26 thoughts on “OC sheriff’s investigator allegedly pulls gun on teens at San Clemente skate park | ABC7

  1. This has become a facist country, a policed state. Get your kids out of public school while you still can. Protect our 1st amendment!

    Be ready to protect our 1st amendment!🗽

  2. I say take the guns from the cops and let us citizens enjoy our 2nd amendment right. Law Enforcement does not deserve this right and this is a prime example why.

  3. Cop needs to be fired.the kid that threatened to hit him with the skateboard I don't blame the kid cuz how was he supposed to know that the guy pulling his gun was a cop in the first. Kid should have just knocked him out in the first place with skateboard.

  4. Okay this is fucked he needs his badge taken from him immediately and to pull a fucking gun on a teenager over fucking music?! That’s definitely a person who shouldn’t have a gun and a badge.

  5. Why don't you show the full video, when a kid tried to approach the cop from behind with his skateboard raised about to strike the cop, that's when the gun came out.🙊

  6. Big buff cop goes after skinny 16yr old. Kid gets scared and is willing to use the skate board to protect himself. Cop gets scared pulls gun. Kid surrendered. Cop is evil

  7. As soon as he pulled the gun someone should have been able to SHOOT him in the head. (Read the law) He better be put in JAIL !!!!!!

  8. Needs to be fired no put on leave.and they wonder why everyone in so cal is strapped.its dumb ass people like this that make people afraid of law enforcement and give cops a bad reputation.ive personally never had a cop "help" me in a situation.yet if I do sumthing a lil wrong that harms no one but myself they are right there to "serve and protect".seems like dude wasn't one of the skaters in high school and has a vendetta against them.mayne dude should have went to school and made money instead of being a broke ass dickhead of a cop to compensate for his lost ego when he was 15

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