NEW MAGIC NECKLACE and a Tour of The Holladay Boys Backyard!! (adley and friends)

[Pumped Up Hip Hop] [Screaming] – Got me! I’m melting! Ah! I’m stuck! Save the vlog! Really crazy surprise. This is a good start to the best day ever. Remember all this stuff? Why do I always do this? I’m always late. There it is. Adley, when you watch this in the future I didn’t miss your fourth birthday. Exactly! I almost missed my flight. At no time, I couldn’t wait in line to throw my bag on the belt thing- – Hi! – Hi, Adley So I went over to just any conveyor belt and just threw my bag on and just hoped it would make it back home. I woke up this morning, and had a text from Delta that said we found your bag and sent it to Utah. So guess what that means? – What? – I got a surprise for you in my bag. – Can I see it? – I gotta go get it
from the airport first. – Aah! – Guys, guess what? Adley had her friend birthday party. Huh? Was it fun? – They showed ’em my presents. – Yeah. So Adley’s party’s on her channel and you guys should go watch it. Let’s show ’em a little teaser. – Yeah. – ‘Kay, deal. Watch this. – Watch this. – Watch this. [Rock Music] – Barbie! – Wait! – Okay Barbie’s- [Scream] – What the- – [Woman] Woo hoo! – You’re so cute. Why are you so cute? – Dad, the vlog’s still on. – Oh the vlog’s still here? Hi Vloggy. What are we gonna do today? – I’m gonna show the vlog all my presents. This was in my cake. You guys remember? – Yeah, they do remember. – And I’ll show you the
guys the things downstairs and I got this. – That is so- – Mostly not that. – Yeah, mostly not that, just this. – There’s more stuff. – Dad, guess what? They got me the perfect earring ’cause they just clip on. – Those are the perfect earrings. – Just for me. I have a unicorn bag. It has a unicorn on it. – That is so cute and unicorn’s your favorite animal.
– And a unicorn tail, look it. A unicorn tail. – What? A unicorn tail? – I’ll show you my Barbie’s House. – Hey, isn’t that supposed to be a child lock door? – I just put my finger in here, put one up here and just open it. – Useless. – ‘Cause I’m a big kid, I know. – You are a big kid. You’re four! – And Niko is too little so he can’t open it. – Holy cow! Barbie paradise. And nana got her this to
put all her Barbie stuff in. And this is real sand? – Yeah. – No way. – Yes. And there’s little Barbie dogs. Who gave you the doggies? – Andy. And she got me these two little puppies. Bark, bark, bark, bark. – And you got a mermaid, and a mer-Ken. – Merman! – Whoa, that looks like
me with my shirt off. Adley, do you think this looks like me. – No, ’cause it doesn’t have your size of the hair. – But does the body look like me? The tummy? – Yeah. – Perfect. – Dad, watch what
– What? the dog can do. Poopy. Poopy. Poopy. – Ew. – I’m playing with my poopy! – Whoa, whoa, we’re gonna have to cut this outta the vlog. No playing with your poop. – I have a farm Barbie thing. – Chickens, like at papa and nana’s house. And little baby chickens! – This is a little chicken. She has a mom and dad. This is the mom and dad’s phone. – Chickens don’t know
how to use the phone. Hello? Really? You found my bag. It’s at the airport? I’ll come pick it up. ‘Kay, bye. – Bye! [Loud Stomping] – Best day ever! They found our bag! And we got it back. Which means… We get to show Adley her surprise. I don’t know how to open the door. Hold on. I’m home! I’m home. Where is everybody? It’s spooky quiet. In the backyard? They are. Let’s take this surprise to the backyard. I’m home! – Dad, look what I have! Look it. – That is so pretty.
– (mumbles) – What is it? – It’s a magic necklace. – Uh huh. – And Parker gave me it. – How is it magic? – I just talk to it. – And then what happens? – And it says what I can do, everything. It’s my voice but I do it. – And it’s in the necklace. – Yeah. – Show me an example. – Can I go to pet Koopa? And it says I can pet Koopa. – Wow, that’s a pretty cool necklace! What are you guys doing? What are you working on? – So I bought this sign. Wild and free.
– Wild and- I like it. – Wild and free
– Anyways, it’s not the color I wanted so I’m spray painting it black. – Look at you, all handy dandy.
– Crafty. – All right, Adley, guess what? – What? – I have got a birthday surprise for you that I didn’t have on your birthday because it was trapped in an airport but now it’s here. Remember how I didn’t have my bag? Look, that’s my bag. I got a surprise for you, Adley. ‘Kay, ready? Unzip it. What you thinks inside? – I don’t know. What? – Lots of crazy, cool stuff. Ooh, look what I got Niko, babe. He’s very first skateboard. And it’s an X-games one. Dad gets this one and Niko gets this one and we’re gonna be twinners
– twinner boards. and we can put it in his room. And then for Adley. Ready? Not this one. This one. What do you think it is? – Um, legos? – You’re so smart. Tada! Princess Legos. Ariel. Flounder’s on the slide and there’s a dog. You’re very first Legos and look, it’s for four year old. – You know when I was four? – Yeah? I got this for you when you were three because it was for your birthday and you were gonna turn four and this says for four year olds so I got it. I really did though. – Will you help me build it ’cause I do not know how to build it. – Yeah
– [Andy] I do You and mom will have to build this. There’s one more surprise. I saw something there and it reminded me of the Space Station and I thought, you know
who would like this? Holladay’s boys would like this. Do you wanna give them a surprise? – Yeah, I want to see what it looks like. – Cool. – [Jenny] That’s cool.
