OFF ICE Figure Skating Jumps!

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my
channel today we’re going to work on off ice skating woohoo if you
want better singles doubles and triples we got to do these jumps then this
video is for you hope you guys are ready for this i usually have shoes on
whenever I’m doing my off ice just to protect my feet and ankles I have no
shoes on today because I’m in the yoga room so just pretend for our first
jump we’re gonna warm up with the basics starting from the first jump we all learn
the waltz jump one half revolution in the air off ice it is a little tricky
because we don’t have that momentum and speed we have on the ice so let’s start
off with a little bit of either walking or some hops as a rule of thumb off ice
we’re gonna try to get our jumps up as high as possible before rotating and the
when we land don’t just stick the landing
hop out the landing so there’s less impact on the joints in our body another way to do the waltz jump is with
the bell jump this is a great exercise for the axel
just like a waltz jump we will try and get it up nice and huge in the air if we’re
just going to click our ankles together real quick and land just practicing for
when we do the axel because for the axel we gotta get into that jump now that we’ve warmed up for the axel
let’s do this same as the waltz jump we’re going to be running and skipping
on a slight lean and curve remember to take off outside the circle another fun
and super tricky off ice axel exercise is to do it from a lunge and launch
ourself in the air I like this exercise because it forces
us to get to our tippy toes from the lunge to get into the axel just like on the
ice we need to make sure we’re accurately hitting the toe pick every time now let’s hop into the salchow salchows
are a little tricky to do off the ice because usually we do it with either
an outside three turn or a mohawk entrance and we have that momentum so up
ice we’re just gonna pre rotate and hop around the turn to get the momentum
before taking for our next jump the toe loop on the ice on
the toe loop we have a weight transfer after the 3 turn we do the right-inside 3 turn and then we shift the weight to the left toe pick off ice
it’s hard to simulate that without accidentally doing a toe axel which is
when you take off forwards instead of taking off nice and backwards because
remember the axel is the only jump in figure skating that takes up from a forward edge
edge so make sure practicing this on ice you are taking off backwards we can do
this with either a right inside 3 turn or a left outside
3 turn which I almost prefer because we have the nice opportunity to do the
outside three turn reset on both feet and then transfer and take off now for another edge jump the loop jump we
are going to jump around if you’re a righty on the right foot just to simulate
that edge we’re going to bend and then spring up into the air for the flip jump
it’s hard to simulate in inside edge off ice so remember that we’re taking off
on the inside edge when we are practicing it off ice same thing as
the other jumps take a couple of hops to simulate the outside 3 turn or if you take off with a mohawk woohoo the last job is the lutz
remember the lutz takes off on an outside edge so when practicing off ice
visualize yourself taking off on a nice outside back edge we’re going to simulate it by
going backwards from a lunge position doing a few hops and popping up nice in
the air hope everybody likes my off ice jump tutorial be sure to like subscribe and save and see you guys next time happy skating

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