New arena makes spring horseback riding possible

Horseback riding can be a relaxing activity . but Wisconsin weather can make it hard to enjoy year-round. TAKE VO LA CROSSE Horse Sense for Special Riders in La Crosse is hoping to avoid the still-chilly weather with its recently-built indoor arena. Before the indoor facility was built . they were limited to an outdoor space . meaning they could only offer lessons in the fall. Now they’re able to offer programs in the spring . including ‘equine therapy.’ The type of horseback riding we offer is therapeutic, so it’s not just you come in and ride, even though a lot of people do come in just for the fun aspect and the social aspect but it’s really a therapy we work out with lots of individuals with physical, cognitive, behavioral disabilities. Spring classes begin on April 2nd… CLASS INFORMATION For more information you can go to Horse Sense’s website at h-s-s-r dot org.

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