My Ten Craziest Shark Encounters (I Got Bitten!) | Steve-O

My Ten Craziest Shark Encounters (I Got Bitten!) | Steve-O

– [Cameraman] Steve-O
got bit imagine that? (air whooshing) – [Steve-O] Yeah, dude! My scariest, gnarliest shark encounters. (shuffling) Hi-Ya! (splashing) Yeah! The first time I ever swam with a shark, I actually got bitten. (loud bass drum beat) We were filming Jackass, Season 1 for MTV. And the idea was shark hugging. Chris and I got in the water and, you know we pet some sharks. We really humped ’em pretty good. (slow jazz) And then, out of nowhere, whop, it got me. (abrupt piano) Maybe it’s a stretch to
say it was out of nowhere because if you look in slow motion I clearly,
fuckin fed my finger to that shark. (slow jazz) (abrupt piano) And that bastard got me good. I mean my finger was mangled. Before I even got out of the water there was blood everywhere. – [Cameraman] Steve-O
got bit, imagine that? – It really didn’t take me
long to be super psyched that I had been bitten by a shark. – What do you think? – I don’t know a lot of people who have been bitten by a shark. The medic wrapped it up and we went on to film the rest of the day. I had that bandage, same day,
when I did street fishing. (ding) A few weeks later I got a letter from MTV asking me to send
them my hospital bills for the shark bite so that
I could be reimbursed. And I was so proud to write them back, I never even went to the hospital. Oh, yeah. (splash) (loud bass drum beat) You’d think I learned my lesson but no, on Season 2 of Jackass we decided that we wanted to ride the
great Hammerhead Shark. And what gave us the impression
that we could do that? We became bros with shark
riding legend Manny Puig. So we went out to sea with Manny and when the shark showed
up Chris and I dove into the water. (piano music) (eerie music) But it wasn’t exciting enough. So I got back on the boat and they strapped chopped in half fish all over me to swim with the sharks again. Still, some people say that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. My next shark encounter
was for Jackass: The Movie. (loud bass drum beat) To prepare for it I had
to get scuba certified. And they had me do this scuba
certification course for like three consecutive days and I was on cocaine the whole time. Never slept a wink and
I didn’t remember shit that they’d told me. So when we got to the
dive in Japan, filled up our shorts with shrimp for these Whale Sharks to eat. We got in the water and the
Whale Sharks were massive. It was beautiful. (slow jazz) But then I had this though. What if I couldn’t breathe and all of a sudden
that’s all I could think. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. And, like even though they
were the least scary sharks in existence I had the
scariest panic attack, maybe of my life. Never told anybody that either. (yelling) Hold on, hold on, hold on. If we’re going in
chronological order it’s time for baby shark doodoo doodoo doodoo. (loud bass drum beat) We took this little baby shark and clamped it on my arm. (yelling) (yelling) Great, I’ve just got bitten by a shark. I don’t think the footage was used for anything except maybe deleted scenes for Jackass; The Movie. But it did hurt. Get off of me, fucker. (loud bass drum beat) No more messin around. You see after Jackass:
The Movie of course came WildBoyz and of course our
number one priority was to swim with the Great White Shark. Which is why we filmed
the pilot in South Africa. Well, MTV said that we
were allowed to swim outside of the cage
with great white sharks as long as we were with this
professional expert named Andre Hartman. We got to south Africa
and they told us that Andre Hartman canceled because he was going to film with some rich Japanese dudes. So we were like no. And the night before the shoot we’re like at the bar saying fuck swimming in a cage. No way, when the Great White comes and hits the bait we
jump off the other side of the boat. We don’t tell anybody. We jump off the other side of the boat and then we swim around and get in the cage. And this guy sitting next
to us at the bar, he says “If the Great White Shark “finds you swimming he’ll be curious “and he’ll take a bite. “Decide he doesn’t like the way you taste “and swim off and then you bleed to death. “the safest way to do what
your talking about doing is “to jump on the shark “because its pointy nose, “with its eyes he can’t see any part “of his body, if it feels
anything he’ll freak out “and he’ll bolt. And that dude, sitting
next to us at the bar was Andre Hartman, so we
got hammered with him. He fell in love with us, he canceled the Japanese dudes and we went out on the boat to find the Great White Shark. – I hear a shark already. The birds said shark. – I love that. The shark comes up to the boat and we jump off, landing in the water
