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As the weather heats up in North Carolina, many people dream of refreshing in a backyard pool but wonder if it will hurt or help their ability
to sell in the future. Real estate expert, Linda Craft, is here to share some interesting
trends that are proving today’s home buyer is more favorable to a pool than in years past, really? Yes, isn’t that shocking? Why has that changed? I mean it used to be real estate agents will say no way don’t buy that house with the pool.Yeah.
You won’t get your return on your investment. It’s gonna take forever to sell that house.
You’re not gonna get a penny out of it and you spent all that money. So, it’s changing for two reasons: economics and generational. So, if you think back in
time the seniors and we’ve got four generations now living together, the seniors they did
not want a pool. They saw it as an expense. They saw it as a huge liability and the thought
of a dip in the pool compared to the fear they lived with that a child might fall in
the pool and drown, they wanted no part of it. Sounds like my parents. Right, you have heard it many times, “I don’t want a pool.” Yep. Then we go to the baby boomers. Baby boomers, they didn’t want a pool initially. They thought I work all the time. I’m not
home. I’d have to take care of it. I want a community pool. I want a neighborhood pool. I want a private membership that I can go and enjoy whenever I want to and if they had a neighborhood pool what they liked is that they could send the kids down to the pool. The children would have people to play with, maybe even a lifeguard to kind of baby sit
a little bit, but now even that trend is starting to change because baby boomers realize that I don’t
always like who my kids play with and so if I have a pool in my backyard all the kids will come over here to this house. I can watch my children make sure they’re not being influenced by bad people and just, you know, have that feeling of connection. So, it’s generational. And what about Gen X and Gen Y? And that’s the biggest market that we’re in right now, right? The baby boomers are
moving out and the gen-x, gen-y’s buying like crazy because we got a lot of first-time homebuyers think about that generation they don’t really
like to share anything. I don’t mean that ugly. You’re right. It’s true but they don’t right? They have their connections, their group of friends and they mean so much to each other that they actually can justify
the expense of a pool by saying well if I’ve got the pool in the backyard. I can do whatever I want whenever I want to. it doesn’t shut down at dusk. I can have
a cold refreshing drink next to me or some…food to share with my friends everybody collects, gathers, the relationships grow and they compare it economically to where if I bought a beach house or I went on vacation for what I would spend for that weekend or week I can have a pool for an entire year.
Wow. And so they love pools and when they’re shopping for houses they’re always asking is there enough room in the
backyard in the pool? If there’s a septic involved? You know where’s the septic lines
so I can have a pool? Today, pools are in such high demand it’s just such a switch and– this is astonishing! It is isn’t it? Okay, so what kind of return
on investment are you saying with such a high demand for pools? Well, I like to say you
make money but you still don’t. you get some back okay . What we were seeing when we’re researching sales of like homes
one with a pool, one without is that typically you want to see about five to ten percent
higher sales price on a home with a pool than one without and the whole outdoor entertaining area, the fire pit, the hot tub.You know, all of that is just so popular. People are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to basically have a vacation in
their backyard which they actually get to use a whole lot more and they’re getting some return now on that investment. Okay, so you have some selling tips for pool owners to maximize their profit. Yes, thank
you for that because now you need to think about that pool as being an extension of your home and so
just as we stage homes to capture emotion, you need to do the same with thing with pools. So you got to have that pretty blue color, crystal clear water. It’s got to be clean. The decking, the patios cleaned, stained whatever you need to do to make those look
good and you want to have nice looking furniture and if you don’t have nice looking furniture
than take that old, ugly, worn stuff out. Have a nice colorful umbrella maybe some pots with, you know, some colorful plants but you want to set the stage and wash the windows.
I can’t tell you how many times I walk in and I want to look out and see this beautiful view and the windows are dirty and I’m, like, wash the windows because, you know, even if you don’t get to jump in that pool every day you come home from work and you look out there and that water is just refreshing, right, so show it off. Okay, so how do you find these homes with the pool? We have a custom search through
our multiple listing service where we can actually go in and build a website so if wanted a pool, we can literally
have MLS send you information on newer listings that have pools on newer listings that have pools multiple times a day, just a moment they come on the
market and you need that if you want a pool because there’s not very many out there
and when they hit they sell fast so you want to be able to respond quickly. Wow, Linda you’re blowing my mind today. Things are always changing, aren’t they?
They are. Thank you so much. Thank you. If you want to buy a home with a pool or want more information on adding a pool to
your backyard visit LindaCraft.com or call Linda today at 919-235-0007.

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