New Tech! Shimano’s First Ever Gravel & Adventure Groupset | GCN Show Ep. 330

New Tech! Shimano’s First Ever Gravel & Adventure Groupset | GCN Show Ep. 330

– From the hills in northern Italy, welcome to the GCN show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week Shimano goes all in for gravel with three new GRX groupsets. We have the details. – We do. We also have news of Lloydy’s dream prize in professional cycling. Research that perhaps questions how safe painted bike paths are, as well as research that suggests that virtual reality cycling hurts less than the real thing. (upbeat music) This week, in the world of cycling, we learned that the GCN
curse is still going strong. – Just moments after filming
our Giro preview show, Alejandro Valverde pulls
out with a back injury. But worse, a rider we tipped
to be a main contender, Egan Bernal, as pulled out
after breaking his collar bone whilst out training. – Yeah, that is a massive
blow for Team Ineos. Although Chris, have been
saying for many months now that Geraint Thomas will ride the Giro. – [Chris] Oh. – Perhaps this is the time
when he’s gonna get called up. Probably, realistically,
it’ll be Eddie Dunbar but still, it’s a possibility. – It’s getting closer, isn’t it? And another thing we learnt
was that not that many of you are into the Game of
Thrones and Si And Ollie and I happen to think
this is a good thing, if you looked at the comments last week underneath the show, you’ll
know what I’m talking about. – I think it’s a travesty, mate. I mean, did you see this week’s episode? Another one of the– (sirens) dragons dies. It just came out of nowhere. Unbelievable. – Anyway, Si, moving on. This week, Shimano launched
it’s first ever gravel groupsets and arguably, the first
ones ever in the world. They’re called GRX and I
think they look pretty cool. – I think they do, as well. We will go through all the options and the juiciest bits of tech but you will have to wait a little bit for a full video on the subject. Now, there are three
levels of GRX groupsets. You’ve got RX800, which
is top of the tree, then you’ve got RX600,
which isn’t a full group set but it’s interchangeable with RX800, and then the entry
level groupset is RX400. Now, 800 and 600 are both 11 speed and there are mechanical and electronic Di2 shifting versions
available on the 800, then there is also the option of running at either one-by or two-by with gravel specific
chain resizes on offer. More on that in a little minute. – Oh, nice. RX400, then, is 10 speed and again, and offered in one-by or two-by. This is in fact the first
time that Shimano have offered a dedicated one-by set
up for drop bar shifters. The technology at the rear mech, though, was first released on the
Ultegra RX version last year and that tech came from the
mountain bike side of things so it’s a well proven set up. – It is, yeah. Speaking of mountain bike tech, actually, there is no GRX specific cassettes here so Shimano said for simplicity, you either choose a mountain bike cassette that already exists, so up to an 11 to 46, or you choose a road cassette,
so 11 to 30, or 11 to 34, and then you simply tailor which rear derailleur you’d choose, either a long cage or
a short cage to suit, something that we’re pretty used to on the road side of things. – It’s a good idea. Should keep production cost down, as well. Much of the groupset if
gravel specific, though. Let’s start with the chainrings, they now have a two and
a half millimeter offset, meaning that when you’re
running a two-by set up, you can run wider tires,
so up to 42 millimeters, although you will need to
use the new front derailleur which also has a two and
a half millimeter offset. – Yeah, now what about those
chainring sizes, though? What is a gravel specific chainring? Well, on RX800, the top
tier groupset, remember, you can have either a 40
or a 42 single ring option or a 48, 31 two-by set up. Now that is the biggest
gap in chainring sizes Shiamano have ever made, they say. Whereas, the RX600 is
a 46, 30 two-by option or a 40 single ring. So, slightly smaller sizes for less performance
oriented riding, I guess. – [Chris] It’ll be interesting
to see how they shift, won’t it? – [Si] Yeah. – It gets better, though, Si. We have saved the best til last. It’s not all about gear ratios. – No, would you believe it? – The levers. Just look at them. The do look amazing, but
also the hydraulic shifters now come with those little top levers that you can brake from on the– oh, on the flats, rather. And I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever seen those. – Yeah, I think so. Actually, yeah, just an option but if you want it with your
massive wide handlebars. – Although, if you’re going bikepacking then you won’t be able
to use them, will you? You’ll have a big pag
bag there, won’t you? – Well, that’s a good point,
