Obamacare Takes a Price Hike: The Daily Show

Obamacare Takes a Price Hike: The Daily Show

But let’s move on
to our main story. A little bit more serious.
It’s about Obamacare. All right, if that’s where
you get your health insurance, uh, the one doctor
who does accept you, well, he has some bad news. Millions of Americans
will face big price hikes and fewer choices when Obamacare
open enrollment begins. The government says the cost
of mid-level health plans next year will increase
by an average of 25%. Goddamn, premiums going up 25%. If I’m paying that much,
I’m gonna get a CAT scan every week. Hell, I’m gonna get my cat
scanned every week. I don’t care.
I’m getting every proc… I’m gonna tell my doctor
I want a kidney transplant even if I don’t need it.
He’ll be like, “Well, we don’t have a donor.”
I’ll be like, “Don’t care. Use mine!
Put the left one on the right, “use the right one on the left.
Chop, chop! “I want my money!
I want my money! Move the thing! Move the thing!” But, seriously,
it’s gotten so bad that the government has had
to add new plans to Obamacare. It used to be just platinum
at the top, then gold, then silver,
then down to bronze. Now it goes even lower,
to lead and Styrofoam. Yeah, and the Styrofoam level
is when you get sick, they just put you on a raft
and push you out into the ocean. “Bye, Grandpa!” So the big question is,
what went wrong with Obamacare? How did we get here? Well, we have to review it
for a second. And before we do that,
I know that talking about health insurance
can be boring, but what’s exciting
is watching what made people need health care
in the first place. (bleep)! Allow me to introduce you
to Patient A, Dumpster Dude. Now, before Obamacare,
if Dumpster Dude decided to become more responsible and
get himself health insurance, insurance companies
could choose not to insure him as a result
of his pre-existing condition, a fractured ass bone. Because, essentially, insurance
companies make more money when they cover healthy people
who don’t need doctors. You know? It’s like a bar having
a Mormons-only happy hour. Right? So the idea of Obamacare was that everyone should be able
to get health insurance, and then insurance companies
should be required to accept anyone, even
if they had suffered an injury like this. (shouts) -Oh!
-(audience groaning, laughing) I don’t even know
what he wastryingto do. -(laughter) -No, I don’t know
what he was trying… -Like, at least Dumpster Dude
had a purpose. -(laughter) His aim was to get quickly
from his roof to his trash can. -(laughter)
-But this guy… Now, in order for Obamacare
to make economic sense, both healthy people
and sick people would need
to have health insurance, right? That’s the only way it works, because for insurance
to remain affordable, you need healthy people
to subsidize the sick people. It’s the same way Beyoncé
and Kelly subsidized Michelle. -All right? So then…
-(audience groaning) Oh, yeah, like
you bought her album. Act like you bought
Michelle’s album. You judging me like we all
didn’t all make those jokes! -(laughter) -Now I know
what you’re thinking. Why on earth would a healthy
young person sign up for health insurance just
to prop up old and sick people? Well, it turns out, Obama was
thinking the same thing. That’s why he said
anyone who doesn’t sign up for Obamacare would have
to pay a fine. And you know what the healthy
young people said? Fine. When the Affordable Care Act
was passed, it was believed that the younger,
healthier people would sign up. That’s not happening. You’ve got
the sicker people signing up, and that’s kind of
draining the money. Younger people,
especially healthy people, fewer than expected
are actually saying, “I’ll choose healthcare
over the fine.” Yeah, of course
that was gonna happen. Young people would choose
to pay the fine, because, you see, the fine of not joining Obamacare costs
way less than actually joining. It’s like if a movie was $12, but the fine
for sneaking in was a dollar. -(laughter) -I’m sneaking in
to every movie, baby. I’m sneaking into… Except forMadea’s Halloween.You support that film, and you keep the money
in the community, you hear me? -(laughter) -You keep that money
in the community. -(applause)
-Keep it here. You see,
young people don’t feel like they should be signing up
for healthcare, even though
they do (bleep) hike this. Oh! (audience groaning) (laughter) I bet right before they did
that, those guys were like, “Hey, you ever wonder why
we don’t have girlfriends?” -(laughter)
-“Nah.” So with costs going up, and insurance companies
leaving many markets, Obamacare’s in trouble
right now. The question is,
who will defend Obamacare? The problems
that may have arisen from the Affordable Care Act is not because government’s
too involved in the process. The problem is is that… we have not reached everybody
and pulled them in. And think about it. When one of these companies
comes out with a new smart phone,
and it has a few bugs, what do they do? They fix it, they upgrade it. Unless it catches fire.
Then they just… (laughter) Then they pull it
off the market. (laughter) Oh, man,
I feel so bad for Obama. Because the comparisons
with phone bugs would have been so perfect
if it wasn’t for Samsung. -(laughter) -You could see him
realizing that as he spoke. “My plan, uh,
is a lot like, uh… “oh, the Galaxy Note.
Oh, goddamn it!” “Uh, all you got to do is,
you got to use the Gala… “Oh, goddamn, it’s burning!
Phil, kill the plan! “I mean, uh, kill-kill
the phone! Kill the phone. Kill the phone. Kill the phone.” Anyway, but the truth is,
Obama’s not wrong. Many complex social programs
didn’t start out perfectly. They needed to be tinkered with
in order to get them right. You know, sort of like
theIncredible Hulkmovies. They didn’t start perfect.
They’ve gotten a lot better. The only problem is,
unlike Marvel, Republicans want the franchise
to die. MAN:
Obamacare under fire.
The new Republican majority
to dismantle the president’s
signature accomplishment.
Republicans in the House refuse
to fund the government unless
they could roll back Obamacare. MAN:18 Republican governors
still refuse
to expand Medicaid
in their states.
WOMAN:The House tried more than
60 times to repeal Obamacare.
You see,
Republicans don’t believe in government-mandated
healthcare, even if that government’s
citizens are doing this. Oh! Aw! Looks like one of those guys
found a girlfriend. -(laughter) -I guess
there is someone for everyone. Aw! So now, with the election
just 12 days away– 12 days away, Goddamn– the question is, what solutions
do both candidates propose? Hillary’s already made it clear, she wants to stick
with Obamacare and do those Hulk tweaks
we were talking about, because if anyone knows
the importance of young people helping
old people, it’s Hillary. Whereas Trump wants to do
what he does best– burn it all to the ground. I propose a contract
with the American voter. It includes getting rid of,
immediately, Obamacare, which is a disaster. (cheers and applause) Yeah! I want to get in a contract
with that guy. What’s the worst
that could happen? It’s not surprising that Trump
wants to scrap and replace Obamacare,
because it’s less than perfect. It’s the same way
he handles his wives. -(laughter, groans) -Donald,
I have pimple on my elbow. (like Trump):
That’s a shame. Well, it’s been nice
knowing you, Melania. Eric, send in
that ten from Latvia. (laughter) But look, the truth is
Obamacare is flailing. So even though
Trump sounds extreme, we at least
have to do him the service of hearing the specifics
of his plan. We are going
to replace Obamacare with something so much better. There will be plans,
health care plans, that you never even heard about, that haven’t even been
thought about right now. -Ah.
-(laughter) I’m glad we cleared that up. Yeah, I’m glad
we cleared that up. Look, the truth is Donald Trump
doesn’t have a plan. And Hillary’s plan might work. The saddest truth
is that none of this is getting approved
by Republican legislators. It’s like they say in the Bible:
It’s easier for a camel to pass through
the eye of a needle than for Obamacare reform
to pass through Congress. (laughter) That book
really did know everything. Look, at the end of the day,
everyone ends up paying for everyone’s health care–
that’s how it’s gonna work. Either through
universal coverage, or because you’re gonna end up
paying to subsidize people who don’t have insurance. So those people go
to the emergency room for a sore throat or an earache, or if they get the remote for
their Roku stuck up their ass. Sort of like me,
sort of like me. And you know what, that’s right,
I’m not ashamed to admit it: I use Roku. Uh, you can’t deny it, people, health care needs
to be a priority. Health care needs to be
a priority in America, especially in a country
where people do this. Want to watch Joni die?

