MYPERFECTDAY with Hannah – The interactive video guide for Vienna

MYPERFECTDAY with Hannah – The interactive video guide for Vienna

Hi, I’m Hanna and we are at the Spanish Riding School. My horse Siglavy Valdosta is right here behind me. I’m just about to take him out for the morning training and I’m looking forward to having you accompany me today on what I’d call my perfect day! I don’t get my own horse ready. It’s a tradition here that I don’t saddle my horse up myself but rather it’s done by one of the caretakers, by one of the so-called “Eleven”. Watch out it’s a bit narrow here and the horses are on their way in now. Actually, it would be best if you wait here, I’ll be right back. And now we’re heading outside to the summer hippodrome. And you’re welcome to join me. So, now I’ve got a little bit of time to show you the stalls. This stall is rich in tradition. We have 72 horses, all stallions, which is what makes our stall special. Let’s go meet Maestro Salier. The thing with the names here is that we cannot choose them ourselves; they are part and parcel of the horse’s breeding. But we give each horse a nickname. I call this little one Leni, for example. I’d like to show you something really special now: a brown Lipizzaner. What’s special about it is that the grey color is really the dominant trait and it’s passed down genetically. So when a brown and a grey horse mate, you always get a grey. And he is an exception which is why he’s a sign of luck here in the Spanish Riding School. So, now we’re in the saddle room. This is really special here, and there is a very particular order to everything, which is taken very seriously. The master of the stall, Stallmeister Hamminger, checks everything carefully. For example, you can see the reins here that are always laid together in this particular way so that everything stays proper and tidy. The bridle must be cleaned after each use, and the brass fittings are polished. And these are the white saddles; they are buckskin saddles, all custom-made. And here you can see our show bridles – we call them the golden harnesses. They need to be regularly polished so they really shine for shows. But they are heavy on the horses, heavy to wear, and that is why they are only used for shows and just now and again for dry runs. But I need to hurry up now to get to the performance, but we’ll see each other afterwards! Thank you for waiting! I’m now done with work for the day and I’m really quite hungry. So before we continue on our way, I’d like to show you the new pizzeria just around the corner. And here we are, at l’Osteria. It opened relatively recently and it’s a great place for yummy pizza, so let’s take a seat. You’ll see in just a minute that this pizzeria is famous for its giant pizzas. The quality is outstanding. I look forward to hearing what you think. So! Ah, thank you! Buon Appetito. Look how huge this pizza is – it doesn’t even fit on the plate. Buon appetito! I like to spend my free time outdoors. And that’s quite easy to do here in Vienna. I’d like to show you the Schönbrunn Palace, to get there we need to walk through the first district to the next underground station. Just behind me is the Albertina, which has one of the largest and most valuable collections of artworks. I’ve already seen Dürer’s Young Hare. The entire museum is highly recommended, and is the perfect choice for culture vultures. There to the left, you can see the Hotel Sacher, home of the world-famous Sachertorte. Really delicious! We are now directly in front of the Vienna State Opera House, one of the world’s most famous opera houses. What is really wonderful is that there is even a large screen here outside so that passers-by and anyone can follow what’s going on inside live. I think it’s a fantastic idea and it’s very popular. We’re now right at the underground stop Karlsplatz. From here we can take the U4 directly to Schönbrunn. Now we’re standing in the middle of the square directly in front of Schönbrunn Palace – what an impressive place! Whenever you’re here, you feel like you’ve been transported back to the imperial past. Before we head to the zoo, I’d like to show you the Wagenburg, the Imperial Carriage Museum. Follow me! The entrance to the Wagenburg is just behind me here. Come along – I think you’ll find some rather impressive carriages inside. This is really beautiful, don’t you think? And because Lipizzaners used to be used as carriage horses, it’s especially interesting for me to see how they got around back then. Here you can see that many horses were needed to draw these carriages. And you can see how magnificently they were decorated. Let’s have a look. A carriage is real craftsmanship. These decorations are simply amazing. Even I would have traded in a saddle for the coach box for these! It’s amazing to think that they had a particular carriage for each occasion, even for mourning. This here is the hearse that carried Empress Elisabeth. It looks so splendid! We’re going straight through the Palace Park now. Though there was a lot going on here earlier, it’s still the perfect place for walking and jogging. There’s even a swimming pool and you can get an amazing view of Vienna from the Gloriette – and a nice cup of coffee, too. That was a bit of a walk, but now the zoo is directly behind us, so we’ve reached our destination. This is the oldest zoo in the world and has been voted as the best on numerous occasions. Let’s head inside. They’re just about to start feeding the seals. It’s such fun – I’ve seen it a few times already. Let’s just watch a bit. So we had no luck with the polar bears, but the Andean bear is also adorable. I’m feeling a bit tired now and could really do with a coffee or maybe some ice cream. Luckily we can get both here, in the lovely surroundings of the Kaiserpavillion, which is where we’ll head now. So here we are in the Kaiserpavillion in the center of the zoo. It’s a lovely place to end our day together. I hope you enjoyed it; I certainly did. I’ll just sit back now and enjoy my chocolate drink and say good-bye for now. Till we meet again in Vienna! Bye!

17 thoughts on “MYPERFECTDAY with Hannah – The interactive video guide for Vienna

  1. Lovely video Hannah,
    me & my friends would like to come to Vienna in April and will see Spanish Riding School Performance "A Tribute to Vienna " .
    Very much looking forward to see & experience Vienna by myself.

  2. grauen haft Rolkur und dan nicht mal das Pferd wertschetzen in dem es als lauf Tier auch art gerecht halten wirt dazu komt das sie nicht mal einen diregten bezug führ das Pferd haben es ist wohl nurnoch sport geret leider und sehr traurich das alles , sie sokten mer an die gesund erhaltung des Pferdes denken und nicht des Brechen des Pferdes in fohrm fohn rolkur und dergleichen .!

    es ist einfach so traurich das die reit schuhle Tier qwelerei hinter traditon verstecken sehr traurich alles .

  3. Schön für diese Frau.
    Ich war auch schon in der Wagenburg, im Tiergarten Schönbrunn und in einer Pizzeria.
    Die Zuchtanlagen in Piber sind weitaus schöner als die Anlage in Wien.
    Auch wenn man dort immer und immer wieder nervtötend gesagt bekommt "blabla die sind halt braun als Fohlen und werden dann weiß blabla". Das weiß nahezu jeder Reiter, der einige Jahre Erfahrung hat.

  4. ja wunderbar, schicke Boxen, aber traurig, dass den Pferden jeglicher sozialerKontakt verwehrt wird…. ich verstehe es nicht, wie man so einen Jack unterstützen kann…

  5. Thank you for the amazing video! What do to in Vienna? Discover our best picks! I hope it interests you!

  6. Die armen Pferde! Müssten in engen Boxen stehen. Werden nur mit Sporen, Gerte und scharfen Gebissen geritten! Und leider auch völlig überfordert!

  7. Hanna, it is great that you can pursue your dream in a place of such quality and tradition; it will make you a top rider. Maybe later you'll want to pursue olympic style dressage. Well, I wouldn't have any problem being a rider at your current school forever either. Like you say, it's perfect. Congratulations.

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