I’d not though about that. – [Chris] If you are
running a one-by set up with a drop post, you can now
have the defunct left lever operate your dropper post,
which I think is genius. – Yeah, there is a specific left lever that can be used in conjunction
with the dropper post, pulling the perfect amount
of cable, apparently. It’s a brave new world. There is also a lever option
with extra buttons on there that can control third party devices like lights or like your GPS computer. So, presumably, that’s
for am plus or bluetooth. Now, there is loads,
loads more tech going on but my take-home, first of all, is I love how customizable
this is gonna be. Like, real mix and match stuff depending on what you wanna use it for. Shimano are saying the RX800 will build up into a super low cyclocross bike or kind of performance
oriented gravel bike, whereas the RX400 is very much gonna be like an entry level work horse groupset. – Yeah, and as for what
you’re gonna use it for, anything, the world is
kind of you’re oyster now, isn’t it?
– Yeah. Always literally your
oyster in adventure biking. I mean, not literally your oyster, that would be weird, wouldn’t it? Anyway, there we go, exiting stuff, more information coming up on it shortly. Now, one other thing we learnt this week, didn’t we Chris? Is that GCN’s new recruit, Jeremy Powers hasn’t got the memo yet
about GCN presenters not actually being good
enough to win stuff. Either that or he’s exploited a loophole in that he hasn’t actually
started at GCN yet which is why he was able
to show the GMBN guys just how to ride a push
bike, this is impressive. – Two, one, go. Oh, my gosh. Is that Danny Mac? Oh, my goodness me. He is so composed. Martin will hate the bunny
hope bits but oh, well. No fricking way. B-I. This is very tight. – This is very tight. – This is– Oh, my gosh. Oh, my– B-I-K-E. That was the fastest game of bike with the first road, well, crossbike. I tried. – I’ll give you back your phone. – Thank you very much, thanks for coming. – I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry. – It’s now time for
your weekly inspiration. It’s that part of the show
where we get to show you the very best, most
inspirational cycling photos that you’ve sent into
us over the last week. All of them receive a voucher
from our mates over at Wiggle, third place is £50, second place is £75, and first place is a whopping £100. Who’s in third, Chris? – It’s well worth taking
a picture for, isn’t it? – It is, yeah. – In third place, we have Jan-Philipp who was doing the gravel
ride from Hamburg to Stettin. 614 kilometers. – [Si] Nice. – [Chris] And look at that misty, misty mid scene.
– [Si] Whoa, that is cool, isn’t it? It’s his self supported,
him and three other mates, that does look pretty cool, doesn’t it? – [Chris] I did argue that
if you’ve got mate with you, you’re no longer self supported. – Yeah, I think you’re
on thin ice there, mate. I like the matching
socks and jersey, there. Very classic look. Yeah, deserved third place there. Right, in second, we’ve got Amanda Ximena, or Zinema, not quite sure. Anyway, she’s originally from Columbia, now based in Christ Church, New Zealand. Look at that, that’s
very cool that, isn’t it? – [Chris] Yep. That’s the sort of picture
that makes you wanna go out and ride your bike
to wherever they are. – [Si] Yes.
– [Chris] I like that one. – Well, you’d struggle
to ride to New Zealand, I think, but a quick
plane flight from here. – A quick one? – Yeah, just a casual 20 something hours. That is cool though, isn’t it? – [Chris] Yeah, it’s cool.
– Wicked, there we go. And then anyway, who is the
winner this week, Chris? It’s the twoleggedsardine, Si. – Is it now? – Here they are, one
5,100 kilometer journey. That is incredible. – There we go, so yeah, they are taking a picture
on Brooklyn Bridge on their, the very moment– – [Chris] Way to San Francisco. – [Si] They set off on
their bikepacking journey. That is very cool. All he needs is a little
dangle mug on the back and away he goes.
– [Chris] A what? – [Si] A dangle mug. – [Chris] What’s that? – To be fair, apparently the cool kids now don’t have dangle mugs, mate. – I don’t even know what a dangle mug is. – It’s like a little
enamel mug that you have on the back of your bike,
you attach to your saddle bag to show that you’re a bit trendy. – Oh, wow. That’s why I don’t have one, then. – I got laughed at by
both, the men’s and women’s round the world record holders in Scotland for having a dangle mug, so apparently, don’t
have a dangle mug, kids. – Learn something new everyday. – Anyway, hopefully twoleggedsardine, you are mid adventure now
and having an amazing time. If you’re not able to watch the GCN show, we will send you an email so that you know that you’ve got £100
Wiggle voucher to spend on whatever you need to
keep going on your trip. That’s be a bonus, wouldn’t it? – Yeah, it would be, yep.