60 thoughts on “Obamacare Takes a Price Hike: The Daily Show

  1. It's so sad that the republican party is so partisan they can't see a good things simply because it was thought of by a democrat.

  2. I agree with having health care through the government but I don't believe in having to pay a health insurance through the marketplace to take care of other people because I don't go to see the doctors as often. the fuck I look like a charity lol, I don't see nobody wanting to take care of me or even the government taking care of us as people when we go through a hard patch in our lives. so I am ok if they remove this so I won't have to pay these damn fines.

  3. No, the problem with ACA is that it isn't public. It isn't a good idea to expect companies to pay for your medical care when it is in their best interest to not pay.

  4. Obamacare is a complete failure, most facts says so. But just listen to the horrific personal attacks on trump (who said to scrap it) and compare it to the mockery of obama citing galaxy note 7 ; what does this show? This shows that people like trevor are subconciously feeding pure hatred and disrespect, going beyond the subject matter.

  5. Everyone saying that America is useless and stupid. Shut your damn mouths. First off, have to seen our education system? Every child has to get 90% or better of everything right to be good. Second, we arent stupid. If we were, we would have crashed and burned a long time ago. We did make some mistakes, but we make up for them. Do you think a superpower runs on national stupidity.

    And thoose from other countries, I am ashamed. Arent you sick of what people stereotype you? not every american is fat and stupid.

  6. Notice how its a horrible thing happening with OBAMAcare yet he just makes jokes about it (i.e. cat scan pun) but if it were President Trump that did this he would put away the jokes and stand on his soapbox the entire show with sad defeated eyes proclaiming Trump to be Hitler or some dumb crap like that.

    On a second note thank you for all your extra salty snowflake tears. They have magical powers that keep me from getting hurt or sick so I no longer need healthcare. I have a feeling I will be healthy for at least another 8 years. glory glory glory

  7. I've got a question for some of you people that live in countries that have universal health care. How much do you guys pay for insurance because when obama care came to me my bill increased to around 700 dollars

  8. looking back at this in March 2017 when the republican health care bill has been pulled ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Sign the petition to get Melania mail order bride ass to either move to Washington now or pay for her own shit.https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-make-melania-trump-stay-in-the-white-house-or-pay-for-the-expenses-herself?recruiter=638772188&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink I don't know about you but I don't feel the Trump's have given us what we are paying for. I bet Putin feels the same way.

