My favorite products equestrian tag – SmartPaker Eden

My favorite products equestrian tag – SmartPaker Eden

EDEN: Hi. My name is Eden. And I work at Customer
Care here at SmartPak. This is our first ever
favorite products tag video. So I’m really excited to get
to lead the pack on this one. But first let me tell
you a little bit more about my horse and myself. I have a Chincoteague
pony named Woody. He’s 15 years old. We’ve been together
for about eight years. So we’ve done everything
from natural horsemanship together to recently we’ve been
doing the local hunter jumper circuit. So we’ve been through
a lot together. And he’s taught me a lot. His show name is Toy Story. So he’s normally the
cutest horse in the ring. So he’s pretty cute. He’s a black and
white paint horse. And he’s pretty flashy, too. So he lives up to his name. Working at SmartPak,
I’ve definitely got to try a lot of
different products. And obviously before SmartPak,
being an equestrian myself, I’ve tried a lot of
different horse products and definitely grown
to have some favorites. So I’m going to
share some with you. The first question
here is, what is your favorite
equestrian-specific product that you use when
you’re at the barn? My favorite one that I’ve
come to find recently through SmartPak would
be our Leather Lover. It’s a cleaner and
conditioner for your tack. Cleaning tack is something
that I don’t do often enough. But the cleaner and
conditioner that we have here makes it a little bit
easier because it’s kind of combined into one. So you don’t have to
worry about having your glycerine soap and
then the oil and the rags and all that type of stuff. It all comes kind of
together in one little can with a sponge inside. So super simple to use. And it also is
unique in that it has goat’s milk and lavender in it. The lavender makes
it smell really good. And the milk definitely
does condition it a lot so. It kind of does both in one. And it makes your tack
smell really good. So that’s got to be my
favorite product here. The second question is,
what is your favorite nonequestrian-specific product
to use when you’re at the barn? This is hard because I use a lot
of obscure products on horses. Anything you can find,
we’re pretty resourceful. But one that I
definitely rely on a lot, especially in the
summertime, is sunscreens, specifically baby sunscreen,
for Woody’s little nose. He has a white nose. So he tends to get
pretty pink and sunburned in the summertime. So having sunscreen on
him 24/7 is definitely key when he’s out in the pasture
or out in his run in. Whatever he’s doing, need
sunscreen on his little nose. So the baby formula of
it specifically is mild. But it also has a high SPF. So it does the job well. And it comes in a cute little
pink can, so that’s nice too. The third product
here is, what is your horse’s favorite
equestrian-specific product to wear or use? Woody’s favorite
product, definitely influence for one
of mine as well, but he really likes our
Harwich Fancy Stitch Bridle that he recently acquired. He really likes it
because it’s really soft. I literally pulled it
right out of the bag and popped it on his face and
we went out for a jump school. So he really likes it a lot. It didn’t feel stiff. The reins felt really
soft and supple. So that’s got to
be his favorite. It also has a
monocrown on it too, which kind of makes it
less bulky behind his ears, which he likes as well. So he really likes that. He liked it enough
that I had to buy him the matching martingale too. So we have the matching set now. Question number
four is, what was the best equestrian-related
gift you were given and why does it
mean so much to you? About three years ago, I had
a big chestnut warmblood mare as well in addition to Woody. And her name was Stormy. And I owned her
for a couple years. But the very first
year that I had her, for Christmas that year,
my parents actually made one of those
quilts that you can like print a picture onto. And they printed this
really pretty head shot that I had a Stormy. And like scrawled her
name at the bottom. And I got that for
Christmas one year. And it definitely
meant a lot to me. Because like all horse people
are obsessed with our horses. And anything we can put
their face on is awesome. So that definitely
meant a lot to me. And I still have it to
this day, even though I don’t have her anymore. I still have her blanket. So that would be one of my
favorite gifts that I got. The last question is,
if you had the ability to create any product or
anything to make your barn– pardon me– your time
at the barn better, no matter how ridiculous or
against the laws of physics it would be, what would that be? I haven’t really ironed out
all the details of this one. But it would be
something topical that I could put on
Woody or spray on him, especially on is white spots. Because as soon
as we take a bath, he’ll be all shiny
with his Vetrolin on. And I’ll turn him out. And he’ll immediately
go find the dusty part of the pasture or the muddy
part, and he’ll just roll. So something that
I could put on him to keep the white white while
he can enjoy a good roll would be excellent. That way I wouldn’t have
to bathe him so often. And he would be able
to enjoy his roll and scrub his face in
the mud and everything but still be able to
be nice and clean. So everybody would be happy. So that is all of the questions
that I have for this video. But now we want to
hear from you guys. So I would like you guys
to make your own video answering these questions. I do have a couple
specific subscribers that I want to
answer this video. I’m tagging Erica Equestrian,
BridlePaths, and also my fellow SmartPaker Erika, who
works in Customer Care with me. So I want to see your videos. Even if you’re not
tagged in this video, please feel free to participate. Make sure that you tag
us back in your video too so that we can see. And don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel, too. Thanks for watching. And have a great ride.

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAG! I can't wait to answer these questions! I'm so excited!😁😁 thank you again!

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