number 1 thing NOT to do at a horse show!

number 1 thing NOT to do at a horse show!

at the recording Hi, everybody. This is Laura Kelland-May from Thistle Ridge Stables thistle Ridge skill builders. Today We’re going to be going over the number one thing NOT to do it a horse show Not to do it a horse show Now before we get going I would like to remind everybody that My name is Laura Kelland-May. I’m from thistle Ridge stables and thistle Ridge skill builders I’ve been a senior judge for almost 20 [years] now and I know what you guys are going through and I know because I’ve done some showing and Now I’m judging and I can see What are some of the things that people do and get themselves Into knots when they’re showing, so this is number one thing not to do at a horse show Can anybody guess what it is any guesses anybody? You have to remember? Don’t get worried stay in control Now if you lose your cool, and by that I mean get flustered answer you’re worried you as the [rider] Have to remember that the horse is a living living in feeling thing and can feel the tension what goes in the brain goes down the rain remember that and your intentions will result in an undesirable performance From your horse because you’re tense now if you get flustered It just doesn’t [happen] magically on the show grounds it happens when you prepare When you pack the trailer and even on the lead up to the horse show if you think you’re [not] ready for that show then you often will become stressed and irritable and those feelings will manifest themselves in your horse, and it will just spiral into a Bad day so remember what goes in the brain goes down the rain Now I could just leave it there at that, but you what I? Want to give you some tools to help you stay in control at the horse show Stay in control number one get organized Getting stressed cascades into your horse, and they can feel it You know you have if you have it in your mind that you have going to have a great ride Then you’re going to have a great ride and think about the last great ride you had where your horse went well now I’m not saying that’s easy you have to practice that and to prevent Getting out of control on the horse show de get organized have your memberships insurance vet papers [coggins] all in one place and in a binder and Have it ready to go with the horse show Yes, I know that some people keep their binder with photocopies and memberships and insurance right in that one binder They just grab the binder and go if possible have a trunk Just for horse show purposes your show trunk This way you have double buckets double brushes double bandages and you keep the show stuff in the show, but box, so you know where everything is you’re not searching around in the bottom of your tack trunk that you use [everyday] for a Clean brush to take to the horse show have it one thing for show purposes only and keep it for Horschel purposes and Get yourself ready beforehand the day before a few days before get yourself organized get a checklist Have on it the things you need go through your rider checklist starting from the your head helmet hair net jacket blouse Gloves all the way down to your socks shoes boots It doesn’t take long when you at the horse [shown] you forgotten your bridal Brushes or boots to really realize that having a checklist is a good thing too up and Before you start your season get your season organized and know What you’re going to be going what you’re going in? staying in control you can have An alarm clock and make sure you arrive on time now Arriving on time for me may be different than arriving on time for you, or somebody else Know when you should arrive to get your horse prepared for the show If the show’s two hours away, and it’s going to take you an hour to get the horse ready before your first class then you should leave three hours before the show starts if you’re going in the first class and Arrive suitable time to get your horse ready You know some people are lucky and they can have their horse just walk off the trailer and go into the ring but maybe you have to arrive early to Get the horse going Now all this takes time, and you have to make sure that you arrive in enough time To get the show the horse ready for the ring There’s another one stay in control. Don’t sweat it. I just love this picture this little baby the cute Don’t worry about poor performance. What’s done is done Your time for preparation has passed and this is show time Time to show off your horse if your horse is not cooperating today Use it as a schooling opportunity and not an outing to get points for championships We’ve all gone to the horse show [and] say oh if I get first if I get third if I get place today I’m going to get an opportunity to go [to] the championships, then you get to the show. You’re keyed up The horse sense is it and doesn’t perform? So don’t sweat it Now if your horse isn’t cooperating Use it as a schooling trip get yourself prepared take back Understand where you need to do your work when you get home and do your work when you get home? stay in control by understanding The Judge wants you to do well Now I know that I have had many many competitors come up to me after and say Thank you so much. Thank you for being so kind and I and I think you know why who what’s your number? Why do you think I was so kind to you and I realize? Be just the fact that I really want these people to do well comes across comes across to them And they’re really really Appreciative about that fact [now] excuse me. I’m just going to take a drink again There we go just had to drink of water and the judge generally wants to see you and your horse do well, and have a great ride and They want to see your best performance Other things you can do to help you on the show day eat properly. I know a lot of people Get up Early in the morning braid the horse go to the horse show ride all day Come home and wondering the why they’re not feeling [very] well. It’s because [they] haven’t eaten anything all day They haven’t drank any water all day haven’t done anything but ride their horse at work out in a Dark jacket and black helmet all day make sure you eat properly Starting at the very first of the day eat properly keep yourself hydrated by drinking water sometimes people like to listen to music Listen to Music helps keep you down and keeps you relaxed and Having your favorite songs listening to them and singing along with them also helps because when you sing along you breathe Make sure you breathe Talk to your horse breathe hum, or sing breathe Make sure you know that you deserve to be there. You’re there No one is pressuring you everybody wants you to do well Keep your brain on track on task rather than thinking about being nervous think about What you have to do now right now? I have to brush my horse. I’m going to brush my horse the best that I can breathe Just before entering the ring take a slow deep breath through your nose so that your stomach expands, but your shoulders do not rise then exhale And relax your body That’s very important Now how do you stay in control? How do you keep your stress under control if you have any ideas of how you do give me a show? Let me know I’d love to hear from you Now before we go on to that let’s see if there’s anybody here Anyone here. It looks like we have a guest. Thank you gasps. Hi guests. Can you post? and then we go on to the three top tips I Hope this doesn’t go back to the beginning yet. This goes back to the beginning again okay, escape and I want to stop

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  1. Thank you so much I really appreciate it… 🙂
    I have done these videos to share some things we, as judges, look for. Sometimes people really do not understand what the judge is looking for.
    Thank you…

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