in between the shark and the cage. Got that cool underwater shot of us like coming through, like with the shark right there. – There it is, there it is! – Go shark! (splash) – Oh. (splash) And truthfully we barely even got wet because we scrambled into that cage, so fuckin fast. We totally looked like pussies. And the shot wasn’t even that dope. But, it was pretty dope. (loud bass drum beat) (water rippling) And then. (laughs) Then in Florida, came the Lemon Shark. This is genuinely, like
probably the most dangerous one of them all. – [Cameraman] It is extremely dangerous and the teeth are incredible sharp. – We decided to hand
feed the Lemon Sharks, while standing in this water, which was precisely where some dude had had his whole calf bitten off on this anatomy of a shark bite show. So we’re making fun of
that dude, getting bitten. – But that guy was an idiot. (laughs) In the same spot that we’re standing as we’re hand feeding Lemon Sharks, which are totally fuckin
aggressive sharks. (yelling) (laughing) – And then after the shoot they showed us what an actual Lemon Sharks jaws and teeth look like. It’s fucked up, dude. If I would have known
this I would have never, ever done that. By the time we got to Belize to swim with like a ton of Caribbean Reef Sharks,
I didn’t give a fuck. I was like whatever. (loud bass drum beat) I’m such a shark expert now, it’s like I don’t even care. (upbeat guitar music) (splash) There were so many of them, but that’s all there really was to it. (loud bass drum beat) We knew our next shark
shoot was gonna be colorful. We called it shark surfing. Where we strapped a bunch of meat to a surfboard which I laid on and Silky Sharks and
Dusky Sharks fed on it. Well, this Dusky shark that showed up was fuckin massive. (muffled yelling) – There’s a big one. (muffled yelling) – It was a legitimately tense moment. – [Crew Member] Steve-O, do
not fuck around right now. – And when they said to get out of there I
fuckin got out of there. – [Crew Member] Steve-O
hurry up, go, go, go, go! (splashing) – [Crew Member 2] Swim, Steve-O! Get out of there. – [Crew Member] Oh my God. Did you see what happened to your board? (groaning) (splashing) – And Manny’s like “Yo, your fuckin not
going anywhere shark!” And he grabs it and rides off with it. This fuckin huge thing. That was a heavy day. A whale shark showed up right after that. Manny was freaking out. He says, “The WildBoyz kicked butt today!” – [Manny] The WildBoyz kicked butt, today! (laughing) (loud bass drum beat) (bubbling) And now the one we’ve
all been waiting for, the Fish Hook. I’m sure you think you
know the whole story, but you don’t. (groaning) For starters, I put that
hook through my face twice. Because the first time we went on the boat they brought a
professional body piercer and they did it. Right? There were some sharks and stuff, but a few days later
the director came to me and he said “Hey dude, “like I’m looking at the
shark footage and thinking, “like we could probably
do way better if we had “another day of filming. “Plus I would love it if we could re-shoot “that with Pontius, putting it “through your face instead.” And they cast me out with the the sharks. Manny’s in there doing his
thing, hacking up the fish. But then at the end of the second day all of a sudden a Mako Shark shows up. And this is one you don’t
want to fuck around with. Of course I don’t really
care because I’m ignorant and I’m just paddling away. But Manny says, “Yo, Steve-O watch out!” And, like that scares me so I’m like yo, I’m out of here. And I go, like make a
jerking fuckin motion and accidentally kick
the fuckin Mako Shark in the face, while it
was going for my foot. Like, that was hairy. Thank you so much God. (laughing) – You bastard. – Then months, maybe years
after that I asked the Jackass director, Jeff Tremaine, like what was the plan if
I got bitten by the shark. I mean we were like an hours boat ride away from shore and that was the shore of Louisiana, less than a year
after hurricane Katrina. Like everything was just shut down. And, Jeff said “We didn’t
have a plan, we got God.” And Manny said “I totally would be dead. I would have bled out.” – If you hadn’t kicked that Mako Shark in the head, you
would have bled to death.” (loud bass drum beat) When we were in Fiji, me
and old International Star, Scott Randolph– We should do the dance. [Speaking In Unison] The Shark Dance! (upbeat music) He and I swam with some Bull Sharks. Which is pretty fucked up. (intense eerie music) (upbeat music) (eerie music) (upbeat music) (eerie music) There’s not a lot more
for me to do with sharks. I’ve pretty much handled that and there is more for you to do with the like button. Like, fuckin handle that. Handle it hard. And, you know if you don’t
already have my book. Autographed copies at my website. Gotta have that. If you haven’t seen me on tour with the bucket list tour, fuck come on, dates, get there. And thank you guys for being awesome. I had fun with this little shark video. (groaning) (laughing) Yeah, dude. (laughing)

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