Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th Fan Film (Full Movie)

Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th Fan Film (Full Movie)

Check, check one, two. Hey everyone, Kyle McLeod here checking in
on another glorious backcountry adventure. This week we’re gonna be venturing through
the Wessex County National Forest – – is home to one of the most diverse
ecosystems in the Catskills. Now we’re gonna make about a – – probably about a 45 mile loop up and around the lake and hopefully find ourselves back here
at base camp in just a few days. I should mention this hike is not for the weary – – so I recommend only intermediate to
advanced levels tackle this route. So don’t let me catch me noobs out here. That’s right, looking at you Hikerman5000. Anyway, according to my guidebook we got about – – an eight hours trek to our first rendezvous
spot at South Lake Summit. And sunset is – ooh – the sun sets in roughly seven hours from now
so I gotta get a move on. That’s gonna be all for now guys see you at the top, Kyle out. 18 miles, 40,000 steps, and a 276
story climb later – – and here we are South Point Summit Whoo – I think right over the ridge
right there is where the lake is. All right – – that’s gonna be all for now
catch up the guys later tonight. Kyle out. Hey what’s up “Trail Junkies.” This week I want to show you
a pretty handy tool that is – – essential to your gear list. It is a three-piece collapsible shovel by…uh… …fuck. What was that again? [mumbles] What’s up trail junkies… …three-piece collapsible shovel by Landon Industries – – easy to assemble – – amazingly strong… [mumbles] …multi-purpose. Really? This thing? This thing looks like a piece of shit to me. [laugh] Fucking sponsors. Okay. Landon Industries – – easy to assemble – – amazingly strong. [Sigh] Here we go. Let’s sell this fucker. Hey what’s up “Trail Junkies” this week – [coyote howls] – fuck me! [pack of coyotes howl] Well it’s a pack coyotes. Six, maybe eight. [coyotes howl / barking] I think they’re hunting something. [coyotes attack] [barking, biting, tearing] All right, let’s just pick this thing up tomorrow. Hey what’s up, guys? So it’s day two and a beautiful one at that. Something pretty interesting happened this morning. I found an old trail marker on the other side the creek. And it’s not marked in the guidebook – – but I think that’s just more of a reason to check it out. Oh and hopefully if all goes accordingly – – we’ll find ourselves on the south side of the lake. So today’s mission will be find the lake. [Sigh] Aw, fuck. You know the terrain is not looking too friendly but – – I’m just gonna have to make my way. Nothing’s stopping me. All right well, that’s all for now. See you guys in a little bit. Kyle out. Hey, hey, check it out! Alright, so according to my guidebook – – the land beyond this was donated to
a wild preserve decades ago. And it doesn’t say why – – but whatever the reason – – they must not want people on this side of lake. Wish I would would known that
before walked all the way out here. The problem is if I turn back now – – it’s gonna take me all day just back to where I was. Or. I wouldn’t suggest this but – – I could probably cut through and catch back up with one of the trails on the other side of the lake. [twig snap] Oh, shit. Alright, enough of this waiting around. It’s time to move out Here we are, the southern most point of the lake. Now all I have to do is catch up with one of trails on the other side of the cove and follow it all the way back. Sundown is…uh – – probably in a couple of hours. So I need to find a place to settle up for the night. Not safe traveling out here especially after dusk. [sigh] Alright, I guess that’s all for now. Catch up with you guys in a bit. Kyle out. [wood breaking] [loose boards] You guys are not gonna believe this. This place is way more than a nature preserve. Look what I found. It’s got to be around here somewhere. Oh, check this out. Let’s see what else we can find. [laughs] Dirty dog. Camp Crystal Lake. [laughs] I can’t believe it. My brother used to tell me stories about this place. Supposedly, one summer, forever ago – – a kid by the name of Jason Voorhees
drowned in that lake. The cops searched for days – – but his body was never discovered. The kid’s mom, who was also the camp’s cook,
blamed the counselors for her son’s death. And one night she went crazy killing almost everyone – – before getting her own head chopped off
by the only survivor My brother also said that Jason – – who was still in the lake – – witnessed his mother’s death – – and returned from the grave to seek out revenge – – on anyone who entered the camp. [laughs] Or some shit like that. I don’t really know it was stupid, but – – man that story used to scare the shit out of me. But you know now that I’m here,
and I get to see his place in person. I kind of of feel sorry for it. I mean aside from your lonesome trespassing hiker – – no one gets to experience this place again. And that sucks. All because of some stupid ghost story. Well, I ain’t afraid no ghosts. [sigh] Well, the night’s still young – – and there’s still a couple more
places I want to check out. So, you guys care to join me? So the Pamela Voorhees murders
happened back in the early 1980s – – which means we might be the first people
