100 thoughts on “New Skate Prep: Why you Should Bake New Skates

  1. Baking skates is just the first step, we have another video on the way covering footbed options and a third on profiling your blades. Hit that subscribe button, I'm adding new hockey videos every week

  2. Hey I got new skates and after baking them I got huge blisters. Is that normal? It's never happened to me before…

  3. I just got Bauer X400 skates and they're really comfortable except for the inside of my ankle bones, even though I'm wearing wool socks over my combat socks. I've hit the ice for about two hours with them so far and they're my first pair of personal skates, is there a way to fix that pain I'm having or is this a result of needing to break them in.

  4. Hi, I'm planning to get Bauer S150 and I'm not too sure if I should bake it as it is a Recreational Skate
    What are the tips I should take note of?

  5. Every time I go ice skating I get heel pain on my right foot but doesn't happen to my left foot "Weird"
    The on my left foot I get the pinkie toe pain. But goes away.
    When I increase the size I get ankle pain.
    I guess pain for life.
    I use the ice arena shoes where everybody wears.
    Pain and broke instead of dumb and broke

  6. Hi Jeremy, I'm a young starter (50 y.o.) ice hockey player and I'm watching all of your fantastic videos, from the foundamentals of skating to How to take a shot. I've just bought a pair of Bauer Vapor X60 skates, would you recommend to bake them or not?
    Thank you coach!

  7. Hey boss, i have some vapor x350’s and They are super stiff but the fit is awesome, little pain but just super stiff. Would they benefit from a bake?

  8. is there any point to baking a 100 dolar skates 😀 ? is it even doable ? im just a casual skater…

  9. I hate how you see these super knowledgeable people on youtube, but when you go to the shop all you get is "oh, that's normal, it'll break in" smh where are these super-knowledgeable people in NY?

    I'm a 9EE in Bauer Nexus. My first pair was a 10EE which fit fine until they broke in fully, then they were too lose. Turns out the 9EE is a prefect length (toes brush toe cap, but slide back in hockey stance) but my feet hurt like hell along the inner arch and the outside of my foot. They feel too narrow. Normal until they break in?

  10. I got Bauer 800 skates a couple months ago. I have worn them about once a week. They tend to hurt in the arch area quite a bit. Baking helped a little but pain is still an issue. Would an insert help?

  11. My local store offers vacuum fitting for skates. Does that work too and what are the differences between heatmolding and vacuum fitting?

  12. Hey jeremy just trying to figure out how many sizes down people actually go…what shoe size are you and then skate size? Thanks

  13. My toe box on my ccm’s pushes up on my big toe and it kills when I skate. It’s thick plastic, will this work to stretch out that side of the toe box a little bit?

  14. I am trying to switch to hockey from figure skating and the baking part sounds awesome! I remember my figure skating trainer saying "it your feet don't hurt they aren't laced right" and baking wasn't a thing with full leather skates either so this seems so amazing to me

  15. Hey Jeremy I just bought my son a Bauer supreme s27 2018 for 180.00 should I bake them or not but the insole inside says Bauer Form fit so should I bake Them?

  16. I just got my Supreme S2’s re-baked today at my local pro hockey life, quick in and out.. the pain from wear and tear is now in the past.

  17. The thing is this is a late post but every time I got to purehockey and when I buy new skates and I have to tie them by myself and idk if my skates are fine because how do I know if there good like I just bought the 2s not the pros but the 2s and he just heated them up and left I had to tie that stuff my self

  18. I got my foot fitted and everything even punched the sides out but no matter what I still have pain. In deep need of help

  19. I just got new skate and the first time I used them they were very uncomfortable but they were backed, but I had to get use to them cause I’ve always used already used skates before and this video was very helpful thank you!

  20. Please help me! I have Bauer skates that have given me Achilles tendinitis. Can they be refit or properly fit? It was a sixteen year old that sized me and baked the skates so I have a feeling it was done wrong. It really is painful now to the point that work is suffering and I feel like it's a disability!

  21. I just skate recreationally once a week or so. Have a 12.5 A dress shoe, bought expensive pair of CCMs painful for 5 years, hard to stop. Bought new pair, lighter weight, about 70% better, trying different inserts including high arch CCM. Baked skates once, perhaps try again. Best, Ken

  22. LOL at "it's an absolutely gorgeous skate". Modern hockey skates look like rejects from the "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" prop department. A truly "gorgeous" skate would have an upper made of full-grain leather (preferably kangaroo hide) rather than cheap man-made materials with gaudy sci-fi motifs emblazoned on them.

