NATURE | Wolves Hunting Buffalo | Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo | PBS

NATURE | Wolves Hunting Buffalo | Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo | PBS

Killing a buffalo is a risky business But these wolves have hunted buffalo for hundreds if not thousands of years. They know what they need to do The wolves have to attack from [behind] so they must get the hurt to run The Buffalo know that if they stand and pace the walls they have the advantage sometimes these standoffs can last for days If the Buffalo strategy was foolproof there wouldn’t be any wolves But eventually the buffalo lose their nerve and decide to run for [it] I can see how the wolves are testing the buffalo looking for a young animal or one that is struggling During the winter the Buffa will have to break trail running through the deep snow. They tire more quickly than the wool Scattering through the bush forces the [wolves] to split up and reduces their effectiveness But the big alpha male is not distracted. He’s got a lock on his prey It’s a yearling calf The big male is such a huge wolf. He’s able to bring this 600-pound animal to a stop all [by] himself But the herd scattering through the bush has led one of the younger wolves into his own solo battle He tries to grab the [Buffalo] by the front And pays the price for this mistake you you

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  1. Most of wild animals haters are just hypocrite fat meat eaters that don't care about contributing to air pollution and cows suffering just because they're so selfish and won't stop eating their beloved burgers and shit. But yea, "wolves are bad" because they hunt to eat and it's their only way to survive…

  2. Crazy to think people say that Kangals can kill a Gigantic male Alpha Timber wolf you find here in Canada.
    If you have seen a kangal killing a wolf, it's probably just a tiny Turkish or Arabic wolf.They are incredibly smaller than the Grey wolves.

  3. Simply jiong rong and jack london made my search about this magnificent creature.apparantly i started changing my ideas about those..

  4. It takes only one buffalo to turn around and kill the wolves but the buffalos are quite thick especially other bison species look at their momentum and 100 cm heads they can body a elephant but they're too dumb to understand they can kill nearly anything and take the bluff

  5. The bloody canids again. So typical: if you're going to whine and beg for mercy when attacking a larger, stronger animal, why bother attacking it?
    Anyway, they're lucky there are no tigers (or order Felids larger than a Puma) in North America. Else, wolves wouldn't feel quite so apex. The thugs of The North American, European and North Asian Wild, akin to their brethren the dholes, African painted dogs and other pack-reliant canids.

  6. Am i the only one who wants to kjnow what happened to the young bison, did the heard came back for its rescue and what happened to that young wolf???

  7. Didn't know that wolves hunting buffalo. In Russia, we are only trying to increase their numbers and keep them in reserves. They are so big that it seems that no one can hunt them. But, as we see, they are not very smart…

  8. I'm surprised PBS is broadcasting all this violence…. Shouldn't they be a positive force in nature and encourage the buffalo and wolves to hold hands and sing 'kum bah yah' ? And if the government would just provide them with food stamps there wouldn't be any need for all this violence. A perfect example of how the perfect government program can produce the perfect society. Then sponsor a government buy back of all horns and fangs and wolf/buffalo society would be perfectly safe! Hooray! Hillary for President!

  9. Here's my theory as to why the Bison run, even though they outnumbered the wolves : They may have evolved to make that mistake.Yes. That specific mistake may be hardwired in their DNA. The wolves need to survive. Their presence is critical in order to maintain balance in the region. So the Bison run. And the wolves survive as a result. Evolution isn't always natural selection. Sometimes,it is the members of the species, whose behavior not only allows their own survival, but the survival of their predators too, that thrive the most. Like that Bison that trampled it's own kind. That was no accident. They probably do that systematically.

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  11. Scott Rockholm is a criminal for wanting to wipe out the wolf population in Idaho, for the mere reason, in his little mind: "saving nature". I had a talk the other day with a dumb co-worker about lions who told me technically the exact thing. That trophy-hunters are good for the reason that lions kill everything and that so-called $50,000 goes a long way helping preserve nature. How people come up with such absurd ideas, I know not? Needless to say he lost all my respect after that.

  12. Love this vid! Some people think they know all about wolves based on these one-sided vids they show on here of little wolves, dogs and coyotes. There are humongous wolves, coyotes, coywolves and dogs that exist people. They can climb trees too and most people did not know that. Wolves also have a PSI bite force of over 1,200 pounds. That is more than any big cat, dog and comparable to a polar and grizzly bear. AMAZING!!!

  13. Нужно было добить волка, затоптать, закопать в снег в лепёшку, суки ненавижу волков.

  14. I like how wolves work together as a team, you know what they say, team work makes the dream work, or in this case, team work makes the HUNT work

  15. Wolves are the best creatures for art, whether you want to photograph them, paint them, draw them, write a poem or just listen to their howls. This animal is incredible.

    And just imagine this: Wolves are apex predators, so imagine if they had the size of big cats, since size is the only thing they lack, they have the bite, the speed, the endurance, the strength and most of all the intelligence.

  16. How can a sane person be anti-wolf? They are wonderful animals it's a pleasure to watch this great alpha male hunting for food. What a drive he has, totally focused and willing to survive.

  17. Não, é bufalo é bisão americano só existe o búfalo africano que escapa do Leão e mata o filhote do Leão,

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