Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold On Comeback After Eating Disorder | TODAY

Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold On Comeback After Eating Disorder | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold On Comeback After Eating Disorder | TODAY

  1. Aww. I love her so much! She’s so honest and so upfront about everything. You’re helping sooooo many girls with this, Gracie. We love you!

  2. Beautiful, intelligent woman doesn’t need a wold medal. She could do anything and be healthy
    and lead an exciting and fulfilling life. Skating doesn’t have to be her everything.

  3. Part of any sport, but especially one that involves jumps and balance require you to watch your weight very carefully because it directly affects your performance, fluctuating weight will throw off all of your jumps! So if it’s something that’s too difficult to deal with mentally, then you just realize that you’re not cut out for the sport mentally. Don’t blame the sport and coaches etc.

  4. coming out stories like this help so much as a former professional ballet dancer who also struggles with eating disorders, body dis-morphia, and depression …..THANK YO Gracie, keep fighting, youre worth it. <3

  5. And… by the way, never criticize anyone???? We ALL DO! in any way we all do criticize people for what they do, whether is for an ability or a mistake or an achievement or looks. We all do it! What we all must learn or re-learn is to understand people's comments and take them as they are, just comments! If one gets offended for what one listens, then one never listen to people at all. We must learn to digest people's opinions and accept what can be true facts and discard empty words. Why would I feel offended just for a criticism? People must feel offended for an insult, nothing else.

  6. Figure skating is not your life, Gracie. You just like the media glam. You just want to be famous and hang out with Taylor loser Swift again. What a loser. Don't come back. Americans don't care about seeing you back.

  7. Like every sentence has a like. Like you know. Like people can't make conversation without all the like this like that.

  8. Gracie, if you ever read this comment.. I felt the same way! Worrying about my weight and even skill level took all of the fun away from figure skating for me… Pursuing it, without caring about what others think or how you should look, and doing the things you love, will make your body, soul, and skating, absolutely perfect. <3

  9. i also have an eating disorder. I am fat. i haven't really done anything about it, but I don't know. I love you, Gracie! I'm happy for you!

  10. I am sorry for her but her skating career is done. if you cant control your puberty in skating. i am afraid its done. we ve seen so many great ladies skater have that issue.

  11. Thank you Gracie for sharing! Wishing the best of luck to you and a comeback that you're happy with. I sincerely hope this helps others and brings awareness and change. I grew up watching figure skating and love it, but lately I find it hard to support a sport that has coaches that demand young girls and women keep their weight down too low, and comment on their bodies. I'm sure eating disorders are rampant and not talked about… yet. Depression as well, no doubt. And with frail, unnaturally thin bodies, skaters are more vulnerable to injuries. 🙁 Someone we can all admire is Akiko Suzuki who came back from anorexia and elegantly fought her way to the top level!

  12. Weight does play a role in figure skating as it does in rhythm gymnastics, but the way her coach dealt with wasn't done right. Figure skaters actually need to eat a lot too because they burn a lot of energy just practicing. However, they most probably aren't allowed to eat junk.

  13. I’m sure the female anchors could have commented on their own struggles instead of acting surprised or oblivious. Plus, Frank Carroll didn’t make the weight comments…FYI.

  14. She was robbed of the bronze medal in Sochi. It really should've been 1. Yuna, 2. Koster, 3. Gold. I'm glad she is doing better. It makes me soooo happy to see her comeback, regardless of her results, SHE IS WINNING ALREADY.

  15. i know what that feels like. i'm a race car driver with an anxiety disorder and i have some difficulty getting on my game when im having constant panic attacks.

  16. I thought she gained a bunch of weight and that is why she got depressed and hid..she said that on another interview. I suffer from depression and don't get better..I stay like this always and when I do go out I have to plan it and make myself, but 9 time's out of 10 I cancel. She said she will spend her money first .yeah okay..depression doesn't care about money..that will not motivate you, it could help ( bills etc). but nothing will motivate you or give you the desire to care about anything in life

  17. After hearing this girl talk I knew she was from Illinois. Looked it up, yep, Springfield. We love our deep toned "um like" in Illinois.

