My Childhood Stories

My Childhood Stories

I was a child once. Alright, into the stories! XD I was a good kid growing up. I did what my parent said, followed their rules, ate what they put on my plate, maybe a bit too well… *flashback to the green bean incident* *TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE* My mum told me that when I was a small toddler, sometimes I’d have horrible tantrums and rip all the sheets off my bed and sweep everything on my shelves onto the floor in an emotional outrage. She’d have to crack my door open afterwards and say “Are ya done?” so she could help me put everything back. If I wasn’t, she’d lock me in my room for a bit longer as I continued being and indignant little tornado and try again in ten minutes. I’ve grown out of phase, luckily. I’m so conditioned to want to follow the rules and not do anything bad *angel child* that people on multiple occasions have told me; “Jaiden, you’re so good all the time. You’ve got to be rebellious every once in while!” And I say, “No…” “Is that a start?” I was such an obedient kid, I’ve only been grounded once in my entire life, and that story is… pretty pathetic. I was maybe six at the time and my parents were going out for date night or whatever to get out of the house. Understandable. Jaxon was a pretty exhausting kid to deal with. So they left us with a babysitter. Now as a kid, having a babysitter is emotionally conflicting. On one hand, you don’t want this rando middle school kid to be telling you what to do. Go to bed, PSHHHH, you’re not my mum, You’re not even old enough to go to the bathroom at school without asking for permission. Don’t tell me what to do. But on the other hand… Babysitters lets you get away with WAY more than your parents. Oh, yeah, mum always lets us have three Oreos. It’s okay, it’s fine. Don’t worry. *snickering* Heh… Normally, we only get two Oreos. hehe, we’re so sneaky… It was getting late that night and before it was my bedtime, I wanted to play outside on our rickety little playset. Now, I’d already gotten ready for bed. I was in my pajamas and brushed my teeth, but I figured it’s not past my bedtime yet, so everything’s fair game. So the babysitter watched me swing on the swings for like five minutes and then go down the slide one time. In the morning when my parents were back, I woke up and they were like, “You’re in trouble.”. “Did I do something? What do you think you did? “I don’t know.” Why do adults say that to children by the way? I don’t know, seems like you don’t even know what I did and they’re trying to get me to rat myself out. 😐 “The babysitter told us, that last night, you played in the backyard in your pajamas.”>:( wat. “We don’t want you playing outside in your pajamas. You’re grounded tomorrow.” “WHAT THE FU-” So I was grounded for a day because I played outside in my pajamas… But I cheated like five minutes of TV by sneak watching from around the corner, so who’s the rebellious one now? There’s this golf course a block or two down from my house that had a little lake and my dad and I would ride our bikes to it every once in a while to feed the ducks. -Also yes, I know ducks shouldn’t eat bread. If you didn’t know that, don’t feed wild ducks bread. Give them candybars. 😀 We were feeding the ducks, minding our own business, when all of a sudden we hear from across the lake: “MABEL. MAIIIBALLLLLLLLL” There’s a neighborhood of house next to the golf course so people could look out and see the golfers. And in the distance across the lake, some lady was yelling, “MABEL! MABEL!” Huh, wonder where Mabel is. “Mabel, get over here! What are you doing!?!” Sh-she-OH! She’s talking to me! “MABEL, YOU’RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!” My dad and I didn’t know what to do. This lady in the distance thought I was Mabel, when…I was not Mabel. I am Jaiden. But she didn’t know that. “MABEL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! Get back here-” We pedaled away. Now, let’s put ourselves in the point of view of this lady across the lake, she walks out onto her backyard… Huh, what a wonderful evening. I think I’m gonna treat myself to some relaxation time out in my backyard. 😀 Working my nine-to-five job and managing three children as a single mum sure is hard work, Especially since my doctor says I need to lower my stress because it’s starting to take a toll on my depression… Okay, maybe a bit too much creative interpretation. She’s in the backyard, she looks out across the lake, and “What? Who’s that? Is that-is that little old Mabel across the lake? How’d she get there? And wait, is that a strange man with her? What the-Mabel! What are you doing? Get over here! That girl is in so much trouble when she get’s back home… I’ve told her so many times about the dangers of-is she pedaling away with him!?” I hope Mabel wasn’t in too much trouble when she got back home. Uh… Sorry Mabel. This story didn’t happen necessarily during my childhood. More ‘teenage-hood’ …but I think it’s kind of funny, so I’m telling it. I went ice skating with a couple of friends one winter-maybe, when I was fifteen/sixteen. It was busy, but not too busy. Sidenote: One time, my friend invited me to go ice skating and we were the only two there. It was dope, but also felt like a weird ice rink Twilight Zone… *Twilight theme plays* Anyway, so we were skating around. You know… like what we went there to do. I’m not anywhere near close to a good ice skater, but I hadn’t fallen on my butt or head so I considered it a successful day. After a while, we decided to do one more loop around the rink and right before we were done, this little boy skates up to me. I wasn’t very old at the time, but he was definitely younger than me, maybe 13 or something, I don’t know. I looked down at him confused, and he goes, “I like your hat.” Oh, by the way, I was wearing a knitted hat that looked like a raccoon, so hehe, it was a good hat. “Will you hold something for me?” Uh, oh, okay. And I’ll NEVER forget what he says. This is possibly one of the smoothest things I’ve ever heard from a little thirteen-year-old-boy. So he goes, “Will you hold something for me?”, and I go like, “O-Okay? What is it?” And he goes… “My hand?” *Careless Whisper (George Micheal)* *Glasses slide in* I had no expectations on what he was gonna say, but that one definitely caught me off guard. I was so startled by his.. What would you even call that? Pick-up line? Request? That I stumbled back, forgetting I was on ice skates, I didn’t fall… But I definitely did one of those weird twisty maneuvers that your body pulls when it’s off balance and trying not to fall down. The boy skated off because I think he wasn’t expecting to actually, physically, startle me. Thinking about it, if you were to try and use a pick-up like on someone, and their immediate response is to be so surprised they almost fall backwards…that.. is sad. I don’t know how to interpret that. Obviously, it’s not what you want, but I mean… that’s gotta be some sort of achievement. I wonder what would have happened of I decided to say yes to that kid, instead of… being a freaked out spaz. Maybe there was something there, and we could have had a whole future with each other and had great times together, and I’ll never know. *laughter* He’s out there in the world right now, and I’m talking about him. And he probably doesn’t even know it. Do you like to make up fake life scenarios for other people? I’m gonna pretend he’s going to university to be an orthopedic surgeon. Look it up. Okay, I’ll just tell you. It’s a doctor who specialises in hands. See where I’m…yeah. What if he tells his story every once in a while to his friends. “Dude no, like this one time when I was like, 13 I ice skated up to this random girl in an ice and asked her to hold my hand, even though I didn’t know her. Lol, random. She slipped on the ice though, and it was weird. I just skated away.” Meh. Yeah, nah, I-I actually don’t really care, my life is pretty fine without him. Have fun with your hand surgeries my dude. Ok bye.