– It’s a Space Station. That’s Space Station Gaming colors. – [Jenny] Uh oh, look
at the age on that one. – 16 plus. Cowen, you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting here. All of the Holladays boys combined are 16 years old so they all work together they’ll be able to do this. – Flag! – Yeah a flag and look, that’s the earth. That’s where we live. And they’re on the moon out in space. Look and those are all the pieces that are inside it. – That’s for the space ship. – Yep. Should we wrap it for them? – Yeah! – It’ll be a surprise and then they can unwrap it. – Yeah. – Do you wanna ask your magic necklace? – Yeah. I told it. – What’d it say? – It said yes. – Yes, let’s go wrap it! What do you know about wrapping? How do we wrap this thing? – So we need wrapping paper. We need scissors. Okay and I’ll the scissors and the tape. – Oh and tape? – Yeah, I’ll use the scissors and tape and the wrapping paper and this box. – Where’s the wrapping paper? – In here. – I like how Andy knows (overlapping shout) than I do
– Dad! I brought this present for you. – That what Parker gave you? – Parker gave me this and this. – And you try and grab
it with the claw machine? – Yes! – We should make an Adley
video with this, huh. What wrapping paper do you think the boys would like? – Penguins! – Penguins? – Yeah! Penguins.
– I think that’s a good idea. – So gimme those scissors. I know. – I don’t think you’re supposed to play with scissors, girl. – But I know how to cut. Nana told me how to. – [Jenny] What else is Nana teaching ya? (laughs) Daddy’s pants. – This side. This side. – Good job. Here’s some more tape. – Thank you. – You do wrap presents like that. – Let’s go write a card and tape the card on. – A card? That’s a good idea. – Here’s your paper. – I’ll cut the paper a little bit. – Careful.
– Don’t cut me fingers. – I’m not. Just gonna cut this top. See Dad, I am good at cutting. – You are good. Good job. Only cut with scissors when your parents are around. Don’t play with scissors
unless Mom and Dad or the Vlog is there. – I’m giving you a present. – Ooh, that’s a good thing to write.
– Good job. – Here Mom, I’m gonna write one too. – I’m drawing the little one’s card. – Oh you’re doing the little boy’s? You do Cowen and Nixon, I’ll do for their Dad. Holladay boy’s dad. This is now for Holladay. Space Station for life. – Nice, huh?
– Giving you a present. – There you go, Holladay. Hopefully your kids gonna actually build this Lego thing. Mine’s gonna say “To Holladay.” – Mine’s saying, “to the little boy.” Do a P. Good job and can you do a B
– Peter Parker – With two humps? There ya go. – [Jenny] Yeah!
– There’s a B! – Good job, Adley. – Good job for Parker and Brady. Should we go deliver it? – Yep. How are we gonna get this thing in our car? It’s big! – I don’t know. Do you think it’s gonna fit? – Yeah! Look, I’ll carry it down. Let’s go. – All right. – Dad, wait! – What? – Can Andy come? – Go ask your mom. – I’ll go. – Where’s Niko at? – [Jenny] He’s in bed.
– Hold on, wait for cars. Is he asleep this whole time? – [Jenny] I think he
should be waking up soon. – Look both ways! Good job. I know they’re in the middle of the road
– [Jenny] You’re a good dad. looking both ways. Let’s go get Niko. I haven’t seen him all day. Also, I really think the Holladay boys are gonna love that. – I hope so. This morning, Niko was sleeping in. Had to wake him up for swimming and I found him like this. (laughing) Like he was swimming. – In swimming lesson, they’re teaching him to float. He can float now. How long did he float today? – 40 seconds. (whispers) Oh, I hear him. – Hi.
– Good morning! Good morning tire boy.
– Oh, he’s so cuddly. – Guys, look at Niko’s wall. – It’s a new style we’re doing where it kinda looks like home-made and taped. – You know we’ve only
lived here about a year and I’m finally decorating their rooms. – So those are gonna be stickers and Jenny just taped ’em up there to see what they would
– They’re decals – look like, right?
– Yeah. – And she’s spray painting Adley’s sign. We’re slowly getting the kids’ rooms to look good. Niko! – She really has been helping me, she’s like, “‘Kay Mom, I want this here “and that there.” – Jenny got these two little arrows and we were just gonna
put ’em side by side and Adley’s like, “No,
I want ’em crossed,” and so we did ’em crossed. That’s cool that you’re
letting her choose. – Our little designer. – Are you happy? – He’s still waking up. – When they open it, what should we say? – Surpise! – I like that! – Let’s hide. – Behind the pole.
