Nerd³’s Hell… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Nerd³’s Hell… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Nerd³’s Hell… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Uh, you bastards want more. Fine! Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a shitshow. It is without a doubt the worst skateboarding game ever made, and I’m largely gonna talk about it from a position of someone who’s played a lot of skateboarding games. I’m not gonna go “Look, it’s Goat Simulator, silly physics, wah!” The physics and glitches and bugs and crashes are numerous, yes, but, I’m gonna talk about it from the position of a skateboarding game, and from a skateboarding game position, It’s worse than that little minigame in Spyro 3. It’s atrocious, it’s horrible, it is — It feels like an unfinished prototype for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 – it — but it’s seriously does. If you take away the slightly shiny graphics, that are com — pretty much look flat and textureless, you take those away and it just feels like it’s a shitty prototype. If this was a pound on Steam and made in Unity, I would be laughing at it and going, “What a crock of shit,” but no, this is a full game. A full game with a SEVEN GIGABYTE PATCH. Before the patch, apparently, the only thing that works is the Create-A-Park and the Tutorial. Which gets me thinking, and this is purely me speculating, maybe because the patch adds most of the game, maybe because the game is so buggy and clearly unfinished, the reason the patch is so large is they took all that content out so it would pass certification. You need to pass certification to have disks printed and be able to be put on the consoles, that’s a — a thing that happens. Maybe, just maybe, just maybe the patch is so large because they took out as much that was broken as possible, gave the bare essentials, er, and then they’d get through the certification process. Who the fuck knows? This game is apparently also a desperate cash-in, with apparently Activision’s licence, er, for Tony Hawk’s running out this year — it — All these things explain why this game is a shitshow, but still, but STILL, people put their fucking name on this. Let’s look at the options. Right, the only redeeming thing about this game is half of the soundtrack. Half of this soundtrack is a very Tony Hawk’s thing. It’s pretty much unknowns, it’s pop-thing, and it’s — no, it’s — it’s not pop, it’s pop-punk and it’s that sort of shit and there’s no ska or the fun stuff that made the, er, the original Tony Hawk’s’ worthwhile, but it’s — it’s — half of it’s good. The other half is dubstep, and dubstep – I’m just an old man now – is just noise that I have to turn off. Which you can’t do. There’s no way of customising the soundtrack, as far as I can tell, But I can turn the music off. This is the entire options menu. This is all you got. That’s the options. Right. Let’s hit play, shall we? Yes. Tony Hawk’s PS5 Levels. T’pus. Heh, they’re taking t’pus. Uh, My Levels, Player Created Levels, and that’s it. I don’t know why they have the arrows up and down there, that’s kind of not necessary. We’re gonna play the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 levels. I’ve unlocked two, because having to earn fifteen mission stars to unlock that one: Just too much for me. Just. Too. Much for me. Uh, let’s go to the first o — uh, the first one’s awful — oh, let’s go the first one anyway. Right, so we can start the game, which will boot us into a server with random people, or start a private game, which takes much longer to boot us into a server where we’ll be eventually be put in with random people anyway, so, you may as well not fucking bother. Don’t know if you can play online, there’s no option for it, I’d have to actually physically unplug my PS2, and look! We’re in! Now we’re just gonna wait for the level to load in the distance. Still gonna be loading some bits up? Ahhh, oh, there, there’s some textures popping in on the right there. Great! This is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Apparently I hit someone. Oh, he was down there, but I still apparently hit him. Yeah, so this is, like, the first level. All the levels are flat and banned and I — Banned. Bland. God, I wish they were banned. That box says ‘SWAG’. Jesus. Um, yeah, it’s got this cel-shaded look: they just draw a line around everything to make it look interesting. I don’t know what the point of having these people in — there’s no real way to interact with them. Apart from ‘hit’, when neither of you sort of fall over anything, and they just glitch out and look awful, so it’s pretty much useless. I’d say it’s entirely useless. Whats even more useless are these FUCKING USELESS mission markers. Hang on, that’s X. See, the — the problem I have with these is half the time they don’t work. Like, they just flat out don’t work. And I’ve found if