Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Amusement park mein dhamaal | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated movie | Amusement park mein dhamaal | Wow Kidz

Oh wow! Such a huge amusement park has opened in Furfuri nagar. Yes uncle. Now I will not have to go somewhere out to play. Wherever I go they come there,
Every time they burn my heart. Wow boss wow, what a poem! Leave the poem and now just look at what I’m gonna do. Look at? this remote control. Boss, what will you do with this remote? I can increase the speed of anything with this remote. Boss, leave it. Let them enjoy. Let us also have fun. Why should I leave them? My blood burns whenever I see them. Now let Motu – Patlu sit on some ride. Motu uncle, let’s go and ride on the roller coaster. Yes, yes, let’s go. Oh lord!. I won’t sit on this ride. But you have an experience of twenty years for everything, now what’s wrong Ghasitaram? Long live..!! I am experiencing this ride for the first time. I am enjoying it. Child, hold the handles firmly and sit. Now you all will have more fun. yeah!! Oh my god! yay!!!I am having a lot of fun Uncle! yay!!!I am having a lot of fun Uncle Fun? I feel as if I my days are numbered Motu, do something. What should I do? My mind doesn’t work on an empty stomach. You only do something. Oh! god Somebody stop. Stop In the name of law..i swear you of law! hey help! Uncle, it was so much fun. Let’s ride in it again. No, No, I had so much fun in the first time itself that I will never sit in it again. Oh!god. My cap flew away. Come on uncle, let’s sit on that ride. Come on Motu my friend, this is a kid’s ride. Nothing can happen on it. Yes, yes, what can happen on it? Come on let’s sit. Big brother, this ride is really good. Yeah..!! It’s fun.. Increase the speed Increase the speed!! yaaaaaa oh! lord!!!!! Hey!!!Oh damn!!! Somebody stop these horses! Big brother.. First tell me who is controlling the horses. Saw uncle, it was so much fun. Fun? It felt like we were riding horses at a race course. Oh! lord It felt like the horses were making us run. It seems like all the rides over here are not proper. child, now you ride alone. We will just watch. No, how is this possible? How can all the rides not work properly at the same time? There is something more to it. Hey, sometimes there is a machinery problems. We are here for the kid, let’s go ahead. Boss, now let it be. You have hurt yourself twice. Shut up. I failed twice but that doesn’t mean I’ll fail all the time. Oh! damn!!!! There is a plan against us. Hey, someone stop my car. My break has failed. yeah!!!! Sorry, sorry, I thought it’s
a staircase. Motu, I’m telling you there is some problem. There cannot be mechanical issues in all the rides at the same time. Boss, boss, let’s go back now. You have had enough beatings for today. We always fail against Motu Patlu. Throw away this remote now and let’s eat something. No, No, I will make life miserable for Motu Patlu with this remote. But right now, your life is miserable. Oh.!! So John is doing all this with that remote. Come on, lets teach him a lesson. Boss, what happened? Did you press the button? I did nothing. Where is my remote? He found only this place for horse riding? Beat him. Beat him, don’t spare him, beat him Boss, boss, we still have time. Let’s run away from here. Motu Patlu are on our case now. Wait john.. Boss, boss, let’s go and hide in that ride. This is a good place. Motu Patlu won’t be able to find us here. John. How are you John? See how is this remote? It’s really good. Please forgive me. Please don’t do anything now. We won’t do anything. We will just let you enjoy the ride again. Uncle, can I also go? No child, this ride is just for great people like John. No, No, I don’t want to take any ride. Number 1, number 2, let’s go, we will ride later. Save us Motu – Patlu. Please Get us down. Chingam sir. Help. I have robbed. Arrest me, put me in the jail. Please Oh! god! My motor cycle can’t come there. I will arrest you when you come down. By the time, travel around stars and planets. Hahahaha

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