– Oh no, they’re coming hurry. – Surprise! – Surprise! What’s up, boys! – Here you go. – We got you a surprise. Can we come in? – Thanks guys. Yeah, totally. – Oh yeah. – Are you guys ready?
– You guys have to read your letters first. – Yeah, you guys gotta
read the letters first. – Holladay boys’ Dad, I love you your… fam so much Know they will enjoy this space station four life? Cool. – This is mine. – Yeah, it says “I give
you a present, from Adley.” – Okay. – Please open it guys. I’m wanna help him.
– Three! Two! One! – Oh, we got Lego set! – I could probably build
this really quick fast. – It’s gonna be a hard one. Look at this. Age 16 or older. – Oh my… – You guys are gonna have to combine your ages to get this thing built, I think. – If you make that, will
you take it to my desk? Can I put it on my desk at work? – Yeah but do not break it. – Oh and look, the other side, if you guys build it, you get the Master
Builder Achievement Award. – Look what I have. – Oh that’s her magic necklace. She says things and then it says it back and then she can do ’em. Watch this. This is how it works. Let me see your necklace. Can I get a high five? – Yeah. Then I get a high five. That’s how it works. Pretty cool, huh. All right, should we bust it open and start building this thing? – Bust it. – Oh wait, you wanna see
your guys’ backyard first. – Oh. – You guys have a new backyard, huh? – They’re just mowed it. – Really? Perfect. – [Jenny] You mowed it? – It took two hours! – You can mow a lawn! Dude, high five! That’s how you know it’s Holladay’s boy, he’s killing it already. – Whoa!! – He has a jeep, Dad! – Look at this thing! – It’s a Raptor! – I think your truck needs to race Adley’s Barbie Camper and see which one’s faster. – Ooooh yeah. – Who do you guys think
is faster? The Barbie- – Mine, mine, mine! (screaming) – Have the best day ever.
– Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
– See ya! So guys, I don’t know if you’ve ever bet that this is the vlog’s first time in Holladay’s backyard. Look at this view! – So pretty.
– ♪Aaaaaahh! ♪ It’s beautiful mountains, grass, and then right over here-ish, that’s the lakes we’re gonna spend a ton of time hanging out at the lake and stuff, you know what I mean. Oh I like this. – You gotta do that.
– A nice net. – Whoo! Do another one.
– Look what I can do. – Whoo! Good job. Let’s see your best trick, dawg. Oh yeah! Hold on, I’m going up here. – That is crazy.
– I wanna get in here. I got get it. Hi vlogs, you’re coming in. – Whoo! Your back? Hi, what’s your tricks, Colby? You got anything? – Whoo! The ninja flip! Right, who’s next? – Me. – Okay, let’s see it boys. Whoo! Go for it. – My turn. – Ooooh, that’s cool. – My turn. – After Andy, it’s my turn, Dad. – Whoo!
– It’s my turn. – ‘Kay Adley, go for it.
– My turn! – Whoo! Yo, first time vlog’s
been in your backyard. – I know, what do you think?
– I love it. – It’s huge, huh.
– I was showing them the view. Beautiful as far as I can see. Mountains and fields. – I wanna do a dance. – A dance? Ooh, new idea. Dance contest! – How about we do it altogether? – ‘Kay!
♪ Three, two, one. Go! ♪ [Dubstep] – Oh! The Double Dab! – He’s a maniac! (screaming) – Got me! I’m melting! I’m stuck. What are we doing now, Coach? – Teams, soccer, goals, goals, backyard. – Takes me back to the Honduras days. This is how me and Holladay met. Just playin’ soccer. – Okay. – Look at that. All right, let’s pick teams. You gotta do a number one or number two. Are you ready? Whoever matches up, goes. – I’m gonna do scissors. – ‘Kay, on your mark, get set, go! Who’s team two? Come over here! – Nooo! – Who’s team one? Over there! – ‘Kay, are these the teams right here? – Five… one, two, three, four, five! – Five to five! Let’s go. Oh, what’s our team name? – Bunny Sky Girl. – All right, we gotta
pretty weird team name. Hey guys, what’s your team name? What’s your team name? – Poison Astronauts. – Poison Astronauts. Holy cow, all right, let’s go. Throw the ball in ref. – Foosball style! Okay. (shouts) – I blocked it! You ready? Hey, have you ever played soccer? – Yeah. – Just kick the ball. (shouts) Holladay! – Kick it hard! (shouts) – Get it- shot! – You stop that, hey! – To wish I’m gonna go fast. Make me get a Popsicle too! (overlapping shouts) going bye bye. And she’ll not be home any more. She’ll return. She’s going on a wish and sending it to my friends. – Good job, Adley Get it, Adley! I don’t know if that was a ball or not but I’m going to count it because it’s my team. We gotta point! [Heavy Rock Music] – I’m sleeping right here.
– Okay, good night. – Good night. – Some dog food for you too? – Put some normal food out here.

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