New VW Polo GTI 2020 Review Interior Exterior

New VW Polo GTI 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back the new
Volkswagen Polo GTI 2020 model it’s here with me and I will review it for you I
know this is one of the most wanted car in this class and yeah today I will
present you I will show you every single detail like usually and yeah we will
start with the exterior of the car a few words about the car I have to tell you
this is like golf like a Volkswagen Golf a few years ago the Volkswagen Polo was
never so nice and never so practical never so much great technology as it is
today in these days and I have to tell you sometimes when you need a car a city
car or a boat go for polo you don’t today you don’t know what choice but
let’s go let’s go forward and tell you that it has 2 liter engine 200
horsepower 4 cylinder petrol 6 gear DSG automatic there was the price as well
around 36 thousand francs for this model right here you can see also here all
that information if you’re interested you can pause the video and we will
start with the exterior of the car LED light full LED light this car this new
Volkswagen Polo GTI have full LED lights blind spot technology right here in the
mirror you can see it right there beautiful mirrors and I like those
shapes they kind of copied or woody if you see my other video with a new Audi
a1 you can see they’re kind of similar mirrors keyless entrance right here the
handles you just need the key and you go inside the car without pressing any
button LED lights in the back beautiful only the blinkers you can see there
there are normal bulb light in the back but the tail light the main tail lights
are LED light and they look splendid gorgeous
I don’t know just just this is my opinion it’s a nice nice design there
kind of interesting the way they design it today we have this water on Polo GTI
in white and you can see also LED lighting the in the front guys the shape
it is really really beautiful also up there you can see the day light is still
open up in the same time as the the blinkers working beautiful design also
the car come with full LED light had the adaptive headlight and high beam low
beam as well LED so great technology in the night you have a great great
visibility let me close now the blinkers and let me go forward to show you the
rest of the car it’s it’s very good at the car it’s white so I can show you you
can see better all that lines and design of the car GTI here logo now on the left
side you can see it very well we have six parking sensors on this moon car in
the front six parking sensors in the back and I review these days that would
be a one the new one and it has only four parking sensors in the front in the
back behind the logo here we have the rudder adaptive cruise control emergency
brake so the car come with the newest technology from Volkswagen inside there
you can see the red GTI logo red right here insertion on the grill here it’s a
small grill where the air come goes inside directly to the engine to cool
down the engine and down here as well the air come in this grill we have also
a line of glossy plastic grill and here we have a normal bow applied for the
before the fog lamps and also LED lights so it’s kind of combination there I like
also those lines it’s kind of simple and classic for for Volkswagen so the bumper
in the front look a little bit more sporty ER than the normal version and
yeah what can I say yeah of course the new Audi a1 has a nicer look in the
front a nicer design but this Volkswagen Polo it’s also gorgeous
also the the the hood there has some lines that make the car look much more
sporty ER and we have here a little bit of piece of white a choice to make it
wide to make the grill a little bit smaller and then continuing with the
hood and I like those lines guys you can see those are the new lines
i wouldI in 2020 2019 come with all that sharp edges sharp lines that go through
the cars around the car if you see my other reviews you know what I’m talking
about and you know that those lines those sharp lines make the car much more
aggressive much more sporty ER again another cool stuff that I find on this
car is this plastic here guys you see this plastic it’s it’s a it’s a shoulder
and you can put this plastic to protect the down part of the car I wish I can
install this kind of plastic on my car as well so this plastic right here is
very very useful I’d help you not scratch the car so I find it very very
practical this plastic there now what can I say the rims they are phenomenal
the rims they are perfect I think I don’t know how they’ve and they find
those rims but they look so nice and they fit so nice with the car they look
beautiful also have ventilated brake discs you can see it and the calipers
are in red there the brake scalper Continental tires and beautiful
beautiful they fit so nice on the car those rims they are gorgeous gorgeous
with the car really nice also here we have the tank where you can fuel the car
very simple just open it from here you don’t have to open from inside you can
see all that sharp edges on the white car can see it much much better how the
sharp edge is come here and there it is really really enjoyable to see that
really beautiful on the roof we have a black black
glossy roof there look nice it’s look really nice and also around the windows
here we have this rubber the kind of matte rubber around the windows pretty
pretty simple something classic I was expected to have something like a glossy
plastic there but I guess you don’t even see the difference from from a long
distance I love again this spoiler the spoiler is one of my favorite part on
this car look how beautiful look this spoiler the design it looked fantastic
also the brake light it’s in the middle right there and it’s let’s make the car
look much much better I really really like the spoiler other than that going a
little bit downer and we have six parking sensors also in the back
impressive really impressive with those sensors a lot of sensors then GTI logo
and other than that some sharp lines sharp edges there and here on the bumper
to exhaust pipe on the left side real one right here and then other than that
just simple plastic there it’s kind of similar with the previous models so
pretty nice pretty nice I like that also LED lights on the number plate as
expected this is another extra for this car so price is not bad for or all this
option and for what the car can offer let’s go let’s go inside guys and see
how much space this new Volkswagen Polo have the triangle up there on the door