– New chain, maybe. New cassette, anyway. – Id probably just buy some food. – Yeah.
– Oh, no. Yeah, you could do from
Wiggle, couldn’t you? – Yeah, energy products, yes. Good point, yeah. Right, you’re always
thinking, mate, aren’t you? Anyway, if you wanna get involved with GCN inspiration next week, you can of course submit your
photos via the GCN uploader, the link to which is in the
description beneath this video or good old Instagram, using
the hashtag, GCN inspiration. – I tell Dan every week
that I’ve been trying but I never get in. – No, we look at yours and go. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We’ll start cycling shorts
with news of new cycling shorts because Team Sky officially
transitioned to Team Ineos last week and this is their new kit, what do we think, Chris? Hot or not? – [Chris] I’m not sure, Si. I don’t think the colors are too bad but it’s the fade that’s got me. – Really? See, I like a fade. It’s quite a shock, isn’t it? They’ve been in blue, that’s
been their trademark color now for what, like 10 years? – Yeah, they’ve done well there. – And there’s not much burgundy out there in the professional cycling world, so I think it’s good. – [Chris] Maybe it’ll catch on, who knows? – [Si] I think I’m gonna for a hot. – [Chris] Either way, they’ve started off their new
10 year on a roll of victory, actually.
– [Si] Yes, they did. – [Chris] With Chris Lawless taking a win at the Tour Yorkshire. Tour de Yorkshire, rather. Just ahead of Greg Van Avermaet. According to Cycling Weekly, it was the deepest he has ever dug. – Yeah. That does sound painful, doesn’t it? Anyway, there we go. The women’s race was won by Marianna Vos. Bossed by Vos, in fact. She showed her strength and class on a really tough final day across the windswept hilly
moorland of the North York Moors and her breakaway companions,
Mavi Garcia and Soraya Paladin finished second and third on GC, as well, such was the size of their gap
over the rest of the field. – Yeah and if you study the
results, it gets even better because you can really see
just how tough the stage was. Judging by the amount
of riders that came in in ones and twos, all the way down three.
– Yeah. – Kind of like an old
mountain bike race, really. – Yeah, or like a summit finish. – Yeah. – Except it wasn’t on a summit, brilliant. – I think more races should be like that. – Yeah, super tough. But that actually wasn’t the best bit of the whole Tour de Yorkshire. Arguably, it was the black sheep prize, which was an intermediate sprint prize where the first rider across the line won their height in beer. Oh, yes, it was a hotly
contested competition, this one. – [Chris] I think we both
know a certain ex pro that’s quite tall, that
probably would have done the sprint of his life to have won that. – One last little tid bit of
news from Tour of Yorkshire, how cool is this little
video from Madison Genesis? Here they are handing up
a water bottle and gel to an unsuspecting cycling
member of the public, giving him the star treatment, there. I like that. It’s cool, isn’t it? – Yeah, a fan for life, I would imagine after that.
– I reckon, yeah. – Next up then, there is a big study that’s being conducted in Australia about close passes when the cyclist is in a painted bike lane, so not a properly segregated bike lane but one that’s been painted onto the road. – That’s right, so they
analyzed 18,527 passing events over 400 journeys and
the conclusion was that painted bike lanes encourage car drivers to pass more closely. Statistics being, one
in every 17 overtakes, that’s a better word than a
passing event if you ask me, was close which they said was
less than a meter from you. And actually, they said
that larger vehicles are more likely to pass
closely than smaller ones, which is a big unnerving, isn’t it? No suggestion that it was more dangerous, just that you would pass more closely. – Maybe they feel they’re better
drivers so they can do it. – Well yeah, but it’s
interesting, isn’t it? It kind of makes you think, are you being passed more closely because the driver feels
that you’re protected, protected, because you’re in a bike lane? – Or because you’re in your area, the area that they deem
as being designated to you so they can get as close
to that line as they like? – Yeah. Hopefully it informs transport
policy moving forward because it’s definitely food
for thought that one, isn’t it? – Anyway, next up is a little
bit more science from you. This from the Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise. – One of my favorite journals,
Chris, I love that one. – Top 17 for myself. – Really? 17? Right, okay.
– Yeah, its right up there. This is from the University of Georgia, they’ve done studies into the use of virtual reality headsets and how the perception
of pain in your thighs when doing sprints on a
