Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Mobike ride | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Mobike ride | Wow Kidz

Motu patlu, I have to jump over 100 cars with this bike and create a world record. Shine this bike so well, that public would be amazed on seeing it. Ok sir. This bike costs Rs Five crores if anything happens to it, you both will have to pay the penalty. You don’t worry at all, we will take care of your bike more than our life. After some time you will have to jump over a hundred cars so go and take rest. Patlu let’s go for a round on this Bike. We will have to pay Rs five crores as penalty if anything happens to this bike. Nothing will happen, just a small round and we will park it again. It’s a rare possibility that we may get to sit on this bike again in our life. Okay then, just a small round. Come let’s have hot samosa. What’s this, bike won’t stop, break is not functioning. Turn off the engine, remove the key. Unable to see the key, don’t know how will the engine turn off. Patlu, do something fast, I can’t think of anything on empty stomach. Idea, let’s call Chingam sir, he might be knowing how to stop this. Hello. Chingam sir, save us, this bike does not stop. Hey, why fear when Chingam is here, both of you jump on my bike. This jump will cost us five crores. If anything happens to this bike, we will have to pay the entire amount for this bike. Oh my god! Bike costing five crores, I will be right back, I will stop this bike. Oh my God! stop this, stop! My leg. If we knew how to stop it, why would we call you, now this does not even listen to us. It’s going here and there on its own. Guess this is on auto pilot mode too, it rides on its own too. Oh my God! Please stop, there is a pole ahead. Mummy! Dad! Chingam sir pole ahead. What am I shouting since so long, pole ahead, stop! Motu do something, I always fall in danger because of you. Empty stomach, dare you talk about your empty stomach. Here we are playing with death and you are more concerned about your empty stomach. Hello Dr. Jhatka. Ok Ghasitaram, as soon as the bike goes from below, we will jump on the bike. And I will see how to stop the bike. Oh my lord! This Motu always keeps creating one or the other problem. I have not seen a friend like him in my last 20 years. Jump dr.Jhatka. Help! Yes what do you want? Want the car. Slow down the speed, slower, the bike is about to get on the ramp. God please help us to return this bike, or we won’t be able to repay that five crores in our seven lifetimes also. Hope bike won’t be damaged after hitting these sand bags? Don’t worry, after hitting these sand bags, bike will stop also and it won’t be damaged. I have learned the use of sand bags during my police training. Stop in the name of Law, Motu Patlu you have swear on Law, on your Mother India, please stop. If we knew how to stop, then why would we call you? Please come up with some idea soon. Oh my mom, please stop, why are you bothering us, if you stop, I will give you ten liters of petrol, ten liters. Ten ltr. Forget about ten liters and first think how we will earn five crores. I can’t earn five rupees, how will I earn five crores? I have committed a mistake my mom, grand mom, aunty, Stop please. Hey Ghasitaram, will this net of yours do the work? Oh my lord! I have 20 years of experience in catching fishes with this net. Why will this bike not be trapped in it I think bike will not be trapped in the net, look at it, it’s coming, please hold the net tight. Help! Stop! Where have Motu Patlu gone with my bike? I will call up the police now. Chingam sir, Our bike has been stolen, two guys called Motu Patlu ran away with it. Please find this bike fast. Hello Chingam sir, champion ship has begun please bring my bike back fast. Oh my god! How will we bring the bike? Bike is bringing us instead. What does that mean? Look at that, it seems your bike is coming. Friends, everyone has refused to jump over hundred cars. And last champion has nowhere about of his bike. Look! Who is coming to jump over 100 bike? This cannot happen. How can someone do like this? Some people are being dragged behind it as well. What kind of record are they creating? Jump over jump over. Ready for next round. Yeah! Wow it has done it. Sir, collect your trophy, you have made a world record. Thank you. My mobike! You stole my bike, I won’t spare you. Now be quiet, they are world champions, nobody will support you. Come let’s click a photo with the trophy on the bike.

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