as you see on Paul Soglin usually also some plastic here at the entrance like
three centimeter deepness in the trunk some space in the left side then we have
a lot of hooks we have also a normal boat ride and then yeah this is the
entrance you can take this out without any problem and you can see how much
space you can carry and actually yeah let me
take it out to see it’s very simple I can do that only with one hand and then
you can see that you have a huge huge space right here in the trunk huge space
create and can carry fridges and mobile parts as well and it’s really practical
in my opinion too bad that it doesn’t have this in the middle this middle part
that you can fold it down in the middle that’s a downside and now here under we
have all that repair kit and stuff for the car right there we don’t have a
spare tire because we have the repair kit so these days many cars come with
this repair kit and not with the spare tire let me fold down the seat to show
you how much space you have there in the back if you want to carry long items so
it’s quite simple to fold it down you still have some space on the legs there
so plenty of space on the legs actually it’s pretty cool and the entries in the
car is quite big so you can see here it’s quite a lot of space it’s not so
long of course because the car is not so long but you have space to put plenty of
stuff and the entrance in the back it’s good it’s big and even here for a car in
this class you have plenty plenty of space to put your things here it’s quite
a cool car for City and not only for city you can also go for holiday long
trips and stuff like that so I guess it’s kind of I can come close very close
to both come very very close to the walls running wolf also one pieces
window in the back I like that here on the doors we have kind of a plastic in
the back here the handle down here again some plastic here as well only here we
have some soft material but other than that the same as Odie
a new Audi a1 speaker down there some storage is very
similar the design is very nice but not so many soft material there now let’s go
to the seeds the seeds and up here on the roof we have LED lights as well just
want to show you because maybe I forget after after that very nice to have a
lady lights inside also going to the seats guys the seats I have it on my
last golf GTI and it was gorgeous we don’t have a center armrest there but
the city’s fabric seat with the design they look fabulous I mean they look
super super nice they are very comfy and you don’t have any any back paint even
for long trips short trips no matter I’ve also can make some amazing seats so
I really like them anyway back of the front seats ok soft material fabric some
storage space there I will go on the other side to show you the space inside
the car so let me go inside the car here we have 2 USB port
well better better than the new Audi a1 where it doesn’t have nothing there not
sure if you can take it as an option but it’s cool the dashboard it’s very kind
of similar with a1 it’s beautiful dashboard it’s also super beautiful
plenty of space on my knees you can see here
huge huge space on my knees also on my legs down there a lot of space let me
see the head five fingers they’re huge space great job both organ visibility on
the window is quite good no problem no problem with the comfort good visibility
up here on the roof don’t have any handle but the quality is pretty pretty
good going in the middle very easy and you can see here I have plenty of legs
room no problem with the leg room I can play with my legs without no problem
plenty of space on my head four or five fingers left right
stretch my hand almost three people here pretty well pretty good really impress
its come close to a Volkswagen Golf so as interior sighs I’m really impressed
with that car I’m not sure if you want to go for a full-on polo
because the price is much cheaper and you have two great great quality look at
this thing we look at the dashboard you have the new digital active digital
display there’s the cockpit and you have the new multimedia from loggin in this
new Volkswagen Polo GTI 2020 and and it’s it’s gorgeous big window one pieces
in the front good visibility right here on the doors guys we have kind of a soft
material and then we have this handle and then we have some LED lights
insertion you can see there the LED light down there ambient light then we
have the LED inside the handle you can see it yes and then we have this
beautiful beautiful color there on tour this gray gray dark gray glossy it looks
super nice I like it so much I don’t know I wonder why I didn’t see this
before on other cars I think they they should we use it much more here we have
soft material you know fabric material on the tour
other than that kind of plastic almost everywhere buttons electric buttons
electric adjustable mirrors storage space I like this design here that goes
to the speakers and yeah pretty cool design of the tour it’s really nice GTI
logo right here at the entrance and I like this closely black plastic I think
or aluminum you see how nice it looks there I like those rumps shapes and also
aluminum pedals LED lights on the on the legs they’re very nice and the sport
seats in the front the same material like it’s fabric stuff material in the
front they have side support they are very comfortable
I have it on my car I had it before and they are they’re great grates it was
like and they did a great job they do a great job with the seats you never have
a back pain or something like that also manually adjustable seats just as you
know this is an information here we have the light controllers where you can
light up the car I mean the high beam low beam focalin folk and all that stuff
you can see the LED light in the insertion in the dashboard up there and
let me close the door then we have the advanced you have the same gray material
there we have the speaker right here on the a pillar no handle there again LED
light mirror here up great quality up here LED lights of course I like that
and also something that not all the car have this glass is support well done I
have to say Volkswagen it’s gorgeous this place I want to have
it on my car as well for the classes also great visibility in the back in the
mirror great visibility on the windows guys you can see in the left you can see
in the mirror we have a fantastic visibility around the car of course
great great visibility maybe a little bit of blind spot in the corners but the
car have a reverse camera inside the logo so you can use that when you
reverse the car also handle adjustable armrest this is great another in this
