NHL Player Tries Olympic Figure Skating

NHL Player Tries Olympic Figure Skating

I’m kristi, yamaguchi. I’m the 1992 Olympic gold Medalist and women’s figure skating Two-time, World Champion Bret Heta caen and I’m a two-time olympian and Stanley cup champion played 17 seasons in the NHL and over a thousand games we’ve been married for 16 years now I guess you can say we’re like the real life cutting-edge couple the hockey player and figure skater I’ll be interested to see how he performs because it is a lot different I mean you want to want to see me on hockey skates as a powerful and fast skater He’s gonna have to translate that into grace. Let’s do this. I’m not happy about it. Let’s do it. Let’s Start with the basics so a nice long arabesque on the backward Edge and Then we’ll move on to something a little more difficult leaving the ice a Waltz jump was the first basic jump in figure skating What’s skating without a spin so a to fit Spin is the basic first Spin that you’ll learn on the ice Yeah, you me the balance you need the agility to kind of hold that spin position and go I Thought I did better than I thought I would I mean I didn’t think I was gonna do all that I thought was gonna go down, but I stayed up. I didn’t fall so I’ll take that as a victory I think we can work on the grace and a little bit of the pointing of the toes But yeah kind of better than I thought you have a scorer. Yeah, I think your score was something like you know 6.39 you’re setting out of tanning no, out of like 200 Stick to hockey you

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  1. Imagine one hockey player starts doing this by himself when the game's in process… wow, that would get everybody's attention..

  2. I am a bit surprised a professional Stanley Cup winner hockey player was THAT awkward. True, the two sports are quite different; still, I had though he would be able to jump, dance, & do many things much more comfortably —- even if not artistically perfect like Yamaguchi — given his extensive background on ice….

  3. I was gonna say… why is he sitting so close to her…!? haha Duh. Dang, that is so amazing. He looks like he's never been on the ice before; his partner's skill/craft is So advanced & a whole different ballpark.

  4. Omo, i just watched her Videos from 92! And she is just gorgeous!! And now seeing her in this video I’m pleasantly surprised how bubbly and cute she is! 😍😍😍

  5. But Buzzfeed… Some NHL players take figure skating lessons all the time so they can learn more about their edges. I guess it's cool video for people who don't know that about hockey players though.

  6. Stan Makita was or is married to a figure skater that was in the Ice Capades. Sometimes between periods they would skate together for the fans. Makita said the only problem he had was not being able to do some of the moves because he was in hockey skates.

  7. Just wondering, is it harder transitioning from figure skating to hockey or hockey to figure skating? I might join a hockey class, and I can figure skating a bit

  8. Literally a whole tv show was made around this topic and some of the nhl players became pretty good at it. Battle of the blades. If you can find it online check it out

  9. I just got into just some basic splits training, learning how hard it is just to lift a leg into certain positions, and I cannot imagine the raw power that goes into figure skating. And the sheer control. Figure skaters are superhuman.

  10. Kind of understandable that folks could have a hard time equating figure skating ⛸ as a sport 🥎 when the participants are dressed in sequins and feathers.

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