turbo trainer is now lower than it would’ve been otherwise. – That’s bonkers, isn’t it?
– [Chris] Yeah. – What’s even weirder is
that there’s a suggestion that actually the pain in your thighs would be lower using a
virtual reality headset than it would be riding outdoors. – Yeah, can’t get that. – They say that virtual reality is more immersive than real life, which, how does that even work? – There must be a clause in there somehow, I don’t understand that one myself. – To be fair–
– But I want to have a go. – [Si] Well, yeah, I was quite blown away so I got to try a virtual
reality Zwift prototype way back in 2016 at
Eurobike and it was bonkers. I think the stumbling block is, is the actual headset itself being a little bit on the sweaty side for turbo training.
– Yeah. – Certainly some people
more than others, perhaps. – Maybe a couple of little
inbuilt fans on the top, somehow. – I’d need like a
snorkel by the end of it. – [Chris] Speaking of Zwift,
they’ve just announced that they’ve built a replica
of the Giro prologue. – [Si] Whoa. – Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. 8.7 kilometers with a
brutal 2.1 kilometer climb averaging 10% up to the finish. And just like the Giro prologue itself, you will be able to ride
this from May the 11th, which is this coming Saturday. – [Si] That’s right, this
Saturday is the start of the Giro. Woo hoo. Oh, yeah, I’m so excited,
I love this race. – Used to be my favorite time of the year when grand tours were on because you come home from training, go and have a sleep, watching the races. – [Si] That’s right, wake up with 10 k’s to go, brilliant.
– [Chris] Always. – Now, speaking of Giro,
Chris’ pink logo there, that’s a limited edition
Giro D’Italia themed t-shirt. Oh, yes, that’s right.
– It is. – It’s part of our new–
– Sweatshirts, as well. – 3D logo range, which is actually 2D, just to remind you if you
didn’t see last week’s show. That’s not actually
sticking out of the chest, it’s 2D. But there we go.
– Thanks for that, Si. – It’s all right. It’s in the shop now. – There is yet more tech of
the week, believe it or not. Shimano, they have
released a set of wheels to go with their GRX groupset, weighing in at 1600 grams for the pair with an internal rim
width of 21.6 millimeters. – Yeah, also available in two sizes. So, as well as 700C, they’ve got the smallest, 650B ones as well, which, as you’d hope, are
a little bit lighter still, as well, so those are just 1,540 grams. And then, some good news
on the road side of things. So, Tiagra has got some new components, not a full new groupset
but some new bits for it. So, the first ever in-series
hydraulic brake levers, so they’ve obviously had rim brake levers and some non Tiagra versions
at a similar price bond, but these are all new and
it’s a cracking example of trickle-down tech. So, a lot of the bits from Ultegra and 105 have come to make these new shifters a lot smaller and neater
by the sound of things. As well as giving you
that small hand option, so like an extra small lever
version which is wicked. – I think that’s brilliant. – Yeah, and then also new chainring sizes. Oh, yeah, 48, 34 now available at Tiagra, so there we go, yeah, a little bit smaller than the old compact. – Yeah, looking forward to seeing that. And then, there’s also
the news from Wahoo. – That’s right. – We teased about it last week but Ollie lifted the lid for
us over on the tech channel and if you are quick, you
could still go over there, check out the video and be in with a chance of winning one of these, the new Wahoo ELEMNT Roam. – That’s right, now as you can see, shares quite a lot of design
cues from it’s little brother, the ELEMNT Bolt, so with
the mount underneath it, that’s a aerodynamic unit and then you’ve also go
the three buttons there but, big news, you’ve got some color added to the screen now, selective color, so Wahoo have used it to actually improve the navigation screen as well as, there is actually
enhanced navigation functions on there, as well. – You know what? I actually used one last week and it makes it really easy
to avoid the bigger roads because they’re yellow. – Oh, that’s quite good, chap.
– Quite clever. – Anyway, as we said,
Ollie’s got all the low down over on the tech channel, you could head over there
after watching this. It’s time now for hack forward
slash bodge of the week, it’s that part of the
show where we go through some of the amazing photos and videos that you’ve sent in for
either creative hacks or terrifying bodges. I think it’s the world
biggest ever bodge this week, but anyway, let’s crack on, Chris. – Right, first up, we have
Safwan from Kuala Lumpur and his level hood started to disintegrate after five years of use so
instead of buying new ones, he has wrapped them in bar tape. – [Si] Wow, there we go. Well, that’s a temporary measure. I think he said, actually, looking at it, that he’s waiting for