  23. How should you choose a new (lower end) skate? I have no idea how you go about it and I usually have arch pain in the skates Ive worn before


  25. Hi Coach, just realized this store is in Huntsville. Do you know any store similar (with fitting) in Etobicoke/Mississauga? Thanks!

  26. I have a pair of 2017 model pretty similar to the most recent. After a bad concussion, the first time I hit the ice again with a newly molded $800 pair of supremes. An alert sports shop worker noticed I was wearing a size too large after all these years. I needed a wider but smaller size fit so I did just that. However, although my balance isn't quite as steady after the concussion(police officer and I got pulled under a car by a drunk and was concussed) I am having problems adjusting to the smaller skate blades. I've played hockey all my life but never had this issue before. Is it out of the question to add a longer blade to the smaller sized skates I just bought? Advice would be very much appreciated,,,,,thanks, Rob

  27. They don't use that machine with the inflatable airbladders to compress the boot? Anymore? Like for the CCM Vector Pros from the 2000s.

  28. Can you use Dr. Schols "footbeds" or massaging gel insoles? Thats what I'm thinking about doing with my $100 ccms

  29. Wait does new skate pain always go with the new skate or is the skate rubbing I'm not sure because it doesn't happen to me alot

  30. I'm having trouble getting comfortable and controlling my new skates.
    I came from Bauer vapor x3.0 then Reebok ribcor pump. I wanted to go to a higher tier of skates and since I'm flat footed, I bought a pair of Nexus 7000. The moment I slipped them on, it felt weird. I skated with them and it hurts like hell, it's like stepping on those round stones. It's also not as easy to control as my last skates, it was harder to do a hockey stop and crossover. Do I just need to get it baked or should I just sell them and buy a new pair?

  31. I only heard 1 word that sounded Canadian and it was "how" in the first sentence!
    This was a good video though!
    I think other than this profiling is pretty important and as others have said, helmets can hurt too, but there are a few ways to drastically improve the comfort level!

  32. Who doesn’t bake their skates though? I mean I have to bake my skates because I barely fit in my 12.5s so it helps stretch it a little bit but I mean I think everybody should bake them

  33. I never bake my skate. They will form naturally. Baking skates is okay I guess but I've always found that if you tough it out for a week or two, you will have a better fit by letting it happen naturally. Just my opinion.

  34. Hi Jeremy, i have bauer nsx skates and i often get blisters in them, any tips on how i could prevent this?

  35. Jeremy, *if its possible, can you please do more bauer skate reviews or any other equipment reviews. Appreciate the content . Keep up the good work!

  36. Hi from Germany, I bought a Bauer Supreme One 6 Skate. I once played Icehockey, but nowas I am 48 and its difficult without beeing in a team, to get with a Hockey-Stick on the Ice. But sometimes I just want to skate. The Skates are OK for me but I feel Pain on my outer ankels. No one from the Shop was able to answer if the Supreme One 6 is bakeable. I am thinkin about heating the skates and form it so that there is less pressure on my ankel. Does this work or damage the shoe?

  37. I'm thinking of getting the S27's , what do you guys think about this skate? I only play one game a week but want a comfortable performing skate but nothing over $300 cad. Thanks for any help!

  38. I got permanent lumps on my feet and ankle. From two different skates… and they were baked!! Bauer bumps!!!

  39. Ive got the same model 2 years ago when they came out n used the acouple times. Is it to late or can i still benefit from baking them?

  40. When did skates stop having an inner sock? I used to skate in the 70’s big time, then had a 40 year layoff and on buying a new pair, my surprise to find hard boot squeezing my poor feet (Ouch). My prank friend told me about baking, but as I said he’s a prankster so I did not believe him. Anyway, back to original Q. When was it socks were done away with?

  41. I have punched my skates, baked them 2 times, went to swedens most famous expert hockeyshop for help and i still have pain after 2 months with 6 skates/week. Of course I picked the skate that showed up on the Bauer 3D scanner. What could be the problem?

  42. Jeremy I'm using vapor line skates and got them in the widest size and had to get my right skate punched out and still get pain. Would the supreme line be a better option without getting them punched out. Just want to have no pain on my right foot.

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