  10. America has "for profit" insurance care. That's why our insurance is so high. That is also why other countries have free healthcare for their citizens (they're not making money off it it). Naturally, the Republicans are not for anything that is not putting money in their pockets. Follow the money and you will always find the problem.

  11. I've gotten hurt so many times now when I see something serious like that last one of the person hitting their face….. it not funny for me.

    I'm not saying it's not funny or you shouldn't laugh

    I'm saying please be careful and don't do anything too stupid lol

  12. why is it that other countries have free health care, but the US, one of the most "advanced" cant even get people to want it?

  13. I think you would find that the young people 'choosing' to pay the fine were probably too poor to afford the health insurance.


  15. "In order for Obamacare to make economic sense…." Central planning never makes economic sense. Either learn from history or condemn yourself to repeat it. Cough Venezuela Cough

  16. The problem with Obama care is healthcare is f'n expensive and a lot of people can't afford to shell out half their check for health insurance a month because the cost of health care has gone up so much. Seriously I tried to sign up for government health care it was going to cost me $560 a month for bottom line health care, no vision, and no dental. Considering many peoples jobs don't even offer health care or they purposely try to limit your wage hours so you don't qualify. So the only thing your stuck with is government health care, which as previously stated was stupid expensive. Sadly most American's are drastically underpaid for this economy due the exponential build of corporate greed in the last several decades. The average male in this country makes no more than they did in 1970 but the cost of living has went up by 400-500%. In order to find a better paying job you have to first put yourself 10s-100s of thousand dollars in debt just to join a flooded job market with very little hope of paying back said debt before your 50 years old, if ever, with a low probability of even getting a better paying job. Especially if your from a lower income family you are almost forced to start in the hole. Still after all that, most of the time getting a good job boils down to knowing the right people. Basically the economy is build on layer after layer of bullshit fed to us like the undigestable filler put in our food so corporations can save that extra penny. Sersiously its sad when it cost so much for us to go to school but the government is paying people from other countries to go to school here for free. If you don't believe me go to any state university and ask around the language building.

  17. Excuse me, charging a fine just for being alive is immoral. You canโ€™t just make people pay for not having health insurance. The fine is almost $1000 for a year. WE CANT AFFORD THAT EITHER, STUPID.

  18. There are plans you never heard of …. because they haven't even been thought of. Wow, another genius statement, a stable one for sure. You can't beat logic !

  19. Just thought of a horrible joke, years too late:
    Unfortunately Marvel IS kind of like the Republicans, because their Hulk franchise is the epitome of โ€œrepeal and replaceโ€.

  20. 2:35 those are all indian doctor poster who do there job in india because TWO OF THEM ARE WEARING SAREE.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  21. I know how to fix health care, it's so easy . . . Cancel every congress man's current Health Care plan, lock um in a room, tell um you get what the American people get, you pay the same price too.

    No more FREE health care for congress & it's family, they'll have that bill approved and ready to sign tomorrow

  22. 2 years later and I'm still watching, hoping and waiting for TDS to have a hot black female cast member. I hear Trev campaigns for it weekly but to no avail.

  23. my insurance went from 74 dollars a month to 743 dollars a month. And almost nobody accepts it.
    I totally appreciate Obama was trying to fix America, but he really fucked me over quite hard.
    And the V.A. hospital is so bad I usually have to see a real doctor after I get done with one of their doctors.
    Kinda wish he had just fixed the V.A. instead of all the other stuff.

  24. I don't understand why you wouldn't want health care. You have it IN CASE something happens, even if it doesn't. But when it does, you don't have to worry. "I don't wanna pay for that sick guy's health care"… Doh? That's how it works. You put money into the system for your own security, however, doctors and research and equipment are expensive. That's what pays for it. Like…

  25. Travor stop referring to yourself as a gay man in your jokes white media wants to see you as a weak bitch….but please i have more respect for you to let you keep doing that without saying something about….don't be surprised if they ask you to sit on stage in a dress! But I'm only saying this cause I love you as a family member….(fellow black person)

  26. I love how america is making it look like we the healthy young people have to pay for all the sick people.
    First of, it's not like they were perfectly fine until they got bored and decided to become sick, or parents decided that america needs another kid with leukemia, or cystic fibrosis.
    Second, diseases don't make evites, the don't call you up like "you, better save up somemoney, cause next year it's testicle cancer time". No you're healthy and happy when suddenly boom, diabetes type 1, or appenditis, or Crohn's Disease.

  27. I love the way trevor talks about trump even before his presidency ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ anyone in 2019?

  28. I use to be healthy : young, no alcohol, not overweight, sport, no smoking, etc
    But guess what! Car accident and a cancer. Happy to have a health care system in my country. You never know when you or someone you love will need healthcare.

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