  18. I’ve a new insight on Gracie Gold. I always thought that she was cold and motionless, this interview proved all that wrong. I’m happy she’s on the road to recovery and getting in a better place in life

  19. Yuna Kim, this is how natural beauty looks like, not fake plastic surgery all Koreans go through.

    Kudos to the media trying make Gracie still relevant even though she is not.

  20. After the poor showing of the US skaters at the last Olympics I have all hope for Gracie if she wants to skate again ….if not, I say that's fine too….and thank you for what you have done in the sport in the past….your charm, beauty and charisma left a mark

  21. Good for you Gracie…go for it! You are a champion no matter what and there is life beyond competitive skating. So nice to see open and honest conversation about the struggle many skaters, dancers, etc go through and the scrutiny to be perfect. You are a beautiful girl inside and out and no matter what happens in skating, you are a champion in life! Much love to you!

  22. I was never a fan of her presentation off ice but my god this is so mature, articulate and honest….she's really grown into her own woman

  23. Thank you for sharing Gracie! It takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable about our feelings, but through these kind of conversations we can start to transform media into a supportive and inclusive community rather than a pressuring and standard-setting one. Prayers for your mental and physical health!

  24. Honestly I understand her determination to win a World medal over an Olympic one. Worlds was where everything went downhill. She's talked before about how that one fall cost her the gold medal. She was so close and then in her free skate fell. It's redemption.

  25. I like how she said treatment and therapy are not a magic wand. It’s true. You have to work at it. And like she said, you come to a point where you want more good days than bad days. Very inspiring.

  26. This is really nice. I can tell that she is being utterly honest and real in this video and it will help so many people who are struggling.

  27. Does anyone know which coach said that about her weight? First i though it was frank carol but then someone commented that I wasn’t him so I don’t know now haha.

  28. Gracie, watch these videos. They are so important for people, especially athletes. See what is said about Novak in the second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4CBy0uVqRc&fbclid=IwAR02gqX30ffzvrRxhcOilMV6nZmKErbfAyijnoX7AEfc58saN9YoyZ-UaF4

  29. I have a message for Gracie: dreams may be good, delusions are very bad.
    You are trying to revive your dreams, but you will discover they are delusions. You stand no chance for a major title. As in perfect zero. Sorry it hurts but I am saying this because you have been an excellent figure skater and I have been a fan. I don't want to see you hurt even more.
    You now have the body of a grown woman with certain mental and eating issues. Your most recent skate at Grand Prix Russia a complete disaster, an embarrassment to your country. You should not have competed but you entertained certain delusion.
    Ladies figure skating these days are for the young ones, 15 – 18 year olds. Unless you are the very best in perfect condition, it's over at 19. Look at the struggles of Tuk and Med, who have actually won World titles. Women puberty is a show stopper and the coaches are the first to understand that. Who will coach you, choreo for you given your horrible physical conditions and issues? You need 3A or 4X, 'impossible' 3X combos, amazing artistry, tip top physical shape, world's best choreo, an Olympian training regime. Unlimited financial support from the Fed. Just to be in a top six contender for a World title.
    Gracie Gold, you should stop the figure skating dream. It will be a nightmare.

  30. My first conscious decision to restrict my food also came after an offhanded comment a coach (gymnastics for me) made about my butt. I was nine. And already underweight. But it stayed in my mind and I struggled with anorexia for 15 years, in and out of treatment and hospitalizations. I'm so proud of Gracie for doing what she needs to get better. I hope to see her back to doing what she loves, and truly enjoying it!

  31. I wish this young woman the best. She is a wonderful talent. So much pressure placed on these athletes at such a tender age.

    I bet when she sees this interview, she will realize how often she says "like." I know how that goes, sometimes when I watch myself on video, I catch things I wasn't aware of what I was doing.

  32. Gracie was my favorite figure skater. I remember watching her win nationals and meeting her in 2016. Her being open about her struggles makes me inspired to love myself and my body more.