his new ones to arrive, so that’s an excellent hack
for a temporary point, but– – [Chris] Yeah, it’s a good job. – [Si] Yeah, I wouldn’t really
ride that for very long. – [Chris] It’s probably
more cushioned, isn’t it? – It probably works just as well. We’re just big snobs. Right, this next one from Matthew, which is the most
terrifying bodge of all time and an absolute do not try this at home for everyone out there. Basically, his handlebar snapped, he fixed in initially, mid ride, with cable ties and an allen key which is fine, keeps
your broken handle bar from flapping in your spokes, but what’s really terrified me, Chris, is that he’s then said
a more permanent fix was to cut and whittle down a broom handle and glue it in place so that he could do a 50 kilometer sportif. – [Chris] I can’t get my head around this. – [Si] No, I can’t either. I mean, look at that, that is
utterly, utterly terrifying. And then wrapping it with bar
tape so you forget about it. No, just buy some replacement bars. – [Chris] Can you imagine
being in the drops and hitting a hole and just
that whole left hand just– – I would not mess with my handlebars. – Never.
– Oh, my goodness. – How much does a pair of bars cost? A cheap pair of bars? – £15? – Wow. [Chris] Anyway, that is a bodge and you should be banned from
submitting stuff for a while. – Good luck to you, Matthew, I hope you’ve change your handlebars now. Let us know if you’re still alive. – Next up.
– Yeah. – It’s a good idea though. Next up, we often go out on our bikes and we wanna carry more
energy drink than we can, energy powder, that is, and instead of carrying
it round in a plastic bag or maybe a paper bag that might get wet, this one comes in from,
I’ve lost his name, Nathan in Norwich, the empty electrolyte tubes
that you sometimes get can then be filled with 40 grams of powder which is enough for one bottle of juice. – [Si] There you go.
– [Chris] Genius. – [Si] And it looks quite neat
in his pocket, doesn’t it? – [Chris] It does, it looks all right. And it’s good, it’s better
than throwing them away or putting them in the
recycling, isn’t it? – True that, and also
carrying white powder around in little plastic bags, I think that can get you
into trouble sometimes. So, you probably wanna watch out for that. Right then, next up, we have got this one which was sent in from Simon from Canada. He said he watched one of our GCN how to wash your bike videos,
the one that Cannings did. He liked Jon’s workstand, his
Park Tool workstand so much that he made his own. So, there we go, and it
looks quite good actually, doesn’t it? – [Chris] A feat of engineering. – [Si] It does, it looks
very well engineered. I wouldn’t even know
where to start with that. – [Chris] You could sell
them, you could sell Si one by the sounds of it. – [Si] Well, yeah, I mean your pricing would have to be quite keen in order for me not to buy
like a, like John’s one, but still, you know, good luck to you. Oh, right, anyway, lastly,
we’ve got this one. I absolutely love this from Frizzuti. His zip has broken by the look of it and he’s done a very nice
kind of S&M style fix there with his safety pins. But the thing I liked most
was the comment underneath it from Child Roaming Wild
where he points out that Liz Hurley wore it better and I think it’s fair to
say she did, didn’t she? – [Chris] That’s a bodge,
that one, Si, for me. – [Si] Yeah, probably is, isn’t it? Anyway, if you would like to send in your pictures or videos for hack or bodge, you can do so on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag
GCNhack, or the uploader, where the link to the uploader? – It’s in the description down below. – Thanks, mate. – Time now for the caption competition and your chance to win a
GCN Camelbak water bottle which is spill proof. – Yeah, we’ve got two here
on the desk for a reason because last week’s photo
was this one of Peter Sagan and actually, we couldn’t
decide who the winner was, such was the caliber of entries. So, first we got this from Oliver Tonder. Peter has quit a palmares. – [Chris] Which I think is incredible. – [Si] Yeah and then
followed by Martin Leib, did my gloves shrink or did my Hansgrohe? Peter Sagan obviously
riding for Bora Hansgrohe. – I think these are two
of the best captions ever. – Yeah, there we go. So, congratulations to you two, we will send you water bottles out to you, just get in touch with us on Facebook. Hansgrohe, that is great, isn’t it? – It’s a good one, I like that one. Next up, we’ve got a
picture of John Degenkolb and he’s having a big drink. Dan’s already left a caption. – Yes, good old Lloydy. – You gonna read it out with me? – I’ll read it out,
seeing as Dan’s not here, I get to read one out. So, this is John Degenkolb,
