Off To School! Playmobil School Bus | LPS Pup Saves The Day

(dog whining) oh I know Filipe, I don’t want to go
either. I had the riding accident and I got this
stupid note saying that I can’t play and run on the playground. (dog whining) I wish you could
go with me – boy. I guess the bus just needs to hurry up and get here so I can
get this day over with. well we better not delay Jimmy’s misery
any longer. today we’re gonna unbox Playmobil’s city life school bus. ages
four and up. with 12 pieces. with flashy lights! and here’s two more vehicles from
the city life set. there’s the ambulance, and we’ve unboxed that. so if you haven’t
seen that video when Jimmy has his riding accident,
you’ll want to check it out right after this. and then there’s also the recycling
truck. but for now (whirling whistle) let’s get our bus out of the box. how about we do it in a snap?
on three! one, two, three! (snap and magic chime) and here’s our school bus out of the box. so it has nice
rolling wheels (sliding whistle) it has a removable roof, so you can see inside the bus and put
all of your people in there. its door opens and closes. and then it came with a
bag of stickers. we have the stop sign stickers and the school bus sign. let’s
get them put on now. and voila! and let’s open it and do this
side next. there we go! now our bus also features flashing
lights. when you press the button at the top the lights flash for 40 seconds.
they flash on the front and the back. how cool is that !okay and we also got people
and accessories. let’s get them out and see which ones we’ve got. well here are the
characters that come at this playset. there’s the bus driver, and he has on
blue slacks, with a plaid type top or vest, an overcoat and a red baseball cap.
and then there’s three students and each of them with removable backpacks. that
is definitely enough to get this bus rolling! ok Phillipe, you have to stay
here. I’ve gotta go. (dog whining) I know. I know. hopefully I’ll be back real soon.
but I see the bus coming now.(sound of bus arriving and stopping). hey Jimmy, good to see you again! (bus idling) hey mr.
Phillips. (dog whining) no Philippe. you gotta stay. sorry
no dogs allowed. I know. I know that’s what I keep telling him. well hop on
aboard. Bye, boy. I’ll see you before too long.
gotta go. (dog whining) no boy. no boy you gotta stay. (sighing) all right. everybody ready? (door closing) off to school! (bus departing) (dog whimpering) (dog barking) (dog running, panting, and barking)
whoa! wait! stop the bus! (bus brakes) what is it? Jimmy you might want to take
a look at who’s been chasing us. Philippe! what are you doing? I’m must have dropped my
papers and he’s trying to bring him to me. well, we can’t just leave him sitting
out here side the road. come on aboard Philippe! I think you’ve earned it. (dog bark) oh
good boy Philippe. you’re such a good dog. Wow! (metal screech) okay well one more passenger and
we’re off. (door closing) cool! I like your dog Jimmy! hey thanks! Me, too. maybe this day is it gonna
be so bad after all. (bus leaving) Well, adding a school bus to our collection
is gonna be so much fun! find us on Instagram at we imagine workshop.
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stay super sweet. until next time…. (dog wet slurp lick) What can you imagine?

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