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  1. 4:33 I watched this video so many times and I just realized that Mabel in the “Ground 4 Life” fence was Mabel from Gravity Falls. How did I only realize that now?

  2. Yo Jaiden i had a crush on a popular boy at my school and i never told him. So i stop liking him because i realise that he was a douche. BUUUUUUT one day i and all my group where standing to go outside and the guy told me he hade a crush on a girl of his class (i was in is class👌) and i ask how? GUESS WHO THE GUY LOVED… ME i was soooooo feeling bad i never talk To him again.👏👌😑🤣🤯

  3. The boi who was at the ice skating is around 19 yrs old now more or less.

    I guess u could call it ice scaring…..heh

    Wasn’t funny

  4. My name is totally Mabel and yes I did convince her that I wasn’t you.
    I’m totally not using Mabel for likes. >:)

  5. Childhood story my friends say "you're a good drawer" then it hit me I should become a animator like you Jaiden and theoddsonesout and it's Alex clark

  6. 5..53- …my hand? * romantic music plays*

    Me- good pick up line,…..wait, he may be wanting jaiden to hold his hand to, like, help him skate……well, no one knkws what is the truth,…..and no one ever will

  7. Traumatizing Ice skating rink memories: When I was in first grade, my finger was almost sliced off because a skater skated over my finger when I fell down in the ice lol

  8. wtf im called mabel and i just saw this and im from az. one day when i came home my grandma asked me why i cycled away with a strange man and i was so confused! i lived in a house that looked similar to your drawing! i think i was mabel from your story. and by the way my grandma actually looked after 3 of us on her own and worked full time so you were kind of right LOL.

  9. 7234872342492% of the comments- CaN yOu HolD SomEthING fOR mE?
    53847538405834% of the comments- MABBEEEEEELLLLLL
    765346783% of the comments- "We always have three oreos hehe" Savage
    1% of the comments- Hi, love your vids!
    like wat

  10. I like how ur mom is just pure mad at u but the we look at u dad he just has this plain expression lol😂😂😂

  11. So my middle school has grades 6-8th and I am in 8th grade and this dumbo 6th grader was walking next to me and flirted with me the asked me out ….. I rejected her

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