Dan’s suggested John Degengulp. – Impressive. – It is good, isn’t it? – I’m more focused on
the sad face he’s pulling because it’s a 0.0% beer. – Yeah, I was just saying,
that’ll be Lloydy’s face if he found out that he was
drinking alcohol free beer. Anyway, if you want to
enter caption competition, it’s super easy. Just think of a caption,
that’s the hard bit, and then stick it in the comment section underneath this video
and we will go through and choose our favorite or favorites in extreme circumstances. – We’re almost done and before
we tell you what’s coming up on the channel this week, we’ve got the comment of the week. – Oh, yes. Right, starting with
this one which was left under last week’s show which
amused me particularly. Peter Phillips said, “I
love how Dan calls it the Game of Thrones like your
grandad calls it the Twitter.” – Is it not the Game of Thrones then? – Well, it is. I think it’s more the fact that Lloydy just sounded completely
confused and perplexed any time he had to say anything about it. Given that he, like you,
hasn’t ever watched one, except Dan’s a little bit older and so, sounds like you grandad. So, there we go. Anyway, and then this one, which was under the heart health video. – [Chris] Ooh, this is good. Is a former Iron Man a rust man? That’s the question
that’s got to be answered. – Yeah, thank you, Rich for that one. And then I particularly like
this last one from Neil Ablard, he said, he liked the video, first of all, his other half works in cardiology and was nodding sagely throughout which he said was
endorsement enough for him, but he then goes on to
say that they both decided that my trouser choice was the
only let down in the video. He said he could see why
I was less embarrassed about getting my chest
out because of those. In quotes, “Yes, show my scrawny pecks, “just make sure you
only do waist up shots, “my pants are on loan
from Lloydy’s wardrobe.” – [Chris] Wow. – So, yeah. Lloydy actually only has
multicolored chinos, so. – Pinks and greens? – No, it was red and green, but I think he was
encouraged to throw the out by the producer, so. – I’ve only ever seen
him wearing jeans since, maybe that’s why. – Well, it’s true. He went through a colored chino phase. But, there we go, anyway, I’m glad you like the video and I’ll think twice about
cream chinos in the future. Right, what’s coming up
on our channel, Chris? – Coming up on Wednesday, we
have the Giro preview show, on Thursday, it’s the top five
post-ride recovery mistakes and then on Friday is Ask GCN Anything. – Yeah, on Saturday, I don’t
know whether you can tell that we’re excited about the Giro but it’s the first of our content from the Giro itself,
so Lloydy’s out there, Ollie’s out there at the
minute roaming around making amazing videos for us so can’t wait to see what they send back and then on Sunday, this
one’s an interesting one, so if you’re struggling to lose weight, Ollie’s been exploring
some of the common pitfalls and so, some handy advice
in a video on Sunday. Monday is racing news show, Tuesday, goodness me, you’d have thought I’d
remember what it is, it’s been six and half years. It’s the GCN show, but of course, a reminder to head over to Facebook because we’ll be doing
our daily highlights show from the Giro D’Italia,
or rather, it’s from here but about the Giro D’Italia,
you know what I mean. – We know what you mean. – As well as watching it over on Eurosport because some of our GCN videos
will be over there, too now. It’s time now for extreme
corner and this week, we’re on the road again, yes. And we see Claudio Imhof
showing that it’s not just fixed gear riders that do cool skids. – That was well safe, that slide. – Yeah, nicely held there. I love how nonchalantly
he just sort of gets off having exploded an incredibly
expensive rear tire and narrowly avoided massive gravel rash. – I think he must’ve know he was on camera so he was like I need to look
as cool as possible right now. – Yeah. – I would’ve done that. I tried to, I probably would’ve crashed. – I’d been like, “give me a spare bike, “I want a spare bike.” Yeah, never once had a cool
head in a tricky situation. Anyway, that is the end of the GCN show, Chris, you’ve got something
to say about GCN events? – Yep, GCN Avoriaz, 1st
to the 5th of August, and then GCN Saalbach, which
is the 22nd to the 26th, check out to check those out. – That’s right, so the next GCN events, one in the French Alps and
one in the Austrian Alps. So, I think they’re
nearly sold out already so make sure you get it
quick because, well– – You’ll be missing out
if you don’t, basically. – Yeah, I think you will, yeah. Right, thank you very much for watching, please give the show a big thumbs up, let us know in the comment
section what you think about the new Shimano GRX and if you wanna watch another video now, check out why you shouldn’t
wear underpants when cycling.