  33. I love Gracie Gold, she's always been my favourite 😢😢❤❤
    To know that she also struggles with an eating disorder like myself makes me admire her even more – for her wonderful strength.
    I wish her all the best and I wish I could meet her just to say this❤

  34. Girls like this should not idolise stick thin "ice princesses"… Idolise someone like Tonya Harding a THICK and muscular skater with powerful jumps… who cares if her butt is big? The thighs on Tonya could make her jump a Triple Axel. Its time to change the image of a demure, innocent, "do whatever" the coach says ice princess.

  35. Having an eating disorder is a hard thing to live with, it’s a love/hate relationship. I wanted to die when I was during the worst of it, hospitalizations a couple times. I got my weight back up to normal, but for years I still dealt with the binging/purging/bulimia, finally stopped purging after 15 years. I admit I still want to do it once and a while because some of us never really completely recover from this. It’s annoying.

  36. Is it just the girls who struggle with weight issues? Adam Rippon said he’d really suffered in order to keep his weight down. In recent years the guys in men’s singles have been becoming more and more slender.

  37. She is still far from good shape both physically and mentally. And they already say she is coming back. Too soon. Such announcements can break her again

  38. For some reason I used to think that Gracie was really immature. She is a true fighter. I am sorry I thought that about her. GO GIRL!!

  39. She's 23 and she's been out of the sport for a long time. Get a college degree and work. There is a big world out there!

  40. Man, a few years back she was a phenom. I stopped watching figure skating when she was basically at her pinnacle, I had no idea she walked away from it all for a while to battle with something like this. I'm glad she chose to take time from her profession and to deal with this obstacle before it ruined the thing she loves to do most. Eating disorders are nothing to mess around with, it can drain you mentally and steal the joy in the things that you cherish.

  41. It’s not rlly the coach’s fault but it’s the way she said it.Athletes need to look after their weight especially figure skaters and ballerinas…

  42. You are a stunning beautiful young lady. Keep up with your self healing & don’t be afraid to ask for help. Help is a good thing. Good luck. 😊🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  43. You take very small talented kids and drill them for certain physical skills. Every single day. You don’t just train them physically. You train their minds, too. You train them to think a certain way. You shape those neural pathways in their brains. It’s not just figure skating but any sports, ballet included, where you have to start at a very young age and which requires many many years of extreme dedication and oh yes children can be super dedicated once they find something they have high levels of aptitude for. Children can get used to many things, like taking coaching, following orders, not complaining. They’re told to lose weight. They lose weight. You then get them to compete with one another. You watch small kids pull off extreme physical feats and think it’s absolutely fantastic, how lucky they are to have such talent. We watch and applaud, then we make comparisons like which girl or boy is good-looking, cute, slender, graceful etc.. I guess it will never cease. The whole pageant of gladiators, dancing princesses and circus ponies. We even pay to see them. If you’re among the spectators, count yourself lucky.

  44. She just doesn't have the mental ability and toughness to compete in such a stressful sport. I hope no one gives emotional advice such as come back! There is no come-back! Even if she can get to her best of a couple years ago, in current climate,she cannot get a placement of better than 10th. Even Zagitova cannot be on podium next year! I hope she finds success and happiness somewhere else.

  45. Should of told the coach that your pumpin those buns while skating. Skaters have a pumped butt for a reason mine is gorgeous from skating.

  46. Bless your heart, Gracie! Remember "we" (your fans/friends) are routing for you. Never give up. Take care of your heart, mind, soul and then body. I say it in that order because it starts with love. Love yourself because God loves you. And you have no idea how many lives you have saved by coming forward and sharing. So many young people ( guys and gals) struggle with eating disorders and need to know that someone understands. Blessings and smooth edges, V.

  47. People can't comprehend what their words can do to people, I admire Gracie's courage and resilience, wishing her all the best on the journey ahead <3

  48. I wish her the best but in Russia it's figure skating jam and definitely Alexandra, Evgenia, Alina is not fighting with other countries athletes but they are competing with each other to be on the no.1 spot.

  49. pretty girl! Reporter: she had a tomato and 2 cups of coffee. that's not sustainable. that's not sustainable for her. Myself: Hello!!! That's not sustainable for anyone!!!

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