Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | snow park | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | snow park | Wow Kidz

Look at him, not bothered about paying us and happily swinging away. Let’s catch him and teach him a lesson. Beat him!! Motu look, they all are coming here to collect their dues. Quick, do something. What can I do? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You do something. Idea!! Stop this! Someone stop this!! Oh my lord!! What is this? Run! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouth!! I don’t want to run at this age!! My back is broken but it was fun skating. Now quickly, give me my money or I’ll break your back!! Motu, quick, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Patlu you think of an idea quickly. Idea!! You people enjoyed skidding on that slab of ice, right? Just think, if we make this garden into an ice park? The whole of Furfuri town will come here to skate, ski etc. There will be tickets for it. We will earn lakhs of rupees and pay all of you back. Oh my lord! But how will we make this an ice park? Hey, I swear on my patients, I can be of use here. Look at this rocket of mine. From wherever this rocket takes off, that place will get a whole lot of snowfall. And it will become a snow park. Haha!!! Long live!! But big brother, why have you got so many rockets? If one rocket doesn’t work, we will try another one. I’ll fire the rocket. Motu my friend, what have you done? Run!! Oh my lord!! Mummy! Hey! Stop chasing me, I’m the one who has created you, I’m your maker. These people were trying to make fools out of us!! Let’s beat them up!! Motu and Patlu, come outside!! Looks like they have come to beat us up early in the morning, quick, let’s hide! Come out, see what is outside. No, we are not coming out. You’ll are getting ready to beat us up there. Motu, my friend, my brother, look , Isn’t our town looking beautiful? This is all thanks to my rocket. Furfuri town is looking so beautiful. It looks like we are in Switzerland. Long live Motu and Patlu!!! Motu, thanks to you, today we all are enjoying things that we didn’t even dream of. That is all fine but where will we put up the stall for tickets? How will we pay back our dues? Haha!! Motu, you are looking very handsome! Someone drive this cold away, and give me a cup of tea, right away! Wow boss! What a poetry! Forget the poetry, get me some tea. Hey! This is frozen. Get me some piping hot tea! Chilly!! It quickly kills my laughter, bring me some water or I’ll just slaughter!! Wow boss! What a poetry! Forget poetry, give me some water. Even this is frozen. This spicy chilly is killing me. Get me some water. Even this is frozen. Boss, lick the ice. It will help. Boss, just a minute, we’ll pull you. Boss, your tongue is bigger than you. Motu and Patlu, wait. Quickly, bend down. Yes, why not! What have you done to Furfuri town? There is no water to drink now. Everything is frozen. How will we survive? The cold is steadily increasing. Number 1, didn’t you hear me? They have both frozen because of the cold. Sorry, I hit you by mistake. Look, Mr. Tea vendor, see what Motu and Patlu have done. Because of them everyone is freezing. Beat them!! Yes, beat them!! Motu, Patlu all the people in my house are frozen. Because of you. Beat Motu and Patlu!! Let us beat them, beat them!! Motu, quick, do something or these people will beat us up. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Idea!! Beat them!! Motu, we’ll have to increase our speed. Beat them!! Help!! Hey! Leave Motu and Patlu alone. It’s the angel from the sky, to teach the lesson of love. Forget all enmities and stretch out the hand of love! Forget your poetry and go back to your own place. All because of you, we are in this trouble. Had you not made us angry, we wouldn’t be flying around like this. Chingam sir, help! Help! Help! Why are you shouting three times? I was punched three times by people and made me fly off into the sky. At that time I could not scream due to fear. So now, I am screaming for all three times together. Help!! Help!! How long will we continue to run like this? Till we are running we will not freeze. Our body will remain hot. So keep running!! Run!! Oh my god!! Stop! Stop in the name of the law. I swear you to your mother India, stop! Till date has anyone ever stopped when you have asked them to? You just keep shouting, stop!! Hey, my friend, don’t worry, once we shoot this rocket the ice will melt. Give it to me. I will light it. I am the one who started the snow. I should be the one to melt it. Now what will happen? Once again all the rockets have been lit! Now the heat will increase so much that we will all melt. Oh my god!! Because of Motu, we all are going to burn now, beat him up!! Help!!

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  1. This is a nice show and all, but I see the stereotype of snow here. When you actually have the experience of snow, it's much different than these glossy depictions of it. You have to shovel, you need snowplows to clean off your street, etc.

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