100 thoughts on “New Tech! Shimano’s First Ever Gravel & Adventure Groupset | GCN Show Ep. 330

  1. I can’t believe you even did that Si. The siren went off and the panic ensued but my button mashing wasn’t enough to avoid that spoiler. 🙁 dislike

  2. I've been a pedestrian for decades now and it never occurred to me how exposed to danger I am, walking on the pavement, near the kerb with cars not moving away from the kerb, some wide vehicles being as close to the kerb as possible. Those lunatics! … Or maybe I'm just not a self-obsessed brainwashed lycra-clad millennial who needs their safe space, a cuppa and a hug from mummy everywhere they go.

  3. Got to love the reference to the wahoo roam competition although it’s already closed. Even if I am 18hrs after this video released.

  4. The hands grower #caption is nothing original. It's an old joke from the @ukcyclingexpert

  5. Shame on you Si, if you want a Dangle Mug then have a Dangle Mug. Don't give in to peer pressure!

  6. I live near oxford uk. A place where there are lots of bicycles being used, not always that well.
    We have narrowing roads and painted on bicycle lanes that are often less than 2 feet wide. Very few drivers give bicycles more than the 2 feet painted. And buses often drive with a wheel on the painted area.
    We’ve a way to go in oxford

  7. #GCN I would like to see a video about how similar Gravel and XC racing has become. I ride both road and MTB and I am starting to think that these disciplines offer the highest skill level. Mixing the bike skills and fitness levels needed makes these riders the complete package in my opinion.

  8. For Chris Travolta, if you are French you pronounce the "z" in Avoriaz, if you are the neighbouring Swiss from Valais (which has veeeryyyyy biiiig climbs) , you don't pronounce it.

  9. Caption – “Why climbers hate ‘win your weight in beer’ prizes, they never get enough”

  10. I just wanted to say that you guys and your channel inspired me to get back on a bike after at least 25 years break. I've been biking for around 2 months now and it feels great! Thanks!

  11. GRX… 46-30 finally gears that real people who ride with gear on the bike in mountains can use. Colorado here I come👍😎

    On my last bike I put XT mountain bike set on it to make it comfortable to use.

  12. I too broke not one but TWO carbon bars on my MTB. That was enough for me so I got a straight gauge Ti from DEAN. The next ride, I broke my stem.

  13. Damn, the GCN show has certainly grown I remember finding this channel when they had less than 100 thousand subs, nice to see you are still posting high quality content just one question , where the heck is Matt? that guy was the really funny to watch.

  14. John Degenkolb immediately regrets taking the drink he found at the back of the doping control tent…

  15. I remember time trials on the A303. I wanted big trucks to come close. Saved seconds off my long long time!

  16. The more dangerous vehicles in Toronto Canada are taxis, postal trucks, courier trucks, school buses and grocery trucks. GO FIGURE. . . .?

  17. Why did you not make any mention of the story about "$50000 reward to find menace who has been placing tacks on cycle paths" in Melbourne?

