My boyfriend tacks up and rides my horse?! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

My boyfriend tacks up and rides my horse?! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

Pff, how does this work? Working out before riding him.
– Exactly. Put your hand under… Yeah, like that. Use your fingers to search for his mouth. Yeaah, almost, almost… Yeeeey! Marley looks like a Shetland pony when you’re riding him. Sjoerd is way too big for Marley, we knew that already. This was just funny for once. I wanted to let him canter and maybe even jump… But he’s way too big, so…
– Hi! – I should get a bigger horse for him. Hi all! Welcome to this new video, with Sjoerd! We’re gonna do something very nice today, I think you can all guess, because you guys asked a lot for it. Sjoerd’s gonna ride Marley! Sjoerd has already been riding Marley, we’re filming this intro at the end of the day now… We filmed two video’s today: the one about tricktraining in the snow… And Sjoerd’s part. I’m gonna ride Marley as well today. And Maaike was there as well. -What?
– I’m gonna put back my key! Maaike and Jolijn were in the arena as well, so we had some fun together. Some racing and stuff. Oh Nova, there you are again! He can do cool tricks. Nova, come here! Nova! He doesn’t want to! So funny, when you do this… She’s gonna jump on you. We filmed that last time, just edit that clip in here. Oh yeah, I will. Where is she now?
-Over there. Okay, have fun watching! We’re in the inside arena near my locker… And we have Sjoerd! He’s gonna ride Marley, but he has to tack him up first! He’s clean already, so what’s the next step? We’re gonna put a saddle cloth on.
– Awesome, what color? It has to match my eyes… Hmm, I don’t have green. I’m sorry. You can pick one of these. Here I have orange, and there’s some blue I’d go for orange. Quite intense, but well. Like pumpkins. And dead leaves. You have to put it all the way up here, so it covers the bump. – The withers. That, yes. What you should do: lay it down far forward and shove it back down a little. Shove back untill it’s on the right spot. Yeah, like that. Little too far. Oh well, the saddle first. Okay, where’s the saddle? I have two, but take the lower one. Why do you have to make it so hard for me. Sjoerd took his own helmet, aka: his helmet for skiing. But he can’t ride without helmet. Awh, cutie! Looking forward to it, Mar? You alright? That’s the jumping saddle, just put it down somewhere. Like this, right?
– Great. Everything falls out. Oh yeah, the stirrups… Okay, we’re gonna put it on Marley. Okay, now you can get the slipover off. Yeah, I know that. Okay, now get the cloth on the front and slide it into the channel. Oh wait, the saddle needs to be a little more forward. The saddle needs to be in the middle of the cloth. Now get the front of the cloth and pull it right into the channel. Harder. You can be a little more violent. Yeah, like that. Okay, get the saddle a little more forward. Now get the cloth and the saddle. Slide it a little forward. No wait, cloth and saddle! Get it here with one hand… The other hand goes to the back. Yeah, like that. Now slide it forward. Just get it and lay it down here. Now you slide it back untill it’s at the right place. Yeah, stp. Now we’re gonna tighten these. It goes under the flap and you should tighten it at the last… Yeah… Okay. – Like this? Just make it sure it can double up. Perfect. Now you fasten it. You do the same on the other side. Pff, working hard here. Working out before even getting on the horse. It all has to be on the right side, so.. Okay! This cloth is a little different from other ones. This one has multiple… … things for the girth straps. You put them here and here. Hahaha. You have: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is the first strap, and you put it in the second.. Okay, I get it.
– I’ll do the other side. I like this cloth. Other cloths don’t have 5 little ones, but just 1 big one. This is nice. Okay, now you’re gonna tighten the girth. Here it is! You have to look at very carefully…
– This has to be on the right, right? This is the part that goes onto his belly. Haha, did you think I would put it on his back or something? Nooo, I mean: you don’t put this ring here on his belly. Okay, come here. This one goes over this one, so that means it has to be on the right side. You get it? You don’t do it like this. Okay, hold it. I’m gonna explain. This one goes that way, but it has to point backwards. So this side goes here. And then.. What did you say? How tight does it has to be?
– You’ll see that, the one I use is pre-formed now. I see two pre-formed holes.
– Yeah, pick the loosest. Yeah, the little one. Like that. Okay! This one?
– The least pre-formed one, that’s this one. Did he get fatter?
– No, you tighten it later. Just let it hang loose, and now you do the other one. Oh right, he will probably expand his belly first?
– Yes. Okay. – Okay, wait. I’ll bring the saddle a little more forward. Oh, I didn’t do it right? Okay, now you take over again! That’s the Rambo, yes. With a new brow-band. Bought it Jumping Amsterdam, nice, right? Okay, so first you put the reins over his head. Around Marley. Oh, like this.
– Yeah. Yes. Now you get the halter off. You know why? – Yeah, if you don’t, it will be stuck underneath the bridle. Yeah, put it through the reins. Yes, like that. Put it on there, yes. You do it like this, because you still have a hold on him now. Okay, no. First you stand next to him. Other side. Yeah, now you get this here with one hand… With this hand. Now stand really next to him. Mar, come here with your head. Hold his nose in between here. And you put the bit in with your right hand. Mar, put your head up a little. Hold the bit like you’re gonna give him some treats. Okay, like this? – Yes. Put your hand under, yeah like that. Use your fingers to search for his mouth. Almost almost almost… Yesss! Yes, pull it over his ears. Don’t stand in front of the camera! It doesn’t really fit. Ear 1. Ear 2.
