100 thoughts on “Neen Williams – Skate Forever | lululemon

  1. Neen rips. Chip Wilson sucks and his company makes comfortable and ugly clothes that cost way too much money. Skateboarding doesn't need Lululemon.

  2. Really inspiring Neen! In the movie The Razors Edge the monk says to Larry that the path to enlightenment is like walking on the edge of a razor. I’m glad you found the keener side of that blade. I’m 55 and still skating and was also inspired by your commitment to your health, which is something I think a lot about these days. Thanks for taking the time to make the vids!

  3. Lululemon: Scratches out first number, writes new number and folds paper, slides it to Neen Are you SURE the skateboarding community isn't ready for a yoga brand?

  4. I got sober in September of 2013 from booze. When Neen talks about getting rid of all the friends that you party with and do a 180-degree turn. It's hard but you gotta do it. It's not easy Neen is a great teacher and role model.

  5. So inspiring. Seeing Neen change the way he did made me want to run every single day. Just so I can skate forever. I train and stretch regularly for skateboarding ❤️

  6. I feel I'm going through the same thing! Quitting the drinking and partying to get back my love for skateboarding, and my mental and spiritual health! Way to go bro with an inspiration!

  7. Neen inspires me to look after my body, hit that quality nutrition, stretch and keep skating at age 30 and beyond 🙂

  8. yup now it is official, skateboarding is going to be in 2020 summer olympic games. yet another corporate company going for a run for the money…

    imagine andrew reynold throwing down frontside flips down a set while rocking some lululemon gear…

  9. Thank you Neen! I gained so much weight letting go. I still skate but it ain’t the same. It’s more of a challenge. This is the hype I needed to get my body mind and soul back on the grind to do what I have a passion for in my life. Thanks Homie

  10. I mean learning the body and mind is nice and all but you can’t be that connected when you eating slaughtered dead animal flesh. I had a similar journey and it’s brought me to a plant based lifestyle. I couldn’t claim being clean and connected when I haven’t faced the food i was eating 3 times a day.

  11. Honest opinion, lululemon makes some of the best functional athletic wear for men and women.
    I wear their shorts for skateboarding, they look and feel great and no one can tell what brand they are so I don’t get any judgy looks ever.
    Truth is, you have to try their clothes to understand how above everyone else they are.
    When you’re grown enough to not care about the cool factor of a brand when choosing clothes, you’ll get it.

  12. Neen is dope. I'm 8 years on this sober journey and as an athlete now in my 30s I would leave 20s me in the freakin dust. Every time. Watch out. Neen is just gonna get better and better.


  14. Hutt Buffing Fomo – Lululemon signature self aggrandizing fuckhole series clutch bags made 100% from regenerative and recycled d-bags

  15. Stuck in rehab for 10 more months came from jail and literary skating and progressing influenced the partying to where I lost everything except my board and how it is to skate sober and talk about every mistake I done. I wish I just kept with skating and smoking pot… maybe one day

  16. Lululemon bring back shorts with the cool prints. All I see now are solid colors. I want shorts with some drip 💧 again.

  17. Jesus fucking Christ 😂😂😂😂 worlds finally ending
    It's finally going to end soon everyone!!!!!😍😍🎉🎉🎉

  18. I'm so upset if skateboarding is becoming mainstream keep your corporate bullshit out of skateboarding its gunna ruin the community

  19. Such an inspiring soul! My favorite skater of the moment, because he embodies life as it's intented. Humble and sincere. Much love Neen!

  20. Lot of people don’t have the drive it takes to wane off their vices, respect to anyone who does and can. Everyday we’re getting better

  21. Lol… So they never show him make that heelflip over the fire hydrant. This is why companies like lululemon shouldn't be involved in skateboarding. Neen is rad. But Lululemon? Nah man.

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