class it’s fantastic some storage space here not so big but practical then we
have again this manually handbrake I didn’t expect to see that I wish it has
electric one I think you can take it as an option the electric one in the car
but this is a sport car so they use the manual handbrake and other than that in
the middle there two cupholders 12 volt port here we have all the buttons for
traction control parking sensors automatic parking the stick usually
stick from walzog and the start/stop button
some to wireless charging there with LED lights and also two USB ports inside the
holes there so it’s kind of cool I like this new tech that come with the car and
it’s very practical this space right there in the front because all the
people keep the the mobile phone there and they need the USB ports also they
have two in the back so that’s cool this is the climatic system very simple to
use and classic the vents also classic right here in the middle nothing fancy
there some storage space the multimedia system right here in the glove box kind
of a cool space here we have the information about the car
you already see it before at the beginning of the video and also we have
soft material on the dashboard here this is rubber kind of rubber like that it’s
very good that it’s soft and not plastic and I love this grey grey grey glossy I
don’t know how can I show you guys you remember this here on the doors I like
it very much the way it looks I wish you you can come inside the car to see this
this grey plastic the vents are also very beautiful I like the way they into
it they look super nice and even up here around the multimedia system it has the
same grey color now I change a little bit the brightness of the screen and you
can see much better the color right here you can see much better and how they
integrate the vent beautiful dashboard I I don’t know I like it I like it very
much I like the multimedia system with glossy black plastic and I liked the way
they put the display there in the front you have great visibility the steering
wheel one of my favorite I have it on my car it’s so easy to use and all that
buttons all that great quality with red stitches this those buttons are so easy
to use you have everything you need on a steering wheel you don’t even need to
take your hands off the steering wheel to change the cruise control for example
change the different settings on the screen clappers for changing the gear
manually if you want to I mean when you are here on this it’s guys you don’t
even know what kind of car you’re driving you feel like you’re in very
very powerful car you feel like you’re in very expensive car the dashboard it’s
straight and you have a great great visibility in the same time have all
kinds of options there and I love it I don’t know about you but I really like
and also the the new active digital display from Roseville and there you see
the navigation you can customize in many many ways the way you want it also the
multimedia system it’s super responsive glossy screen beautiful colors and a
hardware it’s very fast you have all that shortcut button on the side and
have two right side you see here information about the car you can you
can go into detail I have a full review on my channel with this Volkswagen
multimedia system you can check it out on my channel guys you can connect to
Android auto apple carplay mirror link here you have the navigation it’s not
install it on the car because it’s a brand new car that just come here and
yeah bluetooth media radio of course you already know it menu here you go into
menu all that stuff you can see the photo a picture and stuff in the car and
traffic and a connection to the Internet and then you have also those options to
the car where you can change the language the date time and we have all
that stuff just don’t want to go into detail go on my channel and check out
the other videos with the full review guys also you can change the miles
kilometer celsium temperature for online whatever you want you have all the
option here and I have to tell you one of the best on the market this
multimedia system from walls organ you find here everything all the info that
you need they are right here on the on the screen and also the
map and the navigation is great I I know it and I use it and it’s really good so
so guys yeah I guess you make an idea about the car now and what can I say I
will just just just check it on my channel if you want to see a full detail
of this multimedia system the visibility from the driver point of view it is
gorgeous one of the best same as in the new Audi a1 same grid is ability same
great dashboard quality inside the car it’s super good price is super for what
this car can offer and what can I say I love the car if I will buy this car yeah
for sure I’ll buy it I really like the new
Volkswagen Polo and guys I hope it was helpful this video for you please
subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of those new videos and thank
you very much for watching it’d mean a lot for me if you can
subscribe and like and share it and thank you again see you in the next
video bye guys

25 thoughts on “New VW Polo GTI 2020 Review Interior Exterior

  1. no Polo, GTI or "regular" can be equipped with electronic handbrake, because this is MQB A0 platform, not full size MQB, and A0 can't be equipped with e-brake and 4motion, among other things. Would be nice to have e-brake with dsg, but with manual gearbox the manual handbrake is better choice for those "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" donuts at the parking lot.

  2. Brasil tem mania de falar que polo e um gol compra argo aquela bosta ou onix o carro feio agora pra nós o o pólo e bonito porque é caro se não todo.mundo táva com um ne qual a diferença do pólo europeu pro brasileio a não ser motor

  3. I love the bright white exterior colour. Suits the car like a glove. The interior speaks for itself. Beautifully sculpted. Unfortunately in South Africa VW products are very expensive. Would not mind having one like this.

  4. Thank you for another great video.Waiting on mine to arrive. Exact same colour combination except red dashboard. Was gonna go for the grey dashboard originally but changed my mind after I saw one at the VW dealership with the red dashboard. Looks much better in real life than in all the videos I have seen on YouTube. Been waiting for over 7 months now. The car is getting close to being delivered. Only a few more weeks to wait at the most… 😀

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