– Okay, now fix his hair! And you have to fix the hair that’s around his ears as well. Don’t pull the bridle back over his ears. Still looking weird. He’s tough, he needs a tough look. Tough horse with a bling-bling brow-band. Then you first fasten this one. This goes under his jaw. No, under his jaw honey. You almost had your hand in his eye. How tight?
– I think you should see a pre-formed perforation. Let me see?
– Oh yeah. I think it’s this one You need both hands for a horse like this.
– Awh, Marley’s so good! We have to tighten the girth.
– We’ll do that right before you mount. Okay, we’re ready! You wanna put your helmet on first? No, I’ll do that as late as possible. Ehm, well. Do it now, because you’re gonna need both hands. I’ll put the bag away.
– So, this is my helmet. What’s that Mar? It’s kind of warm. Haha, it’s for skiing. You should fasten the thing on the back. It’s ugly like this. I feel so safe with a helmet. Nice huh? What’s happening all around you now? Now you first pull his legs a little more forward. You look so cool. Pull his legs forward, like I always do. Huh?
– Stand next to him first, and then lift his leg. Get it with two hands, and pull it forward. Stretch it. And now the other. Okay, now you can tighten the girth on both sides. One step at a time. Or you can just do two at the same time. Two?
– Oh well, just do one. Now you can first mount, I’ll do you stirrups when you’re on. How do I get on.
– Well, not like this. You should get some help from the fence.
– I can stand in this stirrup right? You can try. Okay no, we’re not gonna do it like this. Look at Marley, he’s not pleased. Get the reins in one hand first. Get them a little tight. Uhm, this is kind of crooked. Work from the middle. The buckle is exactly in the middle. Yes, very good, like that! Now you can hold on to the saddle… Then you can put your foot in. Okay, go on, try it! Wow, he does it! Marley didn’t really like it though. Okay, can you hold the camera? It’s quite alright like this. Hahaha, look at the legs. Is it not right?
– Hahaha it is, but it’s so long. You remember how to hold the reins? Yes, no.. You have this one pointed forward. Awh, cuties. Haha, she doesn’t like Marey. You have to hold it like this. Your fingers to the inside, yes. Hold them between your little fingers. Be careful with him please. You have to give directions from now on. I can’t say I’m entirely in control though. You have to move your legs a little more forward. Your feet a little more to the front. Hahaha Marley looks like a Shetland pony when you’re riding him, hahaha. You’re so funny. I feel so bad for Marley. We’re not gonna do this for too long. What are you saying?
– That I feel a little bad for Marley. Why?
– Because you’re way too big. I’m very light. Haha dream on, you’re almost twice the weight I am. Jolijn, what do you think?
– Cute. -Cute? We should get Sjoerd a bigger horse. Oh, shoutout to Jolijn. Lailathehorse or something? What’s your insta? Thehorselaila, guys. For this little terrorist. No, she’s sweet, but she’s always terrorizing Marley. Marley’s always trying to make new friends. Yeah, try to make a circle. Like this?
– Haha, that’s a broken line. Honey, a circle. Oh, that’s round.
– Yeah. From the inside to the outside, what you just did, that’s a broken line. Do you dare a little trot?
– Yes. Exciting. Go on then. You want it already? How do I do it?
– Kick gently with your legs and say: trrrrrrot. And you have to rise, remember? Like this?
– yes. And he will stop when I pull my reins? Wow, wow, stretch it Laila. Oh shoot, I didn’t film it! It hurts!
– hahaha, it hurts. You have to follow his movements. You can hold the saddle if you’d like, but then you have to figure out how to steer. Trrrrrot. Go on, trot! Awh, I feel really bad for Marley now. I’ll just walk, okay>I’ll find you a bigger horse once. A big, good horse. A Tinker or a Shire or something. You can change the rein now. What?
– Change the rein. Uh, do I have to sit like this? You’re on your right now, because you had your right on the inside. When you change the rein, it means you’re going the other way, so you’ll have your left on the inside. You can do this Why is your horse doing it and mine isn’t? Come on, trrrrrrrot. Go on, good boy. Come on, you can do this. But you’re kind of doing the rising trot now. Push your heels down a little more. That was quite alright?
– Yes it was, and it’s enough for today. Charming. I’ve had enough. Everything hurts, and it’s cold. And I felt bad for Marley. So I’m gonna get off and ehm.. Fee is doing other things over there. She left us here Anyway, it was a huge success, I dare to say. Well, I’ve had enough now. It’s snowing again now. They’re in the arena with the three of them. So I’m gonna make some photo’s. Ooh, angry. I have to check how my hat’s on my head now. Oh no, the battery is running low. So I got a new battery for the camera. Still wearing my fancy hat. And I’m gonna check on the ladies. And I’ll probably have to make some more photo’s. You can go faster Fe! He’s not doing it. Haha, Marley’s speed. Hi all! We’re not having very serious trainings as you can see. We’re racing in the arena. There’s Jolijn with Layla. I always pronounce it wrong. You all saw Sjoerd riding Marley this video. After that, I rode him too. Not very serious though. We played a little. Anyway, I’m not wearing very ‘serious’ boots, so that makes it harder to do something serious. So I’m gonna take care of Marley now. I’m gonna unsaddle him. Yeah, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Well, you’ve all seen Sjoerd’s way too big for Marley. So this was just fun for once. I wanted to let him canter and maybe even jump… But he’s just way too big. -Hi!
– So I should fix a bigger horse for him. Why? -For Sjoerd, I want him to jump, haha.
– Oh, that’s genius. Yeah I know, but not with Marley, because he’s way too tall. It has to be a very good horse though. I wanna thank you all for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought of Sjoerd riding Marley. And we’ll see you next time! Bye bye!
– Bye!

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