to check out this camp in over 30 years. That’s pretty cool, right? Let’s see what’s in here. I forgot to mention I’ve been seeing a
lot of these red ribbons around the camp. I think its way to mark the crime scenes. So what’s behind the door, viewers beware… …it might not be safe for life. Eww. Let’s move on, see what’s in here. [metal clanging] Oh, shit. So this has got to be the kitchen. This must be where Pamela served food to all the kids. And I thought my lunch lady was scary. [heavy thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [distant thuds] [thud] [wind howling] [distant thuds] [wind howling] [nearby thuds] [thuds] [nature sounds] Whoa, it’s just a door to nowhere. You don’t see these every day. Back in the day they used to use these
to lift heavy shit on the second floor. Nowadays just looks like an easy way to
break your neck if you don’t want your step. [whistle] [sigh] That was fun. Let’s see what else is in here. [hollow thud] I think someone was living here. A birthday prayer for you. If there’s any joy that you wish for,
God grant it may gladden your way. If there there’s any blessings you long for,
may that be your gift for today. If there’s any help you’re needing,
for betterment, comfort, or cheer. God grant it be sent on your birthday – – to stay with you year after year. That’s deep. [Sniff] Uh, what is that? [flies buzzing] Whoa, shit! [crashing] [grunting / struggling] [grunt] [dangling metal] Fuck. [breathing] [cloth tearing] [branches cracking] [approaching footsteps] [coyote howls] It anyone finds this, my name is Kyle McLeod – – and I was hiking through the
Wessex Count National Forest. I found Camp Crystal Lake. Everything, all the stories are true. He’s real…Jason is real. He attacked me but I was able to get away. I’m probably about, a mile west of the camp. And I have pretty sever laceration on my leg. That if I don’t treated soon, it’s gonna get infected. Fuck. All my gear is back at the camp – – and without it I don’t think I’m going to
last through the night. If I can get to my supplies – – there’s still a chance I can stay alive. I just need a close-up this wound – – and make it back to one of the trails
on the other side of the cove. If someone finds this – – could you just give this to my parents,
I want to tell them something. [cries] Hey Mom, Dad. You know I love you guys. I’m sorr- [unzipping] [footsteps] [footsteps] [footsteps trailing away] [unzipping] [sigh] [zip] [distant crashing] [approaching footsteps] [door crash] [distant crashing] Fuck this. [branch snapping] [screaming] [bone cracking] [bone snapping] Hey there, don’t worry. You’re okay, everything’s gonna be okay now – – you’re in good hands. Right, Axel? Axel? Huh? Oh hey! Welcome back, brother! Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell you – – you should never hike alone. Oh, god damn! Look at the beard on that vagina! Whoo! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Try not to move, okay?
Your body’s been through enough already. Let us take it from here. Can you tell us what happened out there? What’s the last thing you remember? Do you have any pain in your neck or your back? Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! A little help here!? Huh? Oh! Hey, buddy! [screams] Okay, okay, calm down. Everything’s gonna be all right, you’re okay. He’s…He’s still out there. [approaching footsteps] What the hell is going on back here? It’s fine, Tommy. It’s under control. Are you sure? Didn’t sound like it a second ago. Yeah, I’m fine. Axel? Shit, Axel. Oh shit, man. This is a mess. Yeah, I’m gonna need a minute to clean this up, Tommy. I’d say maybe five tops. All right, make it quick. We’ve got a long ride ahead of us. I don’t wanna be out here
any longer than we have to be, okay? [door slam] Oh, shit! What’s up? I think there might be someone else in the forest. Are you sure? It was something the patient said when he was awake. I don’t think he was out there alone. The guy didn’t sound all there
from where I was sitting. Yeah I know but – – I’ve never seen anyone not scared before. All right, well – – we should follow protocol and call it in right? Yeah. Thanks, Tommy. Yeah, don’t mention it. Rescue 26 to dispatch. Requesting correspondence, do you copy? Rescue 26 to dispatch, do you copy? Over. Uh, Rescue 26 this is dispatch.
Go ahead with your request. Hey, dispatch. We’re heading back to County Medical – – but we may have another
lost hiker out here on Cunningham Road. Do you copy? Copy that, 26. Do you have a description of the individual? Over. That’s a negative on the description of
the individual… Son of a bitch… I knew it! …could you please repeat? 26 are you there? Tommy? Let go of me you ugly son of a bitch! Axel, something’s happening to Tommy. What the hell? [sounds of struggle] Hey! Hey man, what are you doing? Let him go! Axel? Let go! Put him down! Axel, are you OK? Shit. No, no, no…. [axe impact] Axel, what’s happening?! [blood gurgle] [scream] [heavy impacts / screaming] [bone breaking] Hey, maggot head! Remember me, asshole? Hang on, kid! [gear shift] [tires screeching] Thank you for watching. See you on the trails!

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  1. It's say "Never Hike Alone"
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    Just change it to "Bring Your Weapon When Hike"

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