NHL: Skate Malfunctions [Part 2]

NHL: Skate Malfunctions [Part 2]

Backlund tips one to the corner. Ben
Hutton goes back. Chips one around for Boeser. Boeser fell down is trying
to make a play with the puck. Here’s Tkachuk. He’s got Frolik in front. Hutton broke
it up. Boeser’s got a broken skate blade trying to get to the bench. His left skate
blade is done He crawls his way over and they’ll get
that fixed the linesman picked up the blade. I
might have to call them Brock Bambi Boeser after that one. Working on them you
can see his blade right there sitting on the ice right in front of the penalty
box. The plastic, you just can’t dig in to the ice, he’s scrambling to get to the
bench was able to make it Challenged by (???) and didn’t do anything but there you
see it hits the skate you see it flying right through here
yeah the blade just flew right out of the casing so he broke his skate that’s
where we see him trying to get off did a really good job of it you see a one-legged duck swims in a
circle Moves around Andreas Borgman A point shot. A skate blade or something has come off.
I think McElhinney’s lost a skate blade. that shot knocked the blade right off his
skate. And here comes McElhinney back into the net got his blade back Sparks turns in a bit for seconds. And
everybody on the bench is saying way to go Sparky great job in there. He actually
did need a hammer. See a hammer fixes a lot of things. When you’re a nail
there’s a hammer. -seal on the glass there as well as that hangs loose. Padded back
around by Tyler Toffoli. Now it’s Milan Lucic up with it. Lucic hands it off for
Kopitar. Pacioretty has lost his skate blade. back in the King’s zone, he can’t
get out he’s trapped. They’re gonna try and give him a shove here. Referee Ian
Walsh is giving him the one-legged push it’s a power play essentially for LA and THEY SCORE. and anything bad happening Pacioretty
goes in to make the hit on Jake Muzzin and he falls down and breaks a skate
can’t get off you see him at the top of the screen so there’s the power play
it’s a five-on-four and nice job by the official trying to get Pacioretty to
the bench but just horrible luck and there’s the captain shaking his head
there’s nothing you could do there and tough start here for the Canadiens. Slowly to center ice now it’s sent across for Nikolaj Ehlers Side steps that check, a hard one from Gryba lost his stick and he’s slow to get
up. He is still feeling that one. Looks like he’s got a skate issue now. I think the blade has come out of his
skate. Yeah, he can’t get to the bench and it’s a long way back he is swimming
upstream. I think a teammates gotta go help him you got to go over and get him because you’re on the powerplay you’re
short a guy anyway go over and shove them to the bench. They’re snapping a new plate in and he’s ready to go there’s the old one sitting
on the ice. 6:43 to go. What a pagan you Winnipeg and Edmonton, two old rivals- no no I just forgot I had new
skates today and my new blades were on my new skates so came uh came on today didn’t
feel it walking on the ice I just stepped on and definitely felt it there
yeah Reporter: It’s one of those things you kinda take for granted. Yeah Yeah Yeah, exactly. every day the blades are there so today
when I went on the ice and definitely stepped on and looked at them fallen
there and laying on the ice definitely knew it were they weren’t there. He stepped on the ice without blades. I don’t think it takes a genius to know
you need blades on your skates. I know, he did it to himself that’s uh… Did
any cameras get that? Yeah? Oh my god. That is uh. He put on his skates without blades
on and walked on the ice without blades I don’t know how you can say that
someone else I swear to you I swear to God I I don’t know I
I’ve never seen that in my life he instantly thought that someone put tape
on his blades and he looked down and he didn’t have blades on his skates. when you take
the blades off in two seconds they must have just switched his, so. John Gibson has got a little bit of an equipment issue here and he’s heading over to the
Anaheim bench, Doug Shearer. take a look. Stone that skate
sometimes you lose an edge if you jam your skate up against the goalpost,
sometimes you can get a little bit of a burr on that blade and when you go to push
you don’t get a push which is everything for a goaltender as they have
to move quickly laterally so the stone is applied they try and get rid of the
burr. You never get the kind of edge back though that you really want and
Brian the process being closely watched by Dan O’Halloran who’s about two feet
away as Gibson gets both skates worked on. He’s saying right now I can’t get a
push that’s so it’s a problem And unlike players skates you can quickly
change a blade in a player’s skate you can’t in a goaltenders skate Fans booing thinking that Gibson’s trying
to- he blows a wheel as soon as he goes back to the crease and he can’t I
think they’re gonna make a goaltending change. That’s that’s the issue right now for
Anaheim. Now he’ll have a spare skate in the locker room that he can put on but I
think Anton Khudobin is going to come in. Khudobin’s going to take his time,
because Gibson has got to get his pad that one left pat has got to come off
he’s got to get the other skate laced up put the pad back on and then get back on
the ice. Holmstrom out with Datsyuk in front. Back behind the net
Regehr is forced there by Franzén Franzén gets rubbed out of the play and
Lidstrom’s got in at center. And we’ve got a injured Red Wing in the corner as Thomas Holmstrom is slow to get up Ah his blade came off. That’s the second
time this season we’ve seen that happen But a good start for the Detroit Red Wings and Mike Babcock’s gotta be
pleased with what he’s seen in the first 34 seconds of this one. Fully expecting
Calgary to come hard. He used the word “survive” this morning. Thomas Holmstrom will go and get that we put back on that’s what- Oh what just happened? Michálek is banged up behind the play He’s smiling though so he’s alright,
although he gets to help up anyway. He lost the steal out of his blade down there the steal pops out sometimes It’s not really hurt or
injured just a… It’s a bad feeling as a player all of a sudden the steel pops
out. That will happen on occasion now the trainer’s have to get to work. On the left of your screen near the boards and you see a bang there and then it goes
flying Thanks for watching!!

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  1. Hey man, love your videos! Might i ask, what editing software to add things such as the part where it says “Season: [Year]”? Thanks!

  2. 1:19 – You can hear McElhinney's blade come off. Lucky that puck didn't hit him directly in the foot, because as hard as that shot looked, he probably would've been out a week or two with a bruised, if not broken, foot.

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