Moxi Skate Shop “Ramp Lesson 1 – Basics”

Moxi Skate Shop “Ramp Lesson 1 – Basics”

hey I’m pigeon from the Moxi Roller
Skate Shop and I’m here to teach you the basics of ramp skating so the first thing is your stance you
want to have one leg in front of the other like this this will help you with your forward
back balance when you’re going up and back on the ramp now with that staggered stance you’re
ready to start pumping when you go backwards on the ramp you push off with
your back leg forward to push up with your front leg you’re going to feel that
it’s going to build your momentum you’re going to bend at the knees and
the hips and keep your torso upright once you get enough momentum you’re
going to start feeling the power what I want you to do now is do a little
jump and then you’re going to feel yourself catch back on the ramp going
backwards this is an important move when you learn
how to stall even have to know how to jump backwards and land while keeping
stable so there is one foot to the other I think with my right foot front the right regular my turn to the left called a goofy (backside)
turns going to bring the other leg all the way around more of a 180, show you regular turn so once you get it turn to the right let your feet follow you doesn’t have to be too big of a jump
let’s see if you’re going regular you can actually pivot on your heel and
bring that other skate with you turning to goofy have a right to the
words you turn left weee!!!! yipee!! definitely more of a jump, but doable stance where your left foot in front and
your right leg back same concept turn the left, easy turn, to the right more of a jump yeah all right now let’s move on to stalls let’s start with toe stop stalling
because that kind of like on the way to getting up on the coping i’ll show you
what a toe stops stall is right here so when you go up to the ramp you’re
going to want to bend your knees and put your toe stops down and then jump back
onto the ramp backwords…this is gonna help you get used to the feeling of stalling all right now that you have toe stops
down let’s start stalling on the coping something that helped me when I started
was when I would pump and get high end up the coping i would first hit the
coping with my front two wheels so we’re going to do that first just a
way to kind of like tell the coping who’s boss and let them know that we’re
about to stall on you, aight alright so let’s save stalling on the
coping to the next video what I want you guys to do is practice
all of these things and one of the most important things about rap skating is is
getting down the pumping you want to be able to pump so comfortably before you
start hitting other things you know get the basics down so practice these things
and we’ll see you next time

24 thoughts on “Moxi Skate Shop “Ramp Lesson 1 – Basics”

  1. Hope you're doing well. Found fascination with you and your crew, motivated me to start skating with my girlfriend. Hope you make a new video soon.

  2. I just got back into roller skating and I have improved so much! Thanks for this video btw! You’re really inspiring to so many girl roller skaters! And boys :).

  3. hey pigeon keep doing your videos!! owning moxi skate shop you have so much to tell us newbies. I did a search and there is very little info on or from owners of beach bunny skates and ivy skates. There is quite a bit out there on the lolly and jack now. My daughter was frustrated because she could not find info from skate owners and would like to purchase her first set, she likes the beach bunny.

  4. Every time I try to pump, my skates start doing the bubbles unintentionally when I go backwards. Any idea why this happens?

  5. Now I know why i felt down almost every time 😛 My feet were in the same line so I couldn't get the balance 😉 I'll remember to have one leg in front of the other now! Thanks 🙂

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