you push the middle button, you can go down to Missions and select them from there. Just do that. Don’t even try to deal with those. Right, let’s talk about some changes. So you hold down X to push off and go, like you do in any Tony Hawk’s game, and then you’re gone. You may have noticed that I’m not getting all the speed up that I used to. That’s because you now have to hold down R2 to go. Which was never a thing. Which is apparently now a thing. And L2 to brake. Again. Never a thing. Not adding anything. Holding down X worked and then letting go to ollie worked fine. I mean, holding down X does get your fucking speed up anyway. So why have you given two buttons for this, which is completely useless. And if you’re wasting buttons, why the fuck did you swap Triangle from being grind to being this FUCKING! USELESS! FUCKING! SLAM! BULLSHIT! It is awful. As — just — someone who’s played also many of these games, taking — ‘Cos you hold down Triangle before you get to the grind. You air and then you push the button But as soon as you — talk about wallrides later. As soon as you tap the button to grind, you just plummet into the ground. Christ, I hope there’s something you want to grind right underneath you. It just — it doesn’t work. And they do the same thing – See — Don’t know why I fell over there. That happens a lot. Don’t ever try and think you’re gonna get a combo in this game. It won’t happen. I remember calling, er, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – it was made by the same people – er, an absolute buggy pile of shit that was only made for me and I could barely stand it, but it was – I got some enjoyment out of it. It’s — Now — This is just awful, because I expected the remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 to only have the shit that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 had in it. I expect one called 5, that’s the most recent one, to actually have some, you know, of the old shit in it. So much stuff is just GONE. Just completely GONE. So one of the big ones is, as you can see the level loading in the distance there, is when you’re grinding, you can’t switch your tricks up. When you’re grinding, or manualing, or doing a lip trick, you can’t sw — flip your tricks, which was a huge way of getting combos back in the day. Completely gone. Absolutely gone. Fucking Wallriding is AUTOMATIC. SO FUCKING ANNOYING! Christ on a bike! So yeah, wallriding you now have absolutely no control over. You used to have to hit Triangle and then if you were next to a wall you would do a wallride. Now, just jump at a wall and maybe you’ll do a wallride. Sometimes you don’t. That time I did. THAT time I did. That time I didn’t. Literally no idea what caused that. I think you’ve gotta be at more of an angle, but sometimes you can just be riding against it flat and everything will be fine. So yeah, they’ve, for some reason decided that — Oh, I realise why that’s not a thing. Because every time I go for a wallride, I push Triangle and do that. And slam. ‘COS THE FUCKING DUMBSHIT SLAM BUTTON FUCKING BULLSHIT! Slam would be really useful on R2. A button that really isn’t used for anything, just, “Oh, I’ve aired over that. Slam,” would be really useful. Taking away a button that I’ve built into my head for the last fucking, however long Tony Hawk’s has been out, since the PS1, it’s just taking that away is just shit. it’s dumb, stupid bullshit. Look, I’m doing moves. I — I — seem to realise that — you know you used the mash the Kickflip three times and it would do a Triple Kickflip? Now it just does there Kickflips. That’s just dumb. Hey, Let’s go into this thing! Wow! 180 Indie Backflip! I don’t know how I did that because they’ve changed the fucking Specials and you have no control over how you’re Specials work anymore. It used to be Left, Right, Circle; Up, Down, Circle; Up, Left, Circle. You could customise and change them. Not anymore. Once you push L1 to activate the incredibly short Special Mode, it just does it fucking randomly for you! Well, that time I did a Sack Tap. If I push the exact same combination, I crash into a wall because the collision detection is shit. If you jump in a quarter pipe in pretty much any other Tony Hawk’s game, you’re likely to do just that. If you jump on a quarter pipe in this one, yeah, every now and then you’ll just air out and then get stuck in some pipes like I just did there. I think I need to take five second to remind myself why I love this series… and it’s all the other games. Um, grinding. I hated the grinding in Tony hawk’s Pro Skater HD, I hate it in this. It’s just so soft. It’s like you grind — You just — There’s that little section where you sort of lower yourself — It’s kind of — It’s quite hard to see, but you can feel it. There’s no immediate snap to the rail, like there is in the old Tony Hawk’s’ games. Remember, this is something they mastered on the PS-fucking-1! It’s three console generations later! And they just — it just feels light and shit — Even the Slam. Like, ‘cos, like, you see, like, if you Slam on the ground, it’s like — SLAM, and I’ve mushed into the ground. If I Slam onto a rail you can definitely see it. No. There, you see? It’s sort of like it’s, like, soft descent. I’m not, like, crashing into it. People who have been playing the shit out of Tony Hawk’s will be like yes, fucking yes. Didn’t want to wallride there, but thank you. Was gonna go for a trick but the wallride kicked me off. HA! HA! Gonna look at my list. I actually had to make a list ‘cos there’s so much shit about this game that I hate, I actually couldn’t remember it all. Actually, let’s talk about the mission structure. You may be going “Ooh, look, there’s COMBO and there’s things. “It’s been two minutes. Why haven’t you timed out?” ‘Cos they decided that was a dumb idea. “Two minutes? Nah, we don’t want the two minutes thing anymore. “Instead we’ll put it around with absolutely no time limit meaning it has no skill involved, and you’ll have to go to these mission markers to start the missions.” Hey, let’s do a mission. Right. This button, ‘cos fuck trying to make those things work. Let’s go for… which one shall we go for? “How High?” You can play it in co-op, which seems to be greyed out, or you can play it in single player. Let’s play it in single player. Remember how you — two minutes was just ticking along and you had everything there? This is how long it takes just to boot into this. Still not there. Now it looks like I’m in there, but I’m not in there yet. There we go! Now we’re in there. Now I have to wait, and I have to push Accept. Right, I have to go really high or something. Okie-dokie. There’s a No Comply off there. Ooh, we just have to stay really high Probably a good idea just to get into the thing. I really hope that board hit you in the face hurt, like really badly. Like, absolutely, like, horrifically. Hey, let’s drop into this! Oh, yeah, they got rid of that feature. There’s now once you jump over something there’s no drop-in feature anymore. And you may have noticed that everyone else seems to have fucked off. You’re now on your own. There’s no people in these missions; there’s just you, so that’s nice. This mission’s literally just doing this. It’s just Boneless, Boneless. Boneless gets me the air. More Bonelessing. I like Bonelessing. Bonelessing is good. You may have noticed out there that there’s a lot of terrain. Can’t touch any of it. No fucking point to any of it. Messed that one up. Game didn’t shit itself. Oh, did I just, like, completely stop there? Yes I did. Glorious. Reverts don’t slow you down anymore. I can’t — Reverts just don’t seem to slow you down, they just keep you going, so if you were doing a combo and you revert, you really seem to keep a lot more of your speed. It’s kind of shitty. They used to, like, really say “No, you can only do, like, two or three,” now even when I’m, like, not even — I haven’t even levelled up once in this fucking game. Christ knows how you even do it. Yeah, that’s just… There’s literally a mission in this game I am currently achieving. I’m nearly at the Sick score, ooh. Let’s go over here. Woooh. Woooooh. Wooooh. Ooh, I did a manual there, even though I didn’t actually tap the, uh, down button. That’s fine. Hooray! Available Stat Points are nine. Right, I can retry the mission – why would I want to – or I can return to Freeskate. So now I return to Freeskate. So now I have to wait fo — to return to the Freeskate. Bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm, bohm. Don’t know why they took out the Acid-y Drops. Acid Drops were great. Pushed the button and you dropped in. Remember that? Just push the button and you would just drop in. It was a great feature. Not any more. They’ve got the Wallplant, still, which was quite a late feature, so it’s not like they’ve gone, “Oh, we’re doing Pro Skater stuff.” It’s kind of dumb. Why doesn’t — I don’t know why it’s not returning me to the Freeskate. Oh, it HAS returned me to the Freeskate, it’s just saying that I — that it hasn’t, ‘cos there’s no people around. It’s added back the SKATE and stuff. Well, great. I swear I’ve collected the SKATE already but, alright. Let’s just say I haven’t, game, it’ll make you feel better. SPECIALS! Well, that was my Special that time. Yeah, that was the Special that time. That was the Special — Yeah. Okay. The anger’s blown away, now there is just sadness. Do you — you didn’t actually even bother to return me to the thing. It was like, Returning, and then it just went here. I’ve loads of questions about the font used. Like, why are there, like, fifty or sixty kinds of fonts in this game? There’s like — I can see on my screen now, like, eight fonts. Like, now I can s — look, ‘cos there’s the really thin font there, there’s two in the corner, if there’s anything appears on the right, there’s just shitty fonts there. These are all different fonts, there’s no — it feels like all — that this game was cobbled together by five different people, in about a fortnight, and they glued it together in five minutes. One of my notes is: “Levels of Wank”. Oh, look at this! I’m not actually back, I can’t start the next mission yet, just gotta wait for it to kick me back in. Man, I’m so glad they have this online hub (!) I could go into a private match, but as soon as I come out of a mission it just puts me into a non-private match. Every fucking time. Alright, let’s quit and go back in. “Accessing leaderboard.” Oh, good, I really give a shit about the dumbfucks who are top of this leaderboard. Thanks for not even bothering to show it. “Failed to join online session. Game lobby is full or no longer available.” Yeah, I guessed that. Right, let’s play … let’s play Bonfire Beach. Let’s do a private game. Screw it — you may notice that there’s no AI walking around or anything, they, couldn’t be bothered to make any cars drive around or AI like that Hey, the private game loaded up really fast this time! Great! Didn’t do that fucking this morning. Oops. “Sand in your Shorts.” Yeah, so because there’s no AI or anything, the levels are just dead. They’re just — that, that’s the whole level, by the way. From that sign — you can see the sign in the distance. Like, that sign in front of me, the Vans sign, that’s a big deadline there. Can’t go past that. Can’t go over this wall. Can’t go behind me there. Go over here again. Oh, I’ve done that again. Well, now I’m standing here and apparently balancing. I’m not actually in a manual, I’m just now balancing. Great. Okay. What a terrifically well-made game this is. Yeah. Levels are wank. We’ve still not got to the worst part about this game yet. Uh, what else haven’t I said? Yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s a — fucking weird one. Why are there no animations to get me back up? I can’t actually think of another Tony Hawk’s that doesn’t have a … Oh, you –, then you stand up, the skateboard slides from behind you. Like, it just feels so lazy. Must’ve fallen down now. Uh-huh. Well, that was sloppy. You know what else is sloppy? FUCKING. STAMP. BUTTON. It just looks — look at those lines at the top! It looks so shit. It’s just endlessly shit and shit and shit. I’ll just mask some fucking score up. Do a lip trick. Oh, no. Fuck it. Fuck you! FUCK YOU, YOU DUMB FUCK! I’m genuinely pissed off. Do you know why I’m really pissed off? Do you know why I’m really pissed off? ‘Cos this game’s sixty fucking pou — dollars, that’s the o — it’s fucking a full price game, apparently! Eight levels, it’s got. Eight levels. That’s — this is a full-priced game. Activision can go fuck themselves. That’s, that’s, that’s the — that’s my take away from this. They just — they can go fuck themselves. They saw this game and thought, “Oh, well, we better hit that deadline.” Doing some tricks. Right, what else do we have to talk about? Yeah. Let’s talk about the big one. This is a — my ‘fan of Tony Hawk’s-ness’. Oh, I couldn’t go on that little bit there, for some reason. Oh, is — this is just a pier, is it? You see all those things in — that thing over there, that looks grindable? No, you — I lied! Sorry! That sign there? No. That’s actually out of the gameplay. You’ll also notice here that the framerate lags to shit if there’s any particle effects, like if you got your board on fire, uh, game just starts lagging. Just drops — I think it’s running at sixty, and I’m not surprised, considering that there is FUCK ALL BEING RENDERED! But yeah, it just … lags to death. If we go up to these tikis, that used to make sounds but now don’t. Oh, wait, they’re not making sounds today. Yeah. Just lag. I’ve just got — Now look, it’s just — I hope that’s getting picked up by how shitty that looks. Let’s do that again. Whoom. No. Triangle… It’s all wrong. Everything’s wrong. WHY — [RADIO SILENCE] The worst part about this game is that you can’t fuck up, and it makes when the game fucks up look even worse. Are there any pools in the beach area? Let’s find out. Well, we have this, I suppose. Uh, it’s not great. Maybe we should go back to the other one. Let’s go back to the other one. Wait fuck. How do you level up?That’s resume. Map — map view. Thanks. Super useful. Uhh, options. It’s the same options. View controller mapping. Can’t fucking change it. Yes. Uh, exit game. No, I want these ones then. Player lists. Well, there’s clearly no players. Modes. These are modes you can play with people, I suppose. Never had anyone start one of those on me. Party and Invites. Yeah. There’s the missions. I literally have no idea how to level my fucking character up. ‘Cos it says I’ve got Stat Points. Wonder if we go back to the main menu, is it on the main menu? I don’t know anymore. Won’t be options, is