Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Swimming Pool | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Swimming Pool | Wow Kidz

Today, whole day we will enjoy swimming, it would be fun. Oohhhhhh water is very cold, I won’t swim in such cold water. Motu you can’t be afraid of cold water, you are a brave person. Dr. Jhatka come, we both will throw Motu into the pool. No please water is very cold!!!! No! Please don’t do this! Motu, why are you spoiling everyone’s fun, please come, no one is going to enjoy without you. I’ll relax here; you all carry on with swimming. Motu come, you sit away from the pool on that chair, and look at us from far, come with me. What are you doing brother! Please please don’t do this to me. Water is really cold. Motu my friend, I swear on my patients, today we will put you in this pool. Yeah!!!! Patlu! Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho You you, wait I’ll show you, is this a place to play around. You pushed me in the water, now I’ll teach you a lesson. (cries) look, they tied me up to this chair with a belt and threw me in pool, now you tell me what I could do. Hide! Hey!! Oh lord!!! oh myy god!!! Don’t ever try such kind of joke on anyone else. Motu you go and sit on that diving board, no one will disturb you there, and you watch us all from there. Yes, it’s a good idea Patlu. I’ll watch everyone from here, there’s no need to be scared of anyone. Aah, help! Aaaa!!!!! Now watch how Motu will fly and come into the pool It’s difficult to win against Motu, I have a good idea, listen to me Motu now no more forcing you! Look at this, water warming gadget, this will warm the water and then you can swim comfortably. Yes why not, if water gets warm then I have no problem The water is little warm, now it would be fun to do swimming Oh my God, let’s get out Hey Patlu come in, its great fun I cannot trust on any gadget of Dr Jhatka, I will enter the pool only when the gadget comes out of water. Ok as you say Water is getting hotter, come on lets go out Aah water is boiling now! Big brother enter the pool and see how hot the water is, if you put a egg in the the water then it would be boiled. Add tea leaves to it and your tea is ready all cooked!! No my dear don’t do this… Motu my dear my brother, now go and check how the water is. Water has returned to its normal temperature, Come on let’s swim in it. Yes, now it’s normal, but if it boils again then watch what I will do. Motu my friend, my dear, this is a water cooling gadget, water can never boil because of it. Patlu come in its great fun. Till the time Dr Jhatka’s gadget is inside the pool, I’ll stay away from the pool. Ok Patlu its your wish, this is water cooling gadget, what can go wrong with it, if it feels cold, I’ll just come out of the water, that’s it. Water is really chilling now. Oh ahh how has this water turned so cold,run!! water is getting colder. Big brother the water has frozen, I am stuck here, do something, help. Motu, my dear, don’t worry, I’ll fix everything. This pool has turned into ice. Big brother I am giving you only ten seconds to fix this up or else it won’t be good for you. Dr Jhatka please fix this problem as soon as possible. He is not a toy to play around with. Oye, Let these kids enjoy a bit more. It’s my turn now. Ha ha ha what have these kids done to Motu, look ha ha ha. Aroma!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah (sneezes) Come on kids, who wants to play ice hockey? We want to play. Nooo!!!!!

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