  18. hi!!! I'm astonished and very happy, actually I screamed whe I saw my picture for the second place in the weekly Inspiration #gcninspiration but I have a question.

    Where can I get my prize ? because I checked my email and mi GCN account and I didnt received any notifications.
    Cheers. 🙂

  19. Gravel bikes are what you get when you leave a road bike and a mountain bike in the same garage for a night.

  20. How are the 3D logo t-shirts, if as you say they are actually 2D? They don't show depth to the logo as you move do they?

  21. Love what Madison Genesis did. I have always wanted to stock my car with bidons and gels to give to random cyclists on the road, and then give helpful advice about how to best ride the road they are on. Chapeau!

  22. Srsly Stop these Spoilers. I am so sick of it. I cannot use any social media anymore. Everyone just wants to punish those who haven't seen it yet. And this 2sec spoiler warning is a joke. I'm watching GCN for the Bikes not some fucking TV show

  23. Si don’t worry about what other people think! Dangle that mug, good sir! Especially if racing isn’t your bag with regards to bikepacking.

  24. Hilariously, and maybe unsurprisingly the Black Sheep prize of your height in beer was "hotly contested by the 3 British riders in the break while the riders from other nations just sat back and watched them go for it. Maybe if it'd been wine or cheese they'd have been more interested?

  25. Can I ask for your opinion on the brand Cairbull, ie are there helmets safe or should we stay clear?

  26. It would be great if you could produce a long form GCN podcast with interviews with riders, techs, coaches etc. so we can live the life in the word of pro cycling. Please and thank you

  27. and those new shirt are a bit pants…wasn't that done back n the days of the arc…..need to get in a decent designer….pretty poor considering the price….

  28. I can't stand ergonomics. This finger tip control is getting on my nerves. I love the inconvenience of having to move my hands.

  29. Caption:  What's in a name?  Take a big gulp, it suddenly all Komes-Bacher up, and congratulations, you have now consumed 0.0% alcohol.  We told you so.

  30. The issues I have with the GRX system, are:

    – The lack of support for 1×12 (10-46 or 10-50/52) 
    – The largest cassette sprocket is only 42-tooth, as opposed to 46-tooth already sold by competition.
    – The shifters look a little rudimentary. The rubber lever boot, for instance, looks rather crude compared to Dura Ace or Ultegra rubber boots. Likewise, the chrome-plated bit at the top of the levers will look outdated fairly soon. 
    – I'd prefer polished gunmetal grey colour cranksets that many a Shimano have to black ones.
    – Although it's a bit too early to say, the cranks do not appear to have Sram's thinner-thicker alternating notch design (or similar) facilitating superior reliability in rough terrain.

    Then, there's the question no-one as yet appears to have an answer to: will the Di2 system be an unnecessarily-convoluted setup (i.e., like all the current Di systems), with cables dangling everywhere, a stupid junction box externally attached to the bike, etc. – or will it be a proper, fully-integrated minimalist system (like Sram's counterpart)? I'm fairly sure, sooner or later Shimano will ditch the current Di2 implementation for something much more streamlined (i.e., like Sram's or Rotor's wireless offerings). Does not inspire a desire to upgrade to GRX quite yet.

    Fairly exciting news, but not sufficiently impressive. The one thing Shimano has going for them – is the RELATIVE ease of the bleeding procedure (still a headache!). And their use of biodegradable mineral oil, as opposed to Sram's Dot brake fluid (why, Sram?). And the marginally superior power of their brakes (at the cost of modulation, from what I can deduce from reviews on the net). The problem is, I could buy a 1×11, then Shimano might – and most likely will – introduce a 1×12 I'd rather buy in the first place – and I would end up paying half a thousand € more for yet another upgrade (because the 1×11 doesn't quite cut it): a new 12-speed rear derailleur, a new chain, a new cassette and a new brake lever -shifter!.
    …or I could go with SRAM – but bleeding brakes will be a greater hassle than I'd like.

  31. Ох и тошнотворная манера говорить у жителей Великобритании ))
    Американцев слушать приятнее .

  32. Although I enjoy watching this show every week .. the 3d logo shirts bother me as the line at the bottom of the front of the G does not line up correctly and I haven't been able to unsee this .. other than that always a good watch 😂👌👍

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