This is the video that I've been looking for. Every time I ask someone around here how I work on my outside edges, they respond by saying that it's not that important. I say it is, and Derek Popke agrees with me. Perhaps the title should read, "Outside Edges," or something of the like.

  8. I worked with Derek Popke for a summer back in my junior days and he made me a better player. Glad to see he's still out there preaching the hockey gospel!

  9. Will I need a stiffer skate for this? I've been using a $60 skate so far learning to skate and I've gotten to a point where I want to learn how to do this and I just can't.

  10. Hello Derek, I think the outside edge C cut is a real killer drill. I thought repeating this exercise would be the shortest way to the one foot outside edge stop. But the thing is I can’t even start the cut. As I showed your video to my very advanced level free skater pals and had them do it, some were able to simulate the move but were yet far from cutting the ice.
    And thanks for the T stop in a sitting position. I saw some other tutorial videos teaching how to T stop, one saying jump on the back skate, the other saying drag the back skate inside edge and gradually turn into outside. None of these worked after hundreds of repetitions. But your method just enabled me to T stop in every position just after a few trial. I truly thank you for that!

  11. Also, going around two small cones in a figure 8 pattern, 10 feet apart, using the outside edge of one skate is another good way of developing skating on the outside edge. That is backwards, Clockwise, leaning on outside edge of left foot skate. Counter Clockwise direction for your right foot skate. With the knee bent a little, make yourself short so your fall to the ice is not too bad. Go slow at first. Alternate feet cone 1 use left skate/leg then cone 2 use right skate/leg. The other skate should be lifted off the ice as you make the backward turn around each cone. The same should be done in a forward direction. The size of your turn radius is not important at first. Just make the turn complete. As you get better you can take a tighter turn and lower and faster into the turn. First without a puck, months later with a puck. Your calf size will get like tree stumps and you will build not only good edge control but strong legs. A must for defensive players. This is how I taught myself to be a great skater. Its grueling at first and scary but you can do it. Be careful you don't put you hand out to support a fall you may bend your hand back and damage your fingers or wrist. Slow to modest speed and curl up when you fall backwards so you don't wack the back of your helmet against the ice too hard. These to things happened to me so take your time. It may take you a couple of years to master but its worth it. One last thing within this exercise contains a lot of hockey. If you master this drill other drills will come easier.

  12. Cannot skate with outside-edge for the life of me. Was not 'committing my weight' and barefly managed crossovers. I will try the reverse C-cuts because they seem like a far easier starter.

  13. Do you always stop a little using the outside edge before doing a tight turn? Or did he just do that to make it more clear that you'll need to work the outside edge in a tight turn? Thx!

  14. I can do one foot outside edge stops, but my outside edge control still needs work. This looks like a nice drill, thanks.

  15. Can you explain a little more in depth what you do with your other foot and where you are focusing the weight on your main foot?

  16. Why do you apply the Front brake ( outside edge ) Before making a tight turn? Wouldn't you be able to take the turn and put your weight into it

  17. Back in the early days we learned this playing tag on the ice. Today kids in the recreation league miss out on skating drills. they need some ice time devoted to power skating.

  18. I can stop on my outside edge and Im working on the punch stop, but its mainly How do I realllly use it for a full 100% hockey stop

  19. Back in the days before I knew how to make a proper hockey stop: The first stop I would make was actually an outside edge stop on the right foot like a "T-stop". But later on, I managed to learn and master the real hockey stop.

    Outside edge on the week foot on the other hand is very hard.

  20. 1st video watching to become better I never played hockey for school nor has anyone ever taught me and I could do all of these in the first week of skating I learn extremely quick.

  21. This video helped me finally do something I've been chasing for years – a spin-o-rama. Now, while I'm not 100% on it at full speed yet, it's liberating to finally be able to pull it off while controlling the puck simply because of the techniques shown in this video. Finding and using that outside edge (on both of your feet!) is essential to stepping things up another level. Video of me finally getting the spin-o-rama because of Derek's video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-AWPcFVDPcdZz8eOVqzP4d2nJWCPHHVy/view?usp=sharing


  22. Wow you dont know how long ive been searching for a good drill to improve my outside edge stop. Im a fast learner and improved all aspect of my game but the only thing i couldnt figure is how to have a solid stop on both feet (weak outside edge stop). These drills look awsome

  23. Trying to get back into hockey after 30 years. This is very helpful. I really need to build my ankle strength on the outside edge. I have having my skates done up tight to the top eyelets. I go one down. Feels much better but my ankles are bit mushy still.

  24. These drills helped me open up my entire game. Was struggling with the outside edge and now it’s my favorite tool. Thanks for this video!

  25. one of the best skating classes i went to for hockey was actually taught by a male figure skater and shit was that hard skating on on foot, stopping on foot on outside edges or t stops, it was really difficult but at the end of the day made me a way faster skater, came 2nd and 1st in my regional fastest skating allstar games.

  26. "Mastering the outside edge"… ummmmm okay. Anytime you're on the OUTSIDE edge of one skate, you're on the INSIDE edge of the other.

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