yesterday we got two cars filled of like everyone from erased and we took a trip out to my hometown in Nevada we have everyone together right now staying in this house and I’m just gonna be capturing whatever we do throughout the week and making a video [Applause] [Music] [Music] who day had a better be voice chance to me no one no one [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the great exit pods your h6 air pods and them be bootless plain soda pop ooh a cycle I hope you like Cyclops would Jesus say well where we’ll have a new shirts bro yeah where’s your new year Oh what the fuck my shirts head dog I’m almost just right now bro bro with a weird you drinking I’m not eating this with a drink bro I don’t care no more on that dragon never I’m eating this whole thing without a drink bro that’s your promise you that no good Vienna’s whole thing with all no dream whose recipe you have an empty spot right there wrong like a pill clogging up already right here I hate ever get to going down mmm that’s it that’s all you got well the peanut butter is making it so lost count don’t do the most is mouthing let me help you such an opportunity [Music] I buy my business [Music] [Music] we just got the world’s that real sure I don’t know I landed it before we fill yeah okay you landed the trick before oh my dog are you kidding me holy shit that’s so bad you trust me you trust me on windshield bro do it I’m taking you to jail let’s go to your aunt’s restaurant we’ll DAP them all up what’s up Louise is it and I think mommy’s working so we’ll tell her we’re down the street we have two cars of hungry skaters everyone okay you gotta keep working no break for you all right bye big chick donkey knee mouse keys know Levi’s was good new fit luckily next to the skate park is my answer I straw and she has a Mexican restaurant right down the street I have to drop off from Lhasa me because she’s learning how to make Mexican food just for the week working with my aunt we’re gonna stop by it’s her lunch break and we’re all gonna get food it’s called super taqueria we’re gonna be honest are you thing look at her working mas it’s not yeah maybe five seconds bro five seconds hey don’t let my accountant cuz when he’s starting out well he don’t even know how to count to five that’s what’s crazy he’s so big he don’t care about night if you live near there yeah in Reno flood next year oh my oh sorry no but if you live next to Neil Park in Reno up with that just right here come through quality Mexican food made by my head good [Music] Casa di with quad tell me my brother sleeping good hit of Jesus Christ right Marcos right there stuff like look at my little down no 50 bucks for you hey but real quick what did you say watch carefully the second part is you change it’s like a trial one thing clearly clearly Vince I can’t let that second track that’s a damn lie can’t even only are you a tree with a second trying to respect you he’s a lost cause get out of here hey so shrimp is ass hey Josh did you go shrimp shrimp for man yeah [Music] University didn’t like you guys doing this I don’t care if somebody comes out and asks you to go just go otherwise I got to break off whatever it is I’m doing which is usually bomb dog related and I’m going to come down here pissed off about it okay okay do what you’re gonna do thank you thank you [Applause] [Applause] I can just [Music]

100 thoughts on “NEVADA SKATE LIFE

  1. just copped a new reflective hoodie, super fucking stoked on it. i’ve wanted something from erased for forever and i’m hyped to finally get something. keep doing you guys 🤟

  2. I from Brazil since I discovered your channel I had to watch all the videos
    . all the videos are great man, the music, the vibe …

  3. YouTube’s algorithm is so random I don’t even look up skating videos but I’m from Reno so it’s chill 🤙🏾, gotta hit up super taqueria now

  4. Dude skating back in my home town was terrible. Dirt road city. (Salem Alabama) size of nothing. My neighbor had the only pavement for miles. I learned everything up until tre flips. Moving to Orlando in about 2 weeks. My 4 y/o son has peaked an interest in skating. Very excited to be able to teach him in somewhere which is much more skater friendly lol. But man Nevada looks sick! Lots of DIY spots. If you know any dope spots near Tampa or Orlando let me know lol. I Know OSP is sick. But that’s it atm..

  5. oooh shit i thought that was our skate park in morocco in casablanca city hhh it's called NEVADA too

  6. Dude your guy wearing that power trip tee just stole the band Jesus Pieces design on your new released tee shirt. Way to make money on other people’s designs and making it your own fucking phony’s.

  7. Luis Mora I live in reno. Please respond to this comment I would fucking LOVE to meet you. I would really like to meet you

  8. All you boys from Reno, we need to meet up. Follow me on instagram @franklintheclimber and I’ll get everyone together to meet up

  9. Woah it’s so weird seeing were I live in a YouTube video 😂 love you’re vids I started to binge watch, keep doing what your doing ✌️

  10. This is crazy dude I subbed yesterday not bowing where from the same town dude I went to Reed and Sparks high man your I spiring me to go to Japan man thank you you just brought so much thought in my life man and thank you for that WOLF PACK RENO PRIDE 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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