it? Oh is it in — it’s Customise Skater. Oh, can you not make your own skaters? I assumed this was just the Create-a-Skater. That’s a … him. Alright. Can I — I don’t know who any of these people are. So you can’t even make your own skater. Customise. Oh, there we go. This is where we do it. Okay. So thats — Oh, I can change his costume to one of — One, two, three, four. No, three, ‘cos we had that one again. Three. Nice. Choose his emblem. There’s his bests. Great. So apparently we were actually at zero stats. Did you see how fucking high I was getting for zero stats? Fuck it. Where’s Air? Hang on, we don’t have Air. Speed, Ollie. What if I just put it into Ollie? Let’s do it in Ollie and Speed. Grind. Eh, that’s useless. Vert. Boost you get off a quarter pipe. Alright, that’ll be Air then. Spin, Special, whatever. Oh yeah, look, there’s the Special tricks, just listed there. Grab. Fingerflip Airwalk. Wait, what? I was just — I’m very confused about these automatic Specials now. I’m absolutely beyond confused as to how they work. Just no idea. I genuinely have no idea. Right, let’s go to T’pus levels. Let’s get back to this one. I would show everyone — God, these missions. I’ll do a few missions and then I’ll do the other one in a second. I’ve just got to show you the worst thing, ‘cos it’s so bad. It’s just so bad. Oh, hello, this one’s full! We can watch all the happy people. I didn’t want to fucking wallride there, I didn’t want to be up there. You can watch all these people going up, going down, and, er, glitching wildly in the air. That’s, er. yeah. This is — there’s not very many — Oh, that guy’s shot off into space, that guy’s shot off into space. There’s not many much in the way of, um, reason to do this. I don’t get it. There’s loads of skaters. The big names above them just sort of ruin it. If these weren’t just big names above it. Things would have been okay. Anyway, let’s show you the worst thing. This is me grinding. I’m gonna mash this right the way to the left. Didn’t bail. Gonna mash this right the way to the right. Didn’t bail. Gonna do a manual now. Gonna mash this all the way up. Didn’t bail. Gonna do it all the way down. Didn’t bail. You can’t fuck up your grinds. So there’s no, “Ooh, I’ll just go for a quick manual, I hope I don’t fuck up” anymore. Which is like — which is the series’s everything. It was that tension of, “Do I fit another trick in?” And they took it away. They took it away oh so good. They just — I honestly don’t think they played Tony Hawk’s before. Why can’t I Ollie after a revert? How hard would that been to implement and keep the combo going like you used to be able to? Let’s do a mission. The depression is setting in. Yeah, yeah. There’s some tosspots who think they’ve got a high score. Play. Player Created Levels.Maybe there’ll be an interesting player one. Most liked. Pro Parking. Pro Paking. Okay. Whatever. Let’s join in with these ones. [LARGE SIGH] Im in a box. Oh, no, I’m not in a box. I’m out here. Oh, it’s the exact — It’s the exact same fucking level. They’ve just — Don’t know what’s happening now. What’s over there? Is this like this — Has this guy just, like, copied the level’s height map or something? Can I view the Map view? It’s really — that’s, that’s, nothing like it Apparently I’m on grass right now? Jesus. God, I found a thing and I was like, “that’s kind of useless”, and it was even more useless than I thought. I’ve got a horrible feeling, yeah, that you’ll be stuck to the levels that already exist. Ah, well, that’s fun. God, I hope you’re not stuck to those height maps or anything, ‘cos this level didn’t scale up like that. Whoosh. Oh, now I’m big. Now there’s a thing going on and I’m big. Don’t know what it was, I don’t think it told me what it was, but now I’m big. Wheeeeeeee. Yeah, I’m just gonna keep grinding. What you gonna do? What you gonna do, game? What you gonna do? Oh, you’re just gonna randomly kick me off. Thaaaaanks. [MORE SIGHING] Wheeeeeee. Wheeeee. I like how he didn’t kick on the way up but did on the way down. Quality. Are you actually like — Ah fuck, you know what? Now I have to boot the fucking thing up. Oh, I don’t care. I don’t like or dislike your bollocks. Right. Create-a-Park. yeah. Beach. Small — like — Oh my God. Like, when you create, you’re actually set to just the maps that exist, and you just put shit on them. [STUNNED SILENCE] This is a stunned silence, not the game crashing. It may have been the game crashing. It’s gone black now. [MORE STNNED SILENCE] Ooh. There we go! (Fucking hell.) Yes. Accept. Brilliant, look at all this shit. Oh yeah, I’ll work this all out. So yeah. All this shit’s already here. Oh, how fucking marvellous. So even the creator mode is just “Recreate our levels”. You’re just stuck with what you’re given. Fuck this game! No, ye — just fuck it